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  1. Same, pretty much. If you’re reading this and thinking of starting this game (as I did today), I wound up getting this log on my third run. Just check every room like you’re supposed to when starting out and it shouldn’t be a big headache anymore.
  2. The damage to the “normal” guy needs to be enough to kill the Visionary, I believe. So you might need to use a stronger gun. I just used a Rapier with explosive rounds and immediately ducked behind the roof while turning on invisibility, worked easily enough. Also a good tip: set the invasion mode to Friends Only — Julianna kept invading me and messing this up when I had it on single-player mode, but switching to FO kept her from ruining my run.
  3. Companies like Microsoft don’t pay insane amounts of cash to make system sellers for their competitor’s hardware. It sucks for us, but newly developed Bethesda games are probably all gonna be Xbox and PC only from now on.
  4. Thanks. I haven’t unlocked these yet but I will certainly give it a shot when I do, I appreciate the nudge in the right direction.
  5. I have done plenty of stupidly long grinds over the years so that aspect really doesn’t phase me, lol. I’m sure I’ll find an quick and easy method eventually, but figured I’d ask so I can steer myself in the right direction.
  6. I’m sorry to make another thread on this, but after extensive googling and thread reading, I still can’t seem to find an answer to this in plain English. So I’ll try here… Does anyone have suggestions on the best collectable to farm for the Made to Order trophies? Pretend I don’t care about completing the MSQ, or leveling everything possible up to 80, or getting all the mounts, or doing all the trials, or anything like that. I’m asking specifically for trophy hunting purposes, solely to get this one trophy done: what is the easiest crafting collectable to gather materials for, and what jobs should I have leveled to get them? I know this method exists for the Living Off The Land IV trophy: It’s boring and repetitive, but seems very straightforward and simple to do. Is there anything like this, but for crafting? Something I can make quickly and repeatedly, with minimal gil or time gating? Is there a specific point in the MSQ where I should go for this in general? For context: I’m probably 50-60 hours in. I’ve beaten the first ARR quest line, I have a Botanist and a Carpenter around level 55. I have no problem leveling other jobs up if there is a faster collectable I can create repeatedly, though. Thanks! I really enjoy the game and plan on doing just about everything in it. But I’m almost positive the collectable trophies are not going to come naturally — unlike all the others — so I’d like to know any dead simple grinding methods, even if they’re boring. (I can always turn a podcast on in the background anyway.)
  7. does anyone know if the auto-pop works in both directions? for example: i’ve just got to finish hard mode and clean up a couple misc trophies to finish the ps4 list, but if it was possible, i’d like to do the rest of it using the better-looking PS5 version of the game. could i transfer my save and finish off the plat on PS5, then load back up the PS4 version and have the remaining trophies auto-pop there? or is it a one-time trophy/data transfer, meaning i have to finish the plat on the PS4 version first and transfer every trophy in one go?
  8. Hear hear. 13 is unfairly maligned. People whine about it being “too linear” but FFX is structured almost exactly the same way (and has way rougher writing and voice acting). Not a top 5 FF by any means, but absolutely not some grave creative disaster to be wary of. Also, FF7R will get a sequel, but it has a complete arc. The entire game is about its creators trying to break free of overwrought fan expectations. It’s one of the only games that even has the opportunity to explore the themes it does and play with the legacy of an existing game the way it does. That’s the whole point of the project: to reimagine a classic work, and explore what it means/takes to actually do that. The PS1 game still exists.
  9. Tail Tag. The correct answer is Tail Tag.
  10. I went the support route for the four bugged trophies as well, just this morning. They wound up responding in about 2 hours confirming they had reviewed my ticket, and next time I logged in, they all popped. Quick and easy; they were very friendly. To echo some others here, make sure to save clips of you earning each one. I uploaded unlisted vids of me earning Big Bully, Big Tease, and Face First to YouTube, then linked to those in my complaint. For the latter two, I uploaded a vid of the full round and told them the point in the video where I should have unlocked the trophy in each one, so they knew where to look and weren't wasting any unnecessary time. For Stumble Chums, there's no real way to "prove" that in one video, so I just noted how many hours I had put into the game, my Fame Rank, the trophy's high percentage on PSN, etc. And yes, for anyone else that does this, be kind to Support folks (or anyone else working in customer service, for that matter). It's not their fault the game has gotten a few bugs, and they're probably inundated with boring requests like this. Either way, I assume these will be patched up soon -- when you go to submit a ticket, the bugged trophies are already listed as complaint categories in the drop-down menu.
  11. Absolutely. At the end of the day we’re all doing this to challenge ourselves, accomplish things, and have fun doing it. Big props to you and everyone else who did it the hard way, it’s a 10/10 trophy for sure.
  12. Exploits are part of trophy hunting, my friends. All condolences to people who got this legit, but you’ll always have that over those who didn’t. It’s just how it goes sometimes. Trophies get patched, glitches happen. This isn’t the first game to have this sort of situation, and it won’t be the last. No need to be salty or judgmental. Nobody has to prove anything to anyone.
  13. In my opinion at least, this was pretty decisively the worst of the mainline Uncharted games: it runs about 3-4 hours too long, and the written story of Nate learning to mature, be less selfish in chasing thrills, and truly love Elena doesn't really track with what you actually do in the game (chase thrills and kill hundreds of dudes). I thought the first 3 games made a little more sense by being pretty straightforward silly fun action flicks. I thought they were more fun. That said, it's not a bad game by any means, and I disagree with OP. For the story they are trying to tell, the ending is pretty poignant and sweet. More importantly, it gives a decisive sense of closure to the entire series, which is what the game is actually all about on a metaphorical level. There is nowhere left for the Drakes to go from here; they are finally content, and Nate has found the right balance between having fun adventuring and being a responsible, loving, and honest man.
  14. Mostly echoes my thoughts. I’ve been playing on PC (about 30 hrs in) so I can’t comment on the platinum experience, but in my opinion it’s just a mediocre game that feels like it didn’t think its systems and design choices all the way through. Core story bits are interesting, kind of, but a lot of its decisions are just baffling. GTA V and Fallout 3 did exactly what it’s going for better back on the PS3.