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  1. The 100% completion trophy is bugged and currently unobtainable
  2. Both consoles need to be connected to the same network or you won't be able to join.
  3. Haven't played a ton myself but so far it seems really good. The art is beautiful, it runs well and the port is well done. Lots of reading and resource management, but it's all very well done. Very interesting world and lore as well. Would recommend.
  4. Been looking around for a decent one and everything I find seems to point towards the Xim being the best one, but it's pretty damn expensive. Are there any cheaper alternatives? I'd assume the main difference between the Xim and any cheaper options is how well it handles mouse inputs, which obviously doesn't matter at all for this game. So perhaps there's something cheaper that handles keyboards well (no input lag and all that), but maybe doesn't do the mouse too well. 😀
  5. Pick a dead region like Asia or Austria in settings. Have both groups of 3 search at the same time and get lucky. I didn't have any trouble finding the other team when I did it
  6. There's basically no info out there on any higher mastery requirements other than blade and thief. Thief looks to be the easier of the 2. From what I've seen of shock, smash and snipe's challenges they can get pretty tough. Ghost seems easy enough so far (nearly done with mastery 3 for it). I'd recommend either thief or ghost.
  7. Did that several times but no trophy :/ pretty annoying
  8. It's a powerup that increases the length of lasers temporarily.
  9. Game's not dead at all for me, maybe try changing regions in the settings? XP is based off how many kills/revives your team gets, so more people = more xp Yeah, 3 people being that close together is super unlikely to happen. Probably gonna end up having to boost it.
  10. I'd say 60 at least. I've been getting about 5k xp per 8 ish minute match
  11. @MalekTheMVP @shlomaniac Prestige requires level 30, a total of nearly 2.4 million xp.
  12. It's not a thing.
  13. I managed to get Anubis normal mode done yesterday with a bunch of randoms that really knew what they were doing, not sure what exactly hard mode changes but you'll most likely need to get a team together and communicate through voice chat to make it doable.
  14. That's a PC thing as far as I know 😢
  15. Right under story mode. Though I have only played the Vita version, not sure if there's a difference on PS4.