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  1. Pls... Stop...
  2. In the guide you posted (PS3T): Inspector First Class Find all inspect items To unlock this trophy you must find all other collectibles, except for the phonograph cylinders. In PSNP guide: Inspector First Class Find all inspect items You'll obtain this trophy for finding all items that can be inspected, which includes all newspapers, phonograph cylinders, documents, and objects. Maybe that's why you were reported... I found a lot of profiles where "Archivist" is obtained after "Inspector first class" - so I guess flag is wrong. Edit: Copied comment from PSNP guide (
  3. Seems that there is one stack already released almost a year ago: And some complains about trophies being buggy on the forum.
  4. I reported You for one more game. You are responsible for actions on your account and those games will most probably stay flagged.
  5. Your YT proves nothing - you can also do screenshots while having CFW installed. I am not stating anything, but "Interesting" that you started to record the video only after opening the "gallery" ;).
  6. How many more disputes you will open? :/ Just use one topic for all of your reports...
  7. And thanks to this you have created impossible trophy time-stamps. I also tried to do such "trick" in "The Walking Dead" playing same time on two consoles. I have even created a topic about it on the forum - can not found it now... It ends with never-ending discussion. So... 50/50...
  8. ...Yyy... What?...
  9. Probably AS PH: "Out of print / Out of stock. Expected to ship: Nov, 2020" So that would fit...
  10. I can't agree with that statement ;).
  11. Turbo pad and Netflix - done.
  12. Since I do not remember clearly how it was in PS4 version (which I have done already): were online stats stored locally or on the servers? If local, that's a pity for me, since I am not sure if I have my save anymore...
  13. This account will for sure stay flagged. You have more than 3 cheated PS3 games on it. If you want to be on LB you will have to start a fresh account as suggested above.