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  1. If it works it is definitely useful for someone that can't or doesn't want to use a macro, since it's twice as much XP. There are too many variables to make a safe macro for this, so while it cuts down a 20h grind to 10h, you still have to be there actively doing things every couple of minutes. You just need a few minutes to set up a macro and let it work afk for however long you need.
  2. It needs to be run on a windows PC. You run Remote Play, plug in your controller and open up PS4Macro. Then just press the touchpad to start and stop recording. When you stop recording, the macro should start immediately, you can stop it by pressing the pause or stop button on PS4Macro.
  3. Finished the last hard get there today. Overall, Bullring was the hardest for me, ended doing it the wire way. What helped with the banana jump was instead of doing a boneless, I just jump very very late. That way I could concentrate on steering. I also didn't revert for the rail, instead I just steered the manual into the rail and grinded it a few times to get up. I struggled a little with Mall, but it just takes a little bit of luck with your balance. School 2 took a while as well, the car hit me on two runs when I was just about to do the last grind. What helped was when I needed to manual and steer, I would try to land a little sideways into the direction I'm steering into, helped with not losing momentum and keeping balance. I finished Roswell really quickly, I found it easier to not wallplant, but come in from the other side instead. Venice took a while until I realized that you can hit the first gap very consistently if you hit R2 at as late as possible. The others weren't that hard, just need some practice. Got a couple of hours of grinding left until my platinum.
  4. Pretty much the same. For me it's usually 129 XP, but my run goes 1-2 seconds longer. Once you hit more than 10kXP per hour, you're pretty much at the limit.
  5. The readme pretty much covers everything, but it's simple, just press touchpad to start and stop recording. You need to record a full loop, what I do is: - open up the level (I published "loop_Experience Farm" which is the same level with some walls removed, it works better for me) - end run, X on result screen, now "restart level" should be highlighted. - start recording macro - press X, immediately start spamming up and down on the dpad - your Skater should immediately go into manual now, manual until 700 points - press X to jump off and hold X and triangle without changing directions to the lip until 6500 points - release X to jump off, then press X again to jump and do a special grind on the rail - keep holding triangle until you are on the floor and the score pops up - press options, end run, X on results screen, now "restart level" should be highlighted - stop recording macro
  6. This basically. Just gotta record a good loop and let it play. Mine's about 10k XP per hour.
  7. For me the boneless didn't help much, but pressing R2 as late as possible helped. Once I figured that out I didn't even do a boneless anymore and got the combo pretty quickly.
  8. I did jump, not jumping did not get me the grind consistently either. Jumping with walls removed always works.
  9. The walls to the rail would sometimes make me wallride instead of grind, I remixed your park and removed them. The walls to the lip work fine. I can, but it's pretty simple to do it yourself and since I got a SSD in my PS4, our loading times probalby differ, so it's no use to you most likely.
  10. Thanks, this gets me an additional 0.4 XP per second compared to my hangar run. Note that you can very easily go afk during this using ps4macro. //The walls were screwing me sometimes, so I removed some. Getting total of 2.8 XP per second now.
  11. The more valuable collectibles need a shovel or Metal Detector, so it's not worth it if your friend doesn't have them. I'd say help him by doing large trader sales and having him in your posse so he can earn money and do the challenges for gold (absolutely get online once a day to finish at least 1 challenge to get the streak bonus). You'll get a bunch of free treasure maps when leveling, use those to get ~1 gold per map to get the collector role quickly. Once you got the collector role, save gold for the bounty hunter role. Once you got it, you can do you collecting while on bounty missions to earn some extra gold and XP. The longer you take doing a mission, the more payout you get, so doing collections while waiting for the clock to run out is pretty efficient. Took me about a week to get to lvl 50 (Though I did play until ~lvl 14 before finishing the story)
  12. Your carcasses, meat, gold, herbs, orchids, etc. are gonna be gone. So no point in collecting for the 5th hunting request until the epilogue.
  13. I didn't mind the whole having to collect stuff more than once and some of the more uninspired challenges. My problem is mostly with everything having to be slow and some stuff being very inconsistent and some stuff seemed like it wasn't well thought out and they were just like: "There, we coded it in, you figure it out.", which is basically the GTA + RDR Online theme song. Gold missions for example. Some missions require you to skip cutscenes to make it in time, others will fail the time requirement if you skip a specific cutscene. Also not showing what you have to do for gold until you replay and forcing me to use a guide throughout so I don't have to replay most missions. I started playing over a year ago and initially thought that I would probably Platinum it pretty fast, but nothing is fast in this game, everything has to slow down to a slog for some reason. Just let me run in the camp. Don't slow my horse down for 10 hours because I'm riding past some random event I don't care about. Have some more trappers. Now to be fair, they have made some stuff better with updates, but I've had really bad luck with the timing. I finished most of the challenges, trapper pelts etc. before doing the missions, so most of my time has been spent riding around on the horse around the world and from fast travel spot to fast travel spot. Since traveling was always so slow, I played a lot of it through remote play, so I can do something else while I was riding somewhere. Got through chapter 3 and stopped playing for a good while. They finally let me fast travel from camp in an update so I got back into it, but I was already done with almost all optional stuff, so it was mostly just riding to missions, which doesn't take that much time anyways. Update came too late for me. I didn't want to waste any more time with replaying missions later, so I watched the cutscenes and parts of missions on youtube before actually doing them, so I can skip them for time and not mess up a simple gold requirement. So instead seeing the performances in 4K HDR, I was watching them on a tablet in a browser window in double speed. I didn't see that they made replay easier in an update when I picked up the game again, so I played through the entire game like this. I haven't gotten emotionally close to any of the characters at all, which is incredibly rare for me. I barely know their names. Instead of enjoying the missions, I was just paying attention to the gold requirements. Note that when playing Assassins Creed, doing the optional stuff was some of the most fun for me, doing it "the right" way, even if it meant hiding in hay for 5 minutes to get to know enemy routes, taking them out one by one. But they actually told you the objectives when they come up and tell you if you have done them, you don't have to constantly look at a guide for everything. In RDR2 it wasn't fun at all. Update came too late for me, since I didn't check all the changelogs and assumed it's not gonna change that much a year into the game. Then there's the weird things like getting the guns you want out before starting a mission and suddenly, you were given other crappy guns you don't want. Or choosing your guns on your horse, getting off and suddenly you got different guns. Or the fact that I have 2 Lancaster repeaters for no reason. I had to upgrade all guns just in case the game decided to give me a crappy one. Would've been no problem if the gun locker was there in Story, but that update came the day I did the last mission, so I don't need it anymore. Update came too late for me. I collected a bunch of gold bars and those disappeared after chapter 6, because they changed what you keep in an update. Now that I'm finally really starting online, they fixed the consumable fence glitch, so now I've got to waste money and time on getting good consumable items. Basically the updates that would've helped me came too late and glitch that would've helped me got fixed just in time before I could use it. If I waited and played it now, I wouldn't have watched the mission beforehand, because now replaying has been made eaiser. I wouldn't have needed to play through remote play, because I can fast travel from camp and skip the useless riding around. I wouldn't get annoyed with the 100 weapons in my weapon wheel. All in all it would've been a much, much better experience.