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  1. Months later I am here to say youre welcome haha
  2. No idea what to play. Nothing seems to interest me right now

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    2. LukeWarm115


      I hate that feel. Been like that for months for me :/

    3. SunsetHysteria


      Same here, I can't get invested into anything at the moment.

    4. CasaDeBen


      One of the reasons I stopped coming here actually. Love my retro games and been playing those istead

  3. I love that this took off. I forgot all about this thread lol
  4. Only issue with your list is sale prices. Needs to have a constant update and dated for when that price was. Theres also a lot more games that would need to be added. Good start though. Buying new titles at $80 is a nono for me now
  5. I loved these games. And the xmen ones before it. I am beyond excited to see this for the ps4. Never heard about this releasing. Time to go do some digging
  6. Ultra despair girls is ultra boring. Not sure why i bothered with another daganronpa plat because 2 was terrible too

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    2. DamagingRob


      ^This was mostly what I was referring to, as well. Haven't played Ultra Despair Girls, yet, so it may suck. No clue.

    3. Xx_ForTheSesh_xX


      UDG does suck tbh.

    4. CasaDeBen


      I didnt like 2. I liked 1. It was different. 2 plot wise was good. But the characters were awful. A few of them just angered me so much.

  7. Just heard of it yesterday and want to check it out. Just getting through some other shows first but yah it totally sounds awesome.
  8. I just found resistance burning skies in one of the dryers in my building. What a score

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    2. skateak


      Surprised it didn't melt of fall into one of the dryer holes.

    3. ShadowStar83x


      Does it still work?

    4. CasaDeBen


      Just the game mayus. Most have been in someones pocket. It still works but I already have the plat. Ill hold onto it for a bit but itll probably go in my trade pile to get some more snes/n64 games

  9. To date? You didnt play back then? I personally really enjoyed it and cant wait to dive in again
  10. I am very sad that the value of my ps2 rpg library is almost nothing due to reprints by atlus. Pfft

  11. I forget what I needed a refund for once but they totally hooked me up and it wasnt a hassle at all. My sony support remains good
  12. Just by the name I dont care
  13. Lol pant. Pretty sure leg sleeve is what anyone would call it. Thanks! Glad I finally got another piece
  14. New tattoo. 1 sitting. My leg feels like shite now.
  15. 6 hours in... shes done. Nice new tattoo.

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    2. CasaDeBen


      Plus chatting? Haha. He had to match it up on 2 sheets too

    3. Dav9834


      damn came out nice!

    4. delboy_rules


      Holy shit that's terrifying. I hope that's what you were going for!