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  1. I've cleared Arcade Challenge for both Fighters in all the areas and it still hasnt unlocked. Do they want to to clear it on the 2nd and special loops as well?
  2. from my experience blue gougis activate faster so pick the deck with either 2 gauge gougis or 2 speed gougis
  3. Here's a strategy of my own: Use the same gougi's as DRMOGUERA suggests but instead of using Skullomania, use Hokuto instead. You can can connect KYAKUHOUI into KIREN-EKI and because of the Dummy's super armor theres absolutely no damage scaling between both of these supers
  4. what if you've already killed Magna Centipede? edit: nevermind. thats kind of frustrating
  5. Thanks so much!
  6. For some reason choosing all the top options didnt get me the True Ending My BlazBlue Story percentage is at 76%, is there another ending I have to get before the True Ending gets unlocked? So far I have the Noel Sleeping ending and the Hamaza ending..
  7. The japanese version of I am Setsuna doesnt have english. loaded up my copy to see if there was a patch like Lost Sphear and there isnt
  8. Looks much easier than the steam achivements