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  1. from my experience blue gougis activate faster so pick the deck with either 2 gauge gougis or 2 speed gougis
  2. Here's a strategy of my own: Use the same gougi's as DRMOGUERA suggests but instead of using Skullomania, use Hokuto instead. You can can connect KYAKUHOUI into KIREN-EKI and because of the Dummy's super armor theres absolutely no damage scaling between both of these supers
  3. what if you've already killed Magna Centipede? edit: nevermind. thats kind of frustrating
  4. Thanks so much!
  5. For some reason choosing all the top options didnt get me the True Ending My BlazBlue Story percentage is at 76%, is there another ending I have to get before the True Ending gets unlocked? So far I have the Noel Sleeping ending and the Hamaza ending..
  6. The japanese version of I am Setsuna doesnt have english. loaded up my copy to see if there was a patch like Lost Sphear and there isnt
  7. Looks much easier than the steam achivements