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  1. Got my Plat. Thanks everyone. Thanks again !! 🤗
  2. Oh thanks. With a little luck I can now get the platinum trophy. If anyone needs help for a trophy I can answer them, as I found most of them easily. Only missed : Curse of fifth floor (missed one set of stairs) Kiss of Gratitude (couldn't unlock the staff door on day one. Done now) Love from the Jewelry Lady (always hugged Yayoi after she got hurt. Seriously, wtf) Passionate Revival (I had no idea) Romance? or Friendship? (Kirishima hates me every time) EDIT : Cannot have the Love from the Jewelry Lady trophy. She comes with me but doesn't give me anything. Are there beforehand any specific choices to make to get the trophy or is it just glitched ?
  3. For the Asset Collector one : 900 million yen in one shot. Same event as the Title of Authority trophy. For the Life-Changing words trophy : Reach 500 combined moral and immoral points. Then 500 immoral points in one shot. ScreenCap right after the Kuchinashi Elementary chapter. (I played a cunning money-hungry character). With the 500 immoral points gained by the method above, it would become 1032 immoral points total (w/o moral points). By the way : does anybody know how to get the Kiss of Gratitude trophy ? And the Passionate Revival one ? I'm only missing 5 trophies.
  4. There are some more, but I could replay these ones anytime again. 1. Disaster Report 4 (forget about the quite low framerate and some bugs. For me this game is a masterpiece) 2. Yakuza 0 3. Megadimension Neptunia V II 4. Omega Quintet 5. [email protected] Stella Stage 6. Borderlands 2 7. Ys VIII 8. Code Vein
  5. Godzilla : King of the Monsters The best western Godzilla so far 😉
  6. Well it's not technically a screenshot, as it was taken from a captured video. DoubleX from Omega Quintet. One-shotted (well... almost. It was the 2nd turn, the 1st one only took it about 2-3k out of its 18 million HP). Yakuza Kiwami 2 : We build sh** !! The [email protected] UPDATE : Dynasty Warriors 9 : Riding at sunset Towering the land : On the Big Wall : PANDA !!!!! Foggy Lake : DOOM : Epic
  7. Borderlands 3. Borderlands 2 was one of my favourite FPS (with Bioshock 1, Doom 3 and Bulletstorm) 😏. I still play it occasionally, btw... Otherwise, JRPGs. The FF7 remake scares me. Being a fan of the original game I'm really looking forward to it, but I REALLY FEAR they screw it up... 😖 Oh, and I hope they release an [email protected] game for the west someday. I really love the series, but it forces you to learn japanese basics to play them. Reminds me of the Sakura Taisen original games, another japanese-exclusive series I love. I'm still waiting for a western port...😞
  8. lol. We veterans may not be so young anymore, but... WE DO HAVE EXPERIENCE !!! 😆✌️
  9. Well it's a 4% rarity one, and I assure you it wasn't easy. At all. 😠 The thing in Omega Quintet is a game mechanic on Advanced Mode (the infamous Order Break), which allows the enemy party to attack whenever they want, how many times they want. In a word, HELL. 😱 It's even worse than Dark Rose Valkyrie (which I also completed). Hard mode on that game was like beginner mode compared to this. The one who had that idea is a sadist. A big one. 😡 The only tip I can give is : Have patience and luck. Lots of it. Then grind away up to Lv999, giving the girls as much level up bonuses as you can and forge them your best hammers. I got DoubleX (18 million HP) in two turns (a round of 2x Cosmic Fans, followed by a one-shot harmonic death stream). I was banned from youtube (Copyright infringement on game streaming. Seriously. 😑), but if I find another solution I may post the video of the feat.
  10. Hello everyone ! I'm Bruno, aka "TheLunaticRabbit" on PSN, 40 years old, from Portugal, living in Switzerland. I've been playing games for over 30 years. My 1st console was a NES. 😉 I can speak portuguese, english, french and german. And a bit of spanish and italian. I'm also struggling to learn japanese. Very difficult. I'm a train driver since 2008. I'm a Japan lover. Been there 7 times. I like Anime, Manga, but mostly Games. Oh ! and Idols. 🤗 I'm not that interested in trophy hunting. I only do it if 1) I love the game, and 2) Getting the Plat is at least feasible. That's why most of my plats are from Compile Heart games. Love them, even if they seem to be a bunch of sadists... My pride platinums are Omega Quintet (4% rarity) and Dark Rose Valkyrie (2%). Btw, screw their advanced modes. They are hell. Feasible, but hellish. Damn. 😡 Well here I am ! Nice to meet you all !!! 😄
  11. Platinum #13 Omega Quintet Wasn't easy at all. Advanced mode is HELL... 😒