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  1. Destiny 2 trophies have always had their requirements changed when content related to them was removed, nothing to worry about
  2. If you're trying to spend as little money as possible you can buy 2 of the $10 packs. That's enough to buy 4 operations and you'll have a bunch of platinum left, can get the rest of the platinum for the fifth operation by doing dailies easily. Then you can do the dlc character either by buying them with credits which you earn by just playing, or when they're in the free rotation. That's all you need for trophies
  3. Epic quests are unaffected
  4. Weird, played the first story mission, got the error when I finished but everything seems to be saved, even the second mission unlocked
  5. Wasn't gone, just a lot more rare. I still got it once every 10 or so games
  6. This error goes away on its own, once it's completely gone it usually stays away for around a month. If you feel like playing 100 hours of a risky game in that time, go for it
  7. Very likely they're not doing anything, the not saving error went away on it's own last time and likely is doing the same right now. Finish this as soon as you can, could go fully unobtainable forever any day
  8. Their responses are pretty irrelevant since yknow, Godfall isn't their game. They're just publishing it
  9. 5/5 saved, it's probably fixed
  10. Pretty much no one in the world except the people in this thread are even aware of the issue, let alone care. Them not fixing a dead game would be annoying to us few but it's absolutely not affecting Godfall lol
  11. "Because of the work of diligent players like you, we've been able to collect enough information about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working towards a solution." Part of the response to my ticket, fix soon
  12. They're not making Godfall, just publishing it. They've fixed this error before while really having no reason to since the game is completely dead, they'll fix it again but god you don't deserve it
  13. Believe they said it's supposed to be out in 9 hours from now
  14. Either in the pause menu during a race or in the small menu right before it starts, doesn't matter when you do it and it's always available
  15. It's very easy By using the "retire from race" option during a race the race automatically finishes and automatically makes you first or second almost every time, and gives you the money, xp and trophy progress. You can use this to get most trophies, though for stuff like 50 wins you need to play one race legit after reaching the requirements to make the trophy actually pop. I didn't do the trophies for winning a race on a specific track this way so can't confirm if I pops those. All you really need to do manually is 10 hole shots and 300 miles driven. For 300 miles there's a few good user made maps, I'm using one called "1 Mile Lap", lots of straight parts so you can drive at top speed. Would be 8 or so hours of driving circles BUT you can just rubber band or turbo R2 and you'll drive automatically, if you go off the track you'll be respawned on it again, so it's just afk. Of course you don't really experience the game this way but I can't say you're missing out on much