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  1. Hey my guy, how are you?

    I hope you remember me or have the name be somewhat familiar lol

    from PS3t(dot)com way back then.


    just stopped by to look at some trophy stuff and i wanted to say hi and also congrats on the success of your place. always 1st page on google search for trophies and guides.

    Also dang dude still the same avatar after all these years lol that takes dedication.


    anyways, see ya around.

    1. Sly Ripper

      Sly Ripper

      Hey, it's been a while. You were one of the first members here.


      Thanks :D

  2. Hai Furby (:

    1. furbeach


      Hey stranger! How're you?

    2. redcell89


      Stranger :o? you forgot me :(

  3. Nothing...

    1. XarliaKoneko


      Any problems? May we can help?

  4. Cali!!! :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy:

    1. BeatRushEX


      You seem surprised :o

  5. wow lee : \

    1. redcell89


      happy B-day Simpo :)


    2. LeeMcD-


      You're just jelly you didn't do it first

  6. Hello there!! will you be getting Ace Combat Next Tuesday??? if so or not add me anyways, am sure you will get it soon LOL

    1. RHGSniperFox


      Oh crap, I didn't even see this. Well, I didn't get it when it came out [i am disappoint], but I'll definitely add you - I'm hoping to get it, at least, for Christmas.

    1. Death


      Haha, that's pretty sweet. When I saw the layout, I thought it was gonna be a rage comic.

  7. I think it would be a good idea to make a thread under feedback to work as a survey to ask newbies questions like how they found the site, what made them sign up, what do they like to see implemented in the future. Kinda similar to that one you had in .com but that one wasn't really going anywhere because of you-know-what.

  8. Hey you sleazy bitch!! YOU, ME, Saturday night!............Killzone ;)

  9. HUH!!! it's my good friend Orange the kitty O: how are you doin' lont nime no talk (:

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    2. redcell89


      Oh noez D: hope your doing better now (:

      am doing pretty good too, same routine school work, gaming, friends & family LOL

      you liking this site so far?

    3. orenjikitty


      Cool. Yeah. It's a bit easier to navigate than .com. With what happened over there, I'm liking this site even more.

    4. redcell89


      LOL me too xD kinda sad to see all those posts and VMs just go. I spent a great deal of time helping others in the discussion section of a lot of guides to games i've played :'(

  10. D: Sorry about that I'll make sure it doesn't happen again
  11. lol we broke the chat box :highfive::awesome: Sly will be so pleased to have something to fix ^___^

  12. *RC was here checking up on you and making sure you are comfortable in this new environment (:*