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  1. Hey my guy, how are you?

    I hope you remember me or have the name be somewhat familiar lol

    from PS3t(dot)com way back then.


    just stopped by to look at some trophy stuff and i wanted to say hi and also congrats on the success of your place. always 1st page on google search for trophies and guides.

    Also dang dude still the same avatar after all these years lol that takes dedication.


    anyways, see ya around.

    1. Sly Ripper

      Sly Ripper

      Hey, it's been a while. You were one of the first members here.


      Thanks :D

  2. Hai Furby (:

    1. furbeach


      Hey stranger! How're you?

    2. redcell89


      Stranger :o? you forgot me :(

  3. Nothing...

    1. XarliaKoneko


      Any problems? May we can help?

  4. if we can track that many people, we need a way to get them to sign up for the forums and instigate their interest in posting and taking part of the community
  5. Cali!!! :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy:

    1. BeatRushEX


      You seem surprised :o

  6. can't wait till they announce another Ace Combat soon
  7. Susan Coffey could pass for Poison Ivy. That would be interesting to see
  8. ~ Big or small ~ ~ we love them all ~ ~ don't be a n00b ~ ~ and save a b00b ~ ~ wear lots of pink ~ ~ you're sure to get a wink ~ ~ make a donation ~ ~ you'll earn appreciation ~ ~ cancer survivors, walk with stride ~ ~ lift your head up, you have a lot of pride ~
  9. i think ive seen you once or twice but welcome none the less
  10. Yeah it was a snide remark, but I think people take facebook way too seriously. Prime mom, one of my cousins listed her friend as her wife and my mom thought the two were lesbos *facepalm*
  11. Texas....dead mother.....battered wife..... . . . OK they must've been rednecks from the rural areas.
  12. wow lee : \

    1. redcell89


      happy B-day Simpo :)


    2. LeeMcD-


      You're just jelly you didn't do it first

  13. there's a character limit, 2000 characters isn't enough to cover a retail game IMO but you do point out a great loophole that people might be tempted to use, I guess it's all dependent on the mentality of the people here, so far I don't see anyone who would go as far as writing a tip for every trophy and calling it a guide of his/hers. I think as long as we don't have some sort of restrictions and confusing rules and a special moderating team, and not take this guide thing so seriously, then we should be fine and everyone should be able too get along with each other and what they put down as a trophy tip whether they think it's correct/accurate or not. There is always a rate button you know? As far as am concerned I really don't care if someone does that. Hell, steelsammy said there's nothing stopping him from writing a tip for every trophy and calling it his guide, and i have absolutely no problem with that. That collection of tips IS his guide to the platinum if you think about. I could go in for the same game and also write a tip for every single trophy and I'll call that my guide. And I could start beef with sammy that my guide is better, blah blah I have better ratings blah blah. So you see, it's not really a problem UNTIL someone starts slapping other people with his E-penis while waving his guide around. So people please, grow up and refrain from doing what you might see on other trophy sites. (:
  14. Hello there!! will you be getting Ace Combat Next Tuesday??? if so or not add me anyways, am sure you will get it soon LOL

    1. RHGSniperFox


      Oh crap, I didn't even see this. Well, I didn't get it when it came out [i am disappoint], but I'll definitely add you - I'm hoping to get it, at least, for Christmas.

  15. I see, well that is definitely one of the main things that we need done in regards of tips.
  16. for some odd reason i dont see a button to add a tip for a platinum trophy, was just trying to outline the missable trophies and other stuff for a plat i earned.
  17. that was a pretty damn good job Dreakon, thats +1 for that tip! also thanks sly for increasing the limit
  18. Killzone 2 War Hero 10.10%
  19. looks like it will need more time than the 1st one, but I doubt it will take that long to platinum
  20. it definitely has a few games that warrants a purchase for me, like Uncharted and Assassin's creed.
  21. only those who donated 10$ during the beta phase of the site to help it launch (: maybe sly will do something like that again sometime in the future...
    1. Death


      Haha, that's pretty sweet. When I saw the layout, I thought it was gonna be a rage comic.

  23. New guy here, I come from a far away place known as .com it is a peaceful planet, but lately it's been very hostile towards me and civil war has broke out over there, so i grabbed my belongings and migrated here. not really am just full of shit );D anyway...nice to meet you all whether new to me or i've seen you somewhere before >__> hope to be a big part of this community, perhaps bigger than over at .com >__> RC, <insurrt signaturre hurre>
  24. I heard the beta is real shit, then i looked up some gameplay footage off youtube, and turns out I heard right (: