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  1. Hi. I'm usually not a forum person, but your riddle really got me curious, so here I am. Also, I'm entering for fun and don't need (can't use actually) the code. I can only commend your generosity though. Then, my guess: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I am before the Dragonborn but I am not related. According to your trophies, you have probably played this Star Wars before Skyrim, as opposed to the other Star Wars games of your trophy list. I am a father, dead, good with God, though I have sinned. Darth Vader is Luke's father, dead and has sinned. Also he is good with the force which is revered by certain people as a deity/god (in the extended universe) if I remember correctly. Being misled was my first victory. I'm stuck there . I can't fathom how that pertains to you in particular. If It is the answer, props for creating such a misleading riddle, else... props for creating such a misleading riddle. Good Luck to all participants. Edit: plus I noticed it was close to CoD: black ops in your trophy list.