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  1. ^ second what he said if your sitting in a lobby with players and it won’t start, or you cannot find players to start the lobby with- back out to the multiplayer tab and change your region to eu, Na, or Asia depending on what time of the day it is. There is almost always 1 match going on, but be warned. The players are very sweaty. Because the population of the game is so dead, it leads to less xp gained making this trophy takes an extra couple of hours on top of the 20-25 hours it originally required.
  2. thank you man :), looking to do as many cods as possible
  3. Thank you my friend
  4. I love this game and would to play through it again on my PlayStation account, is it still obtainable now?
  5. You will only need 1 buddy to finish mp trophies. I suggest setting up a session on psn it took me about an hour and a half with someone to knock them all out
  6. I dunno about that man. I don’t mind a lot of them but this one is very icky. Also we should not expect for games to turn out like this one cuz then it allows them to continue doing it👍
  7. It has been a long time sense I’ve played far cry, but I usually like the games a lot. This one just doesn’t intrigue me and I think it’s partially cause the setting/characters. I feel like Montana is just so boring you know
  8. My bad I kinda responded to two different people in one message, everything above really (in my og reply) is what I meant to respond to your original message!
  9. I typed at the top it’s a complaint thread and that if u didn’t wanna read it don’t, so dont
  10. I think this is where u and I differ massively. Dlc is an extension of the games story, not some random ass stuff where all of a sudden I’m in Vietnam blowing shit up. Then I’m on mars killing aliens for no reason, and don’t even get me started on the last one. That shit is so bad, literally just hored mode repurposed as a $15 dlc or whatever it costs. Really, please go in depth about what on my profile is worse then this game? I have some bad 5 minute platinums, but no tripple a game I have ever played has been this bad. Lmfao this one is actually horrendous and I have played all the other far crys besides 6 just not on psn. Edit I jus went down my list and I can 2000000000% without a doubt say no tripple a game on my list(anything excluding Lego and shitty 5 minute plats) is as bad as this one. I know it’s all opinion but this game really is just one massive turn off for me
  11. This is a complain thread if you don’t wanna read it don’t. I’m just curious if anyone fr likes this game because it is honestly the worst game I’ve played in a long time. it physically makes me sick over 2/3s of the time I’m playing just because it’s capped at fucking 30fps on a ps4 pro and ps5. The missions are shit, repetitive, monotonous, and tedious as fuck. The story genuinely didn’t captivate me at all, normally I will watch cutscenes and such when in this game I literally did not give a fuck what was happening. I tried to watch them, but it was so stupid. The plot is dumb, the characters are dumb, the ai is dumb. The distracting 15 enemies with rocks is glitched for some reason I’ve been trying for hours. I know I will eventually get the trophy to pop, but it’s infuriating how something so simple is bugged let alone the fact that it hasn’t been patched 3 fucking years later. The dlcs, are absolute shit and definitely do not add on to the base game story. The entire game, dlcs included is essentially just hored mode killing enemies over and over again till you 100% it. 1/10 rating imo one of the worst games I’ve EVER played and I honestly never wanna touch a far cry again after this one.
  12. really appreciate this thread. I was able to do it with 3 friends after glitching it and many many tries. Thanks, guys!
  13. Yes the difference was immediately noticeable for me as well
  14. can confirm, although it might be possible to do in solo. I'm not sure, I did, however, spend 3 hours in solo only finding 4 teddy bears lol till I saw this thread and when I plugged in my second controller and tried again, it wasn't easy peasy and I got it first try. Thank you sm my guy.
  15. If you found it so addictive come back and help 😭nap I’m just kidding I’ll get it after enough tries jus irritiating Thank you very much I’ll let you know how it goes, hopefully tomorrow