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  1. I notice the name of the developers of the plug in same people that brought us the Vita trick
  2. It does pop In private it did in a session I was in yesterday for my boosting partner but did not pop for me so the requirements need to be tested
  3. Deadspace love to do it someday myself just a lack of free time currently with work
  4. the amount of effort it takes to pop a trophy in every game in a massive collection is no joke.On top of hate because people don't understand the style they consider out of the norm. I'm also a fan of it's fun to follow his progress over the years been a fan for a very long time.His profile is a great way to find hidden gems and quick completions.Due to how limited my time is these days due to work .I'm always looking for quick games so I can feel I'm still making progress when I have so little time to play. so I reference his profile often .
  5. This mode is much harder then expected stuck
  6. Hype!!!! My gaming dreams are coming true my favorite game of all time is getting remastered
  7. Completed some massive grinds
  8. I'm going for 300 by the end of the year. It will be tight but I think I can make it.
  9. Orcs must die Unchained
  10. Just finished it my thumb hurts lol.Lots of mashing required.I really enjoyed it great simple game.
  11. Also want to know please
  12. Words Sudoku will be almost finished with it
  13. It's only free if your a plus member in the Asian region sadly
  14. Ni no kuni 3 Skylanders 7
  15. Sign me up iv done five only one missing is swap force