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  1. Only took me about 35 races to get to Gold. Won about 10 and finished in top 50% in about 25 of them. I've played many F1 games but I use assists and all that. So yes, now seems like the time to go for this trophy if you haven't yet. Just avoid the big crash and you'll be fine.
  2. Congrats, brother! It's a fantastic feeling, isn't it? I finished off the plat myself yesterday (getting to 1 million rotations was a bit of a grind), and just wanted to echo that sentiment -- thank you to everyone here for the motivation and the sense of community. This one will be staying on my virtual mantle for sure, haha. Hard work!
  3. The quest will unlock but there is currently a bug that prevents players (like me!) from doing the last strike needed to finish the questline. At least as of earlier this week, it was saying that it “requires Season 8,” even though the rest of the steps are available to complete in Season 9. Some Bungie rep said they were looking into it over on their official forums, but idk when or if it’ll ever be fixed.
  4. FWIW I took a couple months break after SS-ing Sprint (which took me more than 100 hours), then got SS in Ultra in a couple of days. So once you have the concepts molded into your brain, you should be able to get back into it even after taking a breather. I pray the worst is behind me lol, 190 hours and counting now in total. For Ultra, though, learn to ST stack. Makes it so much easier once you wrap your head around T-spins.
  5. Someone said this above but there are too many mini cutscenes for mundane tasks you do repeatedly. You have to hit skip four times to get through the shower mechanic. You have to hit it twice to get through the recycling one. Getting into a car takes way too long. Why do I have to drink three Monsters/Timefall Porters to get the full stamina boost, skipping the cutscene each time? I understand that Kojima is trying to hammer some points home — including the loneliness of the world and the arduousness of your task — through story and gameplay, and I think his success at that is what makes this game so incredible. But there has to be a middle ground for accessibility in that case.
  6. Okay great, appreciate the clarification. Thank you both! Just got the ziplines earlier today so I’ll get to work on building that out as I go along then.
  7. I’m about midway through Chapter 5, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could answer this without spoiling the ending in any way. (A simple “yes” or “no” even works.) But just wanted to ask a quick question so I can plan the best course of action for getting the 80 premium deliveries trophy and not waste time now. (I’m really loving the story so would love to just power through the rest of it.) I read in PowerPyx’s trophy guide that there are “no more forced endgame encounters” once the story is over. Can I take this to mean that there will be no more MULEs or BTs on the map during the endgame? Will I be free to do the premium deliveries without having to work around MULE camps or BT areas, or will those spots still need to be avoided? Thanks guys, and if this has been asked already, please let me know and I’ll remove the post (or try to). Didn’t see it in forums already.
  8. This is completely unrelated but hey, you left a trike near a mule camp that really helped me out earlier today! I remember seeing your name above it.
  9. I’m weirdly excited to hate myself for playing this game. What a job Sony’s marketing team has done, for real.
  10. I work in the media. Sony gave an absolute shitload of review copies out to press (multiple copies to most outlets, which is rare for video games), influencers/YouTubers, and general games industry people. I’m guessing there were more than a few trophy hunters in that bunch. Since DS is a game that relies on the online community to make the world more dynamic, it makes sense.
  11. I’m excited to play something different. I know it’s very early, but can anyone with early access say whether or not there are any missable trophies? Wouldn’t want to embark on this massive grind (I pre-ordered so I will be playing right away) only to find out I might miss something unintentionally.
  12. It's a classic 8/10 for me. I haven't played it in months, but man I cannot tell you how skilled I became with Zenyatta, if only because I spent so much time going for his ungodly trophy. To me a 10/10 has to be punishing, almost to the point where it's not just difficult, but pseudo-torturous. (Of mine, I'd say Gran Turismo 5 and Wipeout HD hit that benchmark, almost done with Tetris Effect and that'll be another.) Overwatch has some toughies, for sure, but many are luck-based, and the game is so damn fun the whole time that I just threw my hands up and never really got stressed with it. You just keep playing and eventually it'll happen.
  13. The influx of new players makes the plat rarer. Thank you for the ego boost, Sony!
  14. I'm referring to timed finesse shots from outside of the box, yes. That was arguably the best way to score for much of FIFA 19 (which was a joke), now it is only somewhat effective. Personally I've found regular power shots and driven finesse shots to be most effective this year, but yes, regular finesse shots can still work in the right situation. Timed finesse, though, not as good.
  15. It’s real shitty to post the full article in here