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  1. With the drive, simply on the basis that when I buy a new game, I'll eBay it once I've played it to death and as such get a big chunk of that £50 outlay back. When Crash trilogy came out I got more on eBay than I paid for it. Digital only, it'd work out far more expensive given how I keep up my gaming habit.
  2. It bothered me that since A and B scenarios are supposed to run concurrently, as shown in moments such as the conversation through the gate... We play as one character's route to the train while seeing moments that tell us the other character has also ended up coming down the same way but either slightly ahead of or behind us. But while playing as that other character later on, unless someone else put items back to be recovered again, it just doesn't work in terms of continuity. In short:
  3. this might come in handy, childsize controller made for smaller hands https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/18/this-ultra-cute-tiny-ps4-controller-is-a-great-option-for-children-and-the-small-handed/
  4. Saw this title and thought it might be a remake of the PS1 game Circuit Breakers. No such luck
  5. has to be usb 3.0 and between 250gb and 8tb
  6. Started playing this yesterday and there's just something about the sheer number of references I've noticed both in gameplay and trophy names that keeps me involved. I normally tune out of indie titles like this after a couple of hours but I'm still ploughing on with this. Aside from obvious Indiana Jones and Paperboy references, it's just smaller things like the SD card with HollyHop on it (Red Dwarf) and the trophy "Will you start the fans, please" (Crystal Maze).
  7. i got one recently for £50 off ebay, with a couple of games i ended up selling on for 20. i just got it to play several years of psplus offerings. figured ive had the subscription for years and all those free games going unplayed
  8. Much like the last voucher post, I'm just not interested in it at the moment so it seems a shame letting the code go to waste. Who wants it? first come first served. EU store
  9. robot wars has been pretty good, and red dwarf starts on september 22nd, altho it might be online in the wrong places a bit earlier because as with a lot of shows now the network puts it online to watch for a week before tv broadcast
  10. dragon age inquisition deluxe ed. for £5 plus change, was straight on that
  11. i had every ps4 game added about a year before i got a ps4, so i had plenty of cheap indie games to play when i eventually got one
  12. british robot wars starts again on sunday, different hosts, upgraded house robots (same characters just 3 times larger), and new red dwarf starts soon too, altho kryten looks a bit weird
  13. too many to name, every major british sitcom that had a dvd release, especially if rik mayall was involved. but the main ones... knightmare (non brits and millenials, youtube it) kids being useless and getting their team mates 'killed' gamesmaster (same again, youtube it non brits and millenials, especially since we're on a gaming site) back when mortal kombat gameplay could be shown at teatime before the channel 4 news and the crystal maze, (im not saying it again), greatest tv show ever committed to tape, theme tune has and always will be my ringtone, waiting on tickets to the live one in london
  14. yea suspending the game is just what it does when you start up an app while a game is running, once you go back to the game it continues from where you were