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  1. I have thought about doing this for awhile. I know theres a few people on here with em, so lets see them! I hope that this year I can get something else started but its just money thats my issue, more important things, so yah. Here is my half sleeve of 3 bears. I could post multiple angles but theres not much point, you get the jist. I want to add on to this soon. I also have a small key silhouette on my wrist but I don't have a picture and don't really feel like taking one right now. Your turn!
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen. It has finally happened, an outlet for all your cooking. Whether they are greasy monstrosities or healthy specialties, this is the place to showcase your work. I love to cook. Ive worked in kitchens for 8 years total and I have come up many awesome dishes. Sometimes I do flavour fusions like my butter chicken meatloaf with a curry gravy over mashed cauliflower. Quite possibly the craziest amazing chance I took. So now tonight I decided to make sloppy joe cassarole. And my lord it turned out fantastic.
  3. Awhile ago there was a thread that asked about offline trophies on ps3 games. Now with the PS4 upon us, I figured it would be a good time to start this up and keep it well kept and informative on the subject. This will end up being maintained and edited by myself and as the console grows, this post will grow and hopefully help answer many of those questions we often get. As this list grows I will format it into sections and headings and keep it well organized and easy to follow. Currently there are only a few titles so it will not require as much attention. Platinum's With Offline Trophies Only Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Alien: Isolation Angry Birds Star Wars Apotheon Axiom Verge Bound By Flame Chariot Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Dragon Age: Inquisition Duck Dynasty Dust: An Elysian Tale Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Final Fantasy Type-0 Grim Fandango Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Hotline Miami Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number InFamous: First Light InFamous: Second Son KNACK LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes (requires 2 controllers) LEGO The Hobbit Lords of the Fallen Mercenary Kings Metro 2033 Redux Metro Last Light Redux Minecraft Murdered: Soul Suspect Oddworld: New N' Tasty OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood Peggle 2 Putty Squad Resident Evil Resident Evil: Revelations 2 RESOGUN Rugby 15 Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Skylanders Swap Force - Only need to be signed in online to check a message of the day Skylanders Trap Team Sound Shapes Starwhal Strider Super Stardust Ultra Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth The Evil Within The Legend of Korra The LEGO Movie Videogame The Order: 1886 The Walking Dead: Season One The Wolf Among Us Thief Trine 2: Complete Story Transistor Velocity 2X White Night Wolfenstein: The New Order 100% With Offline Trophies Only For the time being I will include this here. If it is something that will grow and I will be able to expand upon it and get its own thread. Contrast Flower Super Motherlode flOw Escape Plan Doki-Doki Universe Pinball Arcade Tiny Brains (requires 4 controllers) Dont Starve: Console Edition Zen Pinball 2 (Requires you to be online to see other friends with the game to add to team score, but you don't play online) Outlast Daylight Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Octodad: Dadliest Catch The Playroom Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry Child of Light The Walking Dead Season 2 The Swapper Fez Stick it to the Man Sportsfriends (Requires more than 1 controller or a Vita) Titan Attacks Please note that this is not complete and I will be working on it and editing it as I go. If you have any suggestions or I missed a game/added one in error, than please comment, or pm me so we can have the best list possible for our community.
  4. Months later I am here to say youre welcome haha
  5. I know a few people complained about the price of this game and digital only, but I absolutely loved it on xbox and so far its fantastic on vita.
  6. Lets help each other out. This games kinda tricky at first and tips could help newcomers and maybe some already experienced players. Pets - I will now pick the horse every time. The benefits for expeditions are crazy. After picking the horse ive had my best run so far. - the dog is pretty good for combat, but still not as good as the horse Building - water is very important, upgrade whatever you can to help water production and decontamination, without water you cant explore to get food. What other tips do you have? Anyone care to shed light on the mysterious hatch code? No one has the trophy yet.
  7. No idea what to play. Nothing seems to interest me right now

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      I hate that feel. Been like that for months for me :/

    3. Stardust


      Same here, I can't get invested into anything at the moment.

    4. CasaDeBen


      One of the reasons I stopped coming here actually. Love my retro games and been playing those istead

  8. I love that this took off. I forgot all about this thread lol
  9. Well looks like I will finally play this gem. Surprised its been released again. Looks like it will be fun filled list but I never played on ps2
  10. Only issue with your list is sale prices. Needs to have a constant update and dated for when that price was. Theres also a lot more games that would need to be added. Good start though. Buying new titles at $80 is a nono for me now
  11. I loved these games. And the xmen ones before it. I am beyond excited to see this for the ps4. Never heard about this releasing. Time to go do some digging
  12. Ultra despair girls is ultra boring. Not sure why i bothered with another daganronpa plat because 2 was terrible too

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    2. DamagingRob


      ^This was mostly what I was referring to, as well. Haven't played Ultra Despair Girls, yet, so it may suck. No clue.

    3. Xx_ForTheSesh_xX


      UDG does suck tbh.

    4. CasaDeBen


      I didnt like 2. I liked 1. It was different. 2 plot wise was good. But the characters were awful. A few of them just angered me so much.

  13. Just heard of it yesterday and want to check it out. Just getting through some other shows first but yah it totally sounds awesome.
  14. I just found resistance burning skies in one of the dryers in my building. What a score

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    2. skateak


      Surprised it didn't melt of fall into one of the dryer holes.

    3. ShadowStar83x


      Does it still work?

    4. CasaDeBen


      Just the game mayus. Most have been in someones pocket. It still works but I already have the plat. Ill hold onto it for a bit but itll probably go in my trade pile to get some more snes/n64 games

  15. To date? You didnt play back then? I personally really enjoyed it and cant wait to dive in again
  16. I am very sad that the value of my ps2 rpg library is almost nothing due to reprints by atlus. Pfft

  17. I forget what I needed a refund for once but they totally hooked me up and it wasnt a hassle at all. My sony support remains good
  18. Just by the name I dont care
  19. Lol pant. Pretty sure leg sleeve is what anyone would call it. Thanks! Glad I finally got another piece
  20. New tattoo. 1 sitting. My leg feels like shite now.
  21. 6 hours in... shes done. Nice new tattoo.

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    2. CasaDeBen


      Plus chatting? Haha. He had to match it up on 2 sheets too

    3. Dav9834


      damn came out nice!

    4. delboy_rules


      Holy shit that's terrifying. I hope that's what you were going for!

  22. I do factory maintenance. Machines. Plumbing. All sorts of stuff. I love that its varied and because my work is smaller its a lot nicer than big factories where lots can go wrong and potential death. Thats still an issue but you know
  23. Gettin tattooed right now. Shading on bone areas blowssss

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    2. CasaDeBen


      Sick. I might get another by this guy before the end of the year

    3. CasaDeBen
    4. DEMON


      Nice. That must have been an 8 hour tattoo?

  24. Rentals and pawn shops. But my mom is a gamer too so i lucked out and had some great things for snes to play
  25. And by todays standards it would be far pricier