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  1. I've unlocked every skin for at least 3 mechs EXCEPT the dlc skins that were added for everyone, so is it just stupidly buggy or do I need to buy the dlc just for the final skins? I thought it'd be like the Infected skins where closing the game and re-opening would work but so far nada.
  2. I just got it! Got to 90 in the match and 87 in a round, weird because we've done over 50 in a round multiple times, guess you just have to keep trying
  3. Was that in a private game because we've tried that as well (at least I think, we'll give it another shot to be sure!)
  4. Any tips on how to get this? I'm guessing it's not doable in private because me and a friend have done it to over 100 and still not had it pop but doing it legit seems unlikely. Am I just gonna have to hope my units don't get killed AND I get all the boosts i could ever need, while keeping there side low or is there a set up that could help me
  5. I've been getting quite a few multiplayer ones such as Head To Head (drawing) with a friend tonight but still can't get Overkill, i've won by 50 points like the trophy says and 100 like the contract ingame says, but still nothing. I won by 135, so i'm not sure if that one has to be ranked/casual/arena or if that's invite as well.
  6. Thanks! I was wondering if cloud saving would work as well so thanks for confirming it!
  7. Also, off topic slightly but does anyone have a way to get coins quickly. I did some math and it's gonna take MANY thousands and getting 10 per ranked win and however much from tournament wins is gonna take forever it feels.
  8. The fix is out and now the trophies work
  9. Me and a friend have done over 30 private matches and still haven't gotten it, and I've done 10 in versus mode with 2 controllers. Any other ideas to try or is it just straight up glitched?