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  1. I was hoping that it would come to the PS4 after finishing the sims 3 but I guess not. I hope they change their minds at a later date as I sure a good amount of people would play it.
  2. I'm not purely judging it on that, I was just saying that I would have expected a few more for that money. But I guess with the fallout 4 dlc you only get a few trophies each time but it adds a good amount of content. I do also really enjoy bloodborne, another reason why I will be getting the dlc. Sorry if it seemed that I only care about the trophies, I just didn't expect the dlc to be that much.
  3. I was exactly the same when I saw it was £16 for only 6 trophies but I'll get it so I can get 100%.
  4. The Sims 3, also my first Ultra Rare platinum =D
  5. Reload your last save. If you saved after the challenge popped and the trophy didnt, you will have to wipe all your saves and start again so the the challenges restart.
  6. For me the most frustrating one would have to be on Dust, the whole game is amazing besides that last trial. The most agonizing would have to be on Evil Within, Akumu mode was awful and just painful to do. Never finished it but from what I did do it was torture. I haven't started the games on this account yet so I have that to look forward to
  7. Play what I feel like and also do the easier games first just to get them out the way =)
  8. -Dangaronpa series -Persona 4 golden -Tearaway -Gravity Rush -Uncharted Golden Abyss -Freedom wars -Mind zero
  9. You can't change your PSN name, it states that when making an account. Getting plus doesn't change it either.
  10. Unravel
  11. You should get the majority just by playing the game so try not to purely focus on them unless you've already completed the story.
  12. I have this problem as well sometimes, I just do what you've done and turn it off and on again. It usually sorts itself out so hopefully it will for you =)
  13. No it isnt, there's another thread about it or you can just read online =)
  14. I'm defiantly a cat person, grew up with one so obviously I would prefer them =)
  15. I usually buy mine from Game if I want it physically or Amazon if I want a limited edition or if the game is rare. I do buy games from the store now and again but that's usually if a game I want is on sale =)