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  1. Orcs must die Unchained
  2. Just finished it my thumb hurts lol.Lots of mashing required.I really enjoyed it great simple game.
  3. Also want to know please
  4. Words Sudoku will be almost finished with it
  5. It's only free if your a plus member in the Asian region sadly
  6. Ni no kuni 3 Skylanders 7
  7. Sign me up iv done five only one missing is swap force
  8. My hands slip and I make mistakes Iv almost got it hoping it will be soon last online trophy left
  9. Been non stop practicing I have played Cry Of Achilles over fifty times still can't get it down
  10. Having a very hard time with this trophy starting to think I won't be able to pull it off in time
  11. It did still works perfectly I'm trying to get the streak done struggling
  12. Sound shapes looks to be dead I can not get cloud sync to work at all
  13. I just got it took 16 hours even with the saw. props to those that did it by hand it's one hell of a grind.
  14. My set up
  15. I'm trying to get this done to.I planned on getting all the stacks .I'm having a very hard time with it only got three levels done so far.