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  1. should have just played the game normally. the story is really good imo
  2. it's finally over i'm free
  3. Nah, Plant's B Skin can be obtained, it's just that the achievement for it just won't pop up.
  4. The vita version is "fine" to play, but the PS4 version is vastly superior due to being the only one having a patch to fix some things like having crowns and b skins being selectable when it wasn't possible before, the game randomly crashing at some places, and of course the plant b skin trophy. However, some bugs in the vita version are actually pretty useful, such as elite shielders not being able to teleport and Skeleton being able to retain Melting's mutuations, which is really useful for Unstoppable (I don't know if the PS4 version has this skeleton bug as well but I wouldn't be surprised if it was patched out, feel free to correct me) But yeah anyway the ps4 version is better but the vita version also isn't unbearably buggy if you wanna play it on the go or something. It is the system I used to get most of the trophies afterall.
  5. No, I've mostly been googling for all the game questions I had. Though if I'm being honest, I have been thinking about writing a trophy guide for the game myself but I'm not familiar with the guidelines for publishing one on the site or great at writing in a professional manner. I may do it though if motivation peeks its head in.
  6. I'm flattered you consider me a pro! Anyway, I had 130-140~ hours on the vita version with 78 hours on the PS4, so easily over 200+. I think I'll reach 300 once I unlock all crowns. And for my personal best run, it was L2 7-1 with YV. I honestly wanna try to make it to loop 3 just so I can encounter the IDPD freaks before officially quitting the game overall. Honestly I wasn't even expecting the hour count to be that high, this game is truly addictive.
  7. Oh shit I didn't even know about this, thank you! On second thought yeah I think I'm going for the plat now lol
  8. It's over. Good riddance indeed I think this is the last thing that I'm doing for this game, I already have around 200 hours shared across the vita and ps4 version. Plus, I don't really want to grind for crowns for every character. I'm happy for where I'm at now It's been a pleasure, boys.
  9. If you're just now playing, I would recommend playing with crystal since she has higher max hp than any other character and her shield ability is really useful, especially if you have throne butt As for mutations, the HP mutations are pretty useful in guaranteeing your survivability, with Rhino Skin and Strong Spirit being the highest priority mutations to get overall (the former increases your HP from 8 to 12, the latter protects you from getting damaged from a hit that would have killed you and it's rechargable) As for offensive mutations, Stress and Trigger Fingers are really good to have on melee weapons and other slow fire rate weapons, Scary face is also really good since it lowers the enemy's max hp (paired with gamma guts is extremely useful), and Long Reach is a must have if you have a melee weapon And while I'm talking about mutations, Eagle Eyes, Extra feet, Open Mind, and Shotgun Shells are all absolutely worthless mutations, I recommend completely ignore those if they pop up on your mutation screen As for weapons, that's really based on personal preference, though I think melee weapons are really really good due to being able to deflect bullets (and are also great benefitters from trigger fingers, stress, and long reach) and explosive weapons you should probably avoid unless you happened to pick up Boiling Veins All in all, you're most likely going to die a lot before even reaching the throne and the more you die, the more you learn. And the most important piece of advice I have to give is to have fun playing it, otherwise what's the point Hope you reach the nuclear throne in due time brother
  10. After dozens of attempts, and a really intense match with Hyper Crystal with only a golden wrench and a sticky launcher, I've actually made it to YV's crib and all the way to 1-3 H2 but unfortunately I did not find a single golden weapon that I was looking for. Honestly disappointing, however this does not deter me, because it proves that I still have the capabilities to rereach YV's crib since I figured out the health drop system and managed to make grinding for rads in the crown vault go twice as fast. Plus I've gotten a hang of managing the first two desert levels. I'm gonna try reaching the crib at least a few more times and if I still can't seem to find it, I'll probably give up Hopefully it shows up though!
  11. Ahhh I didn't even think about farming rads with the Crown of Hatred. I've considered the Y.V. Hard Mode route before but I never bothered due to not wanting to deal with hard mode bullshit. Level 6 should be the upper level limit when grinding in 1-2, right? I don't wanna fuck up and reach Ultra too early.
  12. Bloody hell, I hope it's not because I changed my psn id before playing. I made an squeenix account years ago in the (demo?) version but I ended up uninstalling it after not feeling like starting an mmorpg. Is it because it's linked to my old psn id? I hope not
  13. I never owned a PS3 so that isn't the case, unfortunately. I guess I would just have to wait until it expires. Are there any missable story trophies or something similar I can miss during the free trial?
  14. Hmm, does it only drop in L1 1-2 or does it still have a chance of being dropped past that level? I've made it to Palace L1 multiple times with the CoG equipped but haven't seen it a single time. I could very well just have bad luck but I wanna make sure
  15. I've recently brought a physical copy FFXIV with a Stormblood expansion pack download code and I've gotten past the opening cutscenes and etc but the trophy list isn't popping at all. Is it because I'm currently on a free trial? If so, will it show up when I pay money for a subscription? Sorry if a topic similar to this has already been made