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  1. There's a trophy for viewing every ending, so you'd need to have all of them watched on your save, which wouldn't be the case if you use backups.
  2. At 99.25% now, items seem to add 0.25% and I know I'm missing 2 bone collectibles, so the last one is probably the item from the tree guy's quest, sucks Probably just gonna wait until they release NG+, really don't feel like starting over
  3. since it specifically says flask consumption I doubt it would think I was too late for tree guy, didn't even give me the item to put the oil in
  4. Mountains of the endless dusk Another missable quest, there's a guy in where olive trees wither that turns into a tree if you progress too far, locking you out of his quest Meaning you'll miss a spell and a bead, not sure if there's a way to turn him back to normal
  5. There are no real collectibles, you used to basically have to collect all artifacts in the game to get those trophies, but now they respawn in new game + and the vendor sells more of them after every boss you kill, so that's not an issue anymore
  6. You do need those sadly
  7. I want to say it was 552? Not sure of the exact total, but it's because they added some extra items with a free update. The 547 on the wiki was the total with just afterbirth+ and without that update
  8. Yes! It's been a long history of broken trophies, but now they are all working.
  9. I don't have everything else done so I can't confirm anything. Try unlocking a new secret and perhaps that'll trigger it, if not the new stuff might be required :/
  10. Seems like the patch today fixed the digital version's trophy, so go get your tropis everyone 😸
  11. I downloaded the new patch and the missing secrets showed up, so yay!
  12. Same here as well
  13. Hello yes I will get all the tropi
  14. You should have a k drive launcher in your gear section, if not send a support ticket at They tend to be pretty cool and help out with this sort of thing
  15. this does not work