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  1. Oh sorry about that the words are almost the same so got it mixed up ;-;
  2. It’s a pretty straightforward platinum so imo there isn’t any need for a psnp guide but it might help others out so I guess you could make one if you want also sorry in advance I’m dyslexic so I’m not good at typing >.<
  3. This my character so far I got rdm at 70 and whm at 67 an got brd at 54 :3 currently called phantom skull but changing the name soon oh also I’m still only on the lv64 msq so can’t wait to get trying eureka
  4. Not a glitch I guess as from this guide I used the extra adds are not mandatory but if you want the in game achievement then them extra adds are mandatory https://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/player-guides/topics/World-Boss-Achievements-Guide
  5. My main focus is ffxiv to be my 10th plat so its going to be 3-4 months from now until i get a new plat so no im not joining sorry was just saying gl to everyone
  6. I pretty much only play ffxiv so i think i would instantly lose So good luck you lot and happy trophy hunting ^^;
  7. Only things I have pre-ordered are Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Collector's Edition Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age and might pre-order Destiny 2