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  1. Are there any good methods for grinding coins? That's pretty much all I need now, besides dimension collapse which isn't clear to me at all
  2. I've been thinking of going back to this game now, and remembered this glitch happening, figured I'd mention it in case it's useful in making this game faster one way or the other. So, I had played this a little bit when I first bought the game, barely past the tutorial, and then never really went back. A while later some friends were boosting the base game co-op trophies and I joined in on that. A little while into the boost a friend joined my game, and as soon as he loaded in and the "[friend's ID] joined the game" pop up showed, I was kicked to a loading screen. Then I ended up on the main menu with a "you finished the story but there's so much more to do blah blah" message. This immediately unlocked all story trophies and the one for all sidequests. When loading the game back up I was still where I was before, in the early game safehouse building, but in my quest log all the quests were infact finished. My theory is that somehow the game confused my friend's progress with mine, and awarded those quests as completed when they are not. I've seen reports on Reddit of people joining a game causing the host to lose progress, but never this. I did record this happening back then because this obviously looks like some kind of cheating shenanigans, but yeah there's evidence.
  3. As a game it's pretty mediocre, BUT you get to look at Scrat's cute little face the whole time and see him do all sorts of adorable stuff with his lil acorn so...... worth it to me.
  4. It's possible to add trophies to existing dlc lists yeah, like killing floor 2 and overwatch do
  5. Doesn't appear to be free in EU, hopefully an error
  6. They're aware and also said on Twitter they're working on the first patch now. Hopefully fixed soon
  7. No, no it's not the TV. It's also not the PS4, it's the game. Devs even acknowledged the issue on Reddit
  8. It's definitely an issue with the game. I don't have issues in any other game while there's like a half second delay in jumping and diving here. Hopefully it's just something to do with the servers still being wonky but who knows
    1. Muffy


      Haha, that is actually the next one I was planning

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Right on, saw the theme for thy cabinet.

      Drift to victory :D

  9. Destiny 2 trophies have always had their requirements changed when content related to them was removed, nothing to worry about
  10. If you're trying to spend as little money as possible you can buy 2 of the $10 packs. That's enough to buy 4 operations and you'll have a bunch of platinum left, can get the rest of the platinum for the fifth operation by doing dailies easily. Then you can do the dlc character either by buying them with credits which you earn by just playing, or when they're in the free rotation. That's all you need for trophies
  11. Epic quests are unaffected
  12. Weird, played the first story mission, got the error when I finished but everything seems to be saved, even the second mission unlocked
  13. Wasn't gone, just a lot more rare. I still got it once every 10 or so games