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  1. never
  2. i hope this won't be as bad as the wear the purp minigame
  3. Nope, it's not there. I remembered it always being the first I would consistently hit everytime as well. I don't think anyone else has run into this issue since the game released 2 days ago meaning that there's probably no fix to it, so I guess I'm just gonna have to start all over again. Sucks too, I was looking forward to the last third of the game.
  4. Anyone else came across this issue? The snowmen were there at first when I went into flounder hill during regular gameplay and I hit them a few times (albeit the count was reset to 0 since I died a lot) but at some point when I was doing Bubble Buddy's time challenge, they just stopped appearing. No snowmen, no snowmen piles, no anything in their place. At first I thought it was no big deal but after googling it, you're suppose to destroy them all for a lost sock. Am I just fucked and have to start a new save file? Closing out of the game and loading it back up doesn't seem to respawn them.
  5. should have just played the game normally. the story is really good imo
  6. it's finally over i'm free
  7. Nah, Plant's B Skin can be obtained, it's just that the achievement for it just won't pop up.
  8. The vita version is "fine" to play, but the PS4 version is vastly superior due to being the only one having a patch to fix some things like having crowns and b skins being selectable when it wasn't possible before, the game randomly crashing at some places, and of course the plant b skin trophy. However, some bugs in the vita version are actually pretty useful, such as elite shielders not being able to teleport and Skeleton being able to retain Melting's mutuations, which is really useful for Unstoppable (I don't know if the PS4 version has this skeleton bug as well but I wouldn't be surprised if it was patched out, feel free to correct me) But yeah anyway the ps4 version is better but the vita version also isn't unbearably buggy if you wanna play it on the go or something. It is the system I used to get most of the trophies afterall.
  9. No, I've mostly been googling for all the game questions I had. Though if I'm being honest, I have been thinking about writing a trophy guide for the game myself but I'm not familiar with the guidelines for publishing one on the site or great at writing in a professional manner. I may do it though if motivation peeks its head in.
  10. I'm flattered you consider me a pro! Anyway, I had 130-140~ hours on the vita version with 78 hours on the PS4, so easily over 200+. I think I'll reach 300 once I unlock all crowns. And for my personal best run, it was L2 7-1 with YV. I honestly wanna try to make it to loop 3 just so I can encounter the IDPD freaks before officially quitting the game overall. Honestly I wasn't even expecting the hour count to be that high, this game is truly addictive.
  11. Oh shit I didn't even know about this, thank you! On second thought yeah I think I'm going for the plat now lol
  12. It's over. Good riddance indeed I think this is the last thing that I'm doing for this game, I already have around 200 hours shared across the vita and ps4 version. Plus, I don't really want to grind for crowns for every character. I'm happy for where I'm at now It's been a pleasure, boys.