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  1. The debriefing.
  2. Ocelot, without a doubt.
  3. inFAMOUS Second Son inFAMOUS First Light Outlast (if you haven't played it on PC) The Order: 1886 (wait for the price to drop for this one) Bloodborne Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Hellblade Seeing as you're a Metal Gear fan, getting MGS V: The Phantom Pain on PS4 would really be worth it.
  4. I would pick this trophy image :3 I'd love for this feature to be available since the Australian PSN store has mostly lame avatars lately.
  5. The story was nothing special; typical anime archetypes and everything. However, some of the side-missions were funny. The gameplay and customizations were the game's best points for me.
  6. Yes, one side-mission requires you to catch a fish and some of the cards can only be obtained through fishing.
  7. Deadly Premonition.
  8. The way the image files are named, I believe it's most likely fake. But time will tell.
  9. Kingdom Hearts games.
  10. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  11. Anything that's not Indie.
  12. You seem to enjoy J-RPGs. I recommend Tales of Xillia.
  13. Resident Evil 6 Chris' campaign. I cried 3 days straight over Piers.