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  1. Yeah... Contacting the support for the PSN store to ask if there's any reason for this not releasing on the Norwegian storefront gave me no help at all, just the "contact the publisher to figure out why." reply. Not gonna help much when it's most likely Sony that's the reason for this not being released in Norway. Alas! Think I'll just wait for this to HOPEFULLY get a physical disc or buy it on one of the other platforms that also got this (not gonna bother making an alternate account just to get this game, got too many games to play already).
  2. One tip I can give you, once you get to doing the boss stages on Lethal, using Lydia's bow will be a lifesaver. I had a decently good bow and I took final boss down in less than 2 minutes. Compared to when I used Brite where I couldn't even beat the stage because too many enemies spawning between times the boss is knocked down. Brite was usually my go-to character for almost every other stage (because I was lucky with a "godlike" Legendary weapon) because of her shield ability (there were some stages I was unable to dodge all bullets no matter how well I did.
  3. There's a total of 142 stages in the game.
  4. I actually did that two weeks ago because it was difficult to get the BPM rhythm down on higher difficulties. And yeah, sadly would have loved to have a Boombox because I find those easier to use than any other weapons, so my godly Burstfire weapon is all I can count on for now. Think I did get a Bolero Repeater that was quite decent, but it fell off in stages with heavier amounts of enemies than the Requiem Burstfire weapon I have.
  5. I feel you on that one, I can't play this for more than 30-45 minutes a day because of how aggravating it can be to suddenly get one off-beat tone near end of a stage or get to a stage and see you get a gold medal and not a platinum medal and wonder where the heck you missed a beat.
  6. Nice~ And yeah, the plat difficulty is quite high because of the games with really fast BPM and those songs that suddenly change their rhythm mid song. Good luck with the plat, it's gonna be a challenge but it's at least doable with a strong weapon like the one you got too.
  7. That's the thing with completely randomized weapons, I have not gotten 1 duplicate legendary so far, all legendary weapons I've gotten have been unique in some way (one being 20-30 damage x 15, while others having had low damage but insane range, etc.). I can't recall if it was a random drop or from the stage chest, but it was from either the 1st or 2nd area final stage, but I got it before I hit level 50 because it says level 49 on it because I got it while playing on Extreme difficulty, although Legendary gear have a higher drop rate on Lethal, only Legendary weapon I have gotten close to the damage that this one has is somewhere around 170 x 2, but why I will never use it is because it has "pierces 2 enemies" ability, which makes it less effective overall.
  8. Yeah, when I went back on the game yesterday after a short break from it to check again (as I said in my original post about 200+ damage since I didn't remember exact number), it's a 255 x 3 Burstfire type weapon. It's insane yeah, it's nice at cleaning up the smaller enemies and if the larger enemies are Nocturne element (because the weapon is Requiem element), they'll die faster than the other larger enemies that isn't Nocturne. Only thing I struggle with in this game is getting the timing for dodging right, so this high damaging weapon have been a boon in terms of beating stages without having to use the dodge button (unless I need to use it to get past lasers or across the jumping arrows).
  9. Sadly, I am unable to get a picture taken because of my crappy phone and no way to get something from my PS4 to PC. And I can only 1 shot most of the smaller enemies, the medium to large sized enemies takes more than one hit, but it does make things a lot more easier because it's a Requiem element weapon.
  10. I farmed the 1-10 or 2-10 stage from level 40 to 50 to unlock Lethal difficulty faster because I could get about 8-12K exp per run depending on medal I got (silver, gold, or platinum medal) and I think I got about 10 Legendary gear (weapon, armor, etc.) before I unlocked Lethal difficulty. I have yet to get another broken weapon like the one I got that have carried me through all Lethal stages, closest I got was a Bolero element weapon that had 160+ damage (regular single shot weapon, not burstfire type weapon like mentioned in my previous post). But out of all stages I've done so far in the game, the final stage on every area have consistently been generous with Legendary gear, but a lot of crappy ones.
  11. Really fun game and will definitely be a challenge to platinum (on the PS4), it definitely sits on at least 9/10 in terms of platinum difficulty on that console. BUT... There are some gripes I have with the game so far, have had several songs on Lethal difficulty where enemies doesn't spawn at all for anywhere between 15-35 seconds (most noticeable song this happens on is "2k9 battle jam", a song with a length of 02:48) enemies not spawning for THAT long makes plenty of the songs impossible to get a platinum rating on because you can't go any faster than what you already are, you're just stuck waiting for the enemies to spawn. There's also the insane lagspikes that happens in some of the more "enemy heavy" song stages which makes it seem like the game shouldn't have been released on consoles like the PS4 because there's just too much going on on screen that makes the game have random lag spikes on Lethal difficulty. Heck, I've gotten through 100+ of the songs on Lethal and replayed many of them to try get a better rating (but that only made me more frustrated), so decided to move on and beat all songs on Lethal before I try to get platinum rating on them. Some of the songs with higher BPM is going to be a challenge/chore because of my base PS4 not looking like it would be able to handle the speed and intensity without giving random lag spikes at least once or twice depending on the song. All in all, very enjoyable game if you're not going to try to get 100% trophy list on it, but if you can find a broken as heck weapon as I managed to get lucky about getting on one of the "boss stages" at the end of every area (A Legendary Burstfire weapon with 200+ damage x 3), it will make most Lethal difficulty songs a piece of cake, where only the rhythm is what would be missing to get all songs 100%.
  12. I had to make a new account for the Cultist Outfit door achievement, otherwise I unlocked every new achievement on my original save file I've had since the game was released. That Cultist Outfit achievement shouldn't be an issue because that's technically the only achievement that's "soft-locked" if you have already opened that door on your main file.
  13. Damn... Annoying to hear that you might have to do all that just to get those trophies. Yet on Steam, friends of mine got them after unlocking 1BC when it was fixed there because no one could unlock them. >.>; But alas, it's not impossible. Just a bit time consuming.
  14. Considering there is just one person in both EU and NA version that got either one or both of the Derelict Distillery trophies they are probably bugged, these two trophies along with the Serenade one were also bugged on release to the Steam version as they were un-achievable until it was fixed in an update. It might be the same issue as with the Steam version, since no one else has unlocked them on EU/NA version for Dead Cells on PS4 so far according to PSNProfiles. Have done Derelict Distillery 10-15 times now without using the Barrel Launcher and at least killed one Infected Worker with his own barrel 20 times, don't know what else to do to unlock them but wait until it's fixed.
  15. It's a neat thing that you're able to buy some of the trophies (in case you don't want to use alot of time on the platinum on farming for resources), I don't even know where you can do this so I'm just going to go for it all legit. Even if it is very tempting to get the platinum fast....