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  1. Also want to know please
  2. Words Sudoku will be almost finished with it
  3. It's only free if your a plus member in the Asian region sadly
  4. Ni no kuni 3 Skylanders 7
  5. Sign me up iv done five only one missing is swap force
  6. My hands slip and I make mistakes Iv almost got it hoping it will be soon last online trophy left
  7. Been non stop practicing I have played Cry Of Achilles over fifty times still can't get it down
  8. Having a very hard time with this trophy starting to think I won't be able to pull it off in time
  9. It did still works perfectly I'm trying to get the streak done struggling
  10. Sound shapes looks to be dead I can not get cloud sync to work at all
  11. I just got it took 16 hours even with the saw. props to those that did it by hand it's one hell of a grind.
  12. My set up
  13. I'm trying to get this done to.I planned on getting all the stacks .I'm having a very hard time with it only got three levels done so far.
  14. Very hyped for this
  15. Disney's Brave