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  1. It did still works perfectly I'm trying to get the streak done struggling
  2. Sound shapes looks to be dead I can not get cloud sync to work at all
  3. I just got it took 16 hours even with the saw. props to those that did it by hand it's one hell of a grind.
  4. My set up
  5. I'm trying to get this done to.I planned on getting all the stacks .I'm having a very hard time with it only got three levels done so far.
  6. Very hyped for this
  7. Disney's Brave
  8. There is a 12 per year limit for each type of reward gold silver platinum.You may have hit your limit for gold for the year.
  9. Oh they did but it's unprofessional especially pulling this after all the talk about listening to the community they learned from there mistakes they contradicted themselves in one tweet you have to ask your self could they of at least given a one day warning that's all I needed to finish the game even the worst devs generally give a week notice
  10. That person that got burned was me BTW it was uncalled for they claim to want to listen to the community
  11. Still no word on a server shutdown date it's frustrating
  12. Sign me up once we get closer I will decide on the games
  13. Wheels of Aurelia although the game is quite easy the repetitiveness of the game will slowly drive you Insane as it did for me when I got the platinum
  14. 1000 Top Rated because it got delisted before I could buy it
  15. I noticed that too I thought it was were a big help we totally dominated. What was funny is I could of sworn I had to do two more missions for the trophy. we finished then it popped.