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  1. Yes! It's been a long history of broken trophies, but now they are all working.
  2. I don't have everything else done so I can't confirm anything. Try unlocking a new secret and perhaps that'll trigger it, if not the new stuff might be required :/
  3. Seems like the patch today fixed the digital version's trophy, so go get your tropis everyone 😸
  4. I downloaded the new patch and the missing secrets showed up, so yay!
  5. Same here as well
  6. Hello yes I will get all the tropi
  7. You should have a k drive launcher in your gear section, if not send a support ticket at https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us. They tend to be pretty cool and help out with this sort of thing
  8. this does not work
  9. Pause the game with the options button and press the support option
  10. Found a solution, added it to the main post 😀
  11. About halfway through the second quest there's a tutorial related to the shop. I downloaded this off a US account and am playing on my EU account. The shop goes through the ps store and with the game not being on the EU store I can't open it, effectively locking me right here. If anyone finds a solution that'd be neat. Edit: Found a workaround. After logging in when you've been offline for 5-10 minutes the game will show a "Welcome back, here's how much gold you got while you were gone" pop up. Your characters keep fighting while this is up. I abused this to make it through the entire quest, once I entered the next quest the tutorial was gone. You will have to level up a bunch, and levelling up means getting rid of the pop up so this can be a bit tedious. Edit 2: Yeah ignore the above, getting to stage 17 in any other quest makes it pop up again. Edit 3: Hey hey, another edit. I claimed a chest from the console celebration tab and the tutorial disappeared. It's supposed to make you buy a chest for 50 gems but perhaps opening this chest tricks it into thinking you bought a chest? Anyway this thing is only up for 5 days so if you wanna fix it do it now. (Unless it got fixed for a completely different reason I don't know).
  12. The DLC is currently in cert according to their Twitter
  13. yes you do
  14. Thank you! Will edit the post
  15. Boost everything that says it has to be done in a ranked game. Everything else can be done in split screen/LAN games with 2-4 controllers