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  1. If you need anything done and are serious about 100% and platinuming destiny join the discord like that guy said there is really helpfull people in there and are very skilled.
  2. For those of you who think you cant do it spend time trying to match buttons on the demos it helped me get through it
  3. Odd i got it at exactly 50 and worked perfectly fine
  4. This game recently got on my list even though it wasnt meant to be lol and i would like to know if its even possible to platinum this anymore or not.
  5. Although i like getting trophy's the right way these annoying ass dlc trophy's for Minecraft change my mind. If you need help with the trophy's plethora of cats, fruit on the loom, or organizational wizard here is a video to help you on it. Basically you go into creative, spawn whatever you need for a trophy in and then close ur game and load back in so you can still get trophy’s. Serious help for the plethora of cats trophy because u can spawn in 64 separate eggs of cats and tame 20 instead of running around finding them. Btw this method can be used for most trophys in the game, so if you need help feel free to use;) still working
  6. I need one other person perferably two to help boost the two multiplayer dlcs. Shouldnt take very long, hour at the most just dont have another controller for my ps3 Jokersmile007 i can help with a few miscellaneous trophys if needed
  7. Cant believe the amount of shit ive done in this game😂🤦‍♂️I hope they stop making dlc for it
  8. Decent game. If your looking for something to take up your time this is where its at lmao. 66 hours to platinum and there adding hella dlc trophys and if you buy the season pass you get another game to plat plus the additional dlc there dropping. So overall a lot of content. Storywise tho, the game isnt the best and is kinda lack luster. Basically run around doing peoples chores for them. And theres a lot of quest line stuff you have to do. If u dont buy the booster it takes way longer.
  9. My rarest trophy of 2018 so far is Black ops 3, only missing one for the 100% and its really bothering me lol
  10. anyone else getting fucking pissed about these damn easter egg trophies? Its actually pissing me off these easter eggs are so fucking buggy its not even funny, shit barely can even run without glitching out every damn game