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  1. With 4 x PS3 at home could be helpful for U2 and U3 ;). But R3 shutdown was at least announced:
  2. And again I have to regret that I didn't force myself to boost it :/. Damn, maybe there is still a chance :/. What for I bought extra copies :P.
  3. @RatalaikaGamesI think you should be more careful while checking the trophy descriptions: Get all treasures on 10 levels Get 3 stars on 3 levels Get 3 stars on 10 levels (unless PSNP team "typed" them wrong )
  4. Hori Turbo Plus HP3-171 (HP3171)... Here: Translated: Edit: Ok, that's not exactly the one you have... Funny, can't find manual for it :D. I have this strange feeling that this type needed their own USB receiver... But I can be wrong. Edit 2: Found it! (but not the manual :/). It has his dedicated USB receiver... Not sure if it can work via cable... It should? But "special" cable needed?
  5. Same situation with Bioshock? Edit: Man! Ninja'd by @Martain2
  6. You have just got the plat. Is it patched?
  7. Same here, no issues, but the loading times were way much to long for such small title. If you are lucky enough to get all the 10 kills for each class and win the match without catching any system, you can complete the game in 25 mins :]. Of course I messed up badly and twice I have capturing the system in last second of the game by pressing the button accidentally ;(. Really easy 100% - 1.5/10.
  8. UK for example?
  9. Thank you very much for the tips! Everything works exactly as you mentioned. I can also confirm the bolded part - using cloud saving during "No swimming" section will void the trophy (and also mess with collectibles/shards...). So you have to use the save from the very beginning of the section, before you shot down the crate. Btw: this section is not THAT difficult as it looks like ;). Same for "no dying during last boss". As you mentioned, save before shooting the crate will not guarantee you the trophy, you have to use the save before throwing the sheep into the water. Thanks!
  10. Try to change language back to English and play Extra Scenario again. If this will not help, try to delete save and replay the whole game in Chinese.
  11. Just follow @TheYuriG advice and you shall be fine then.
  12. Yes, they were switched off for a while, but thankfully they were restarted so a lot of Players (including me) managed to 100% it. You never know ;). Yes, the plat itself is super easy. 100% - oh well... 25 SP EA trials need just some proper strategy and commitment, they are all doable. On PS3T there was mentioned a good method which helped me A LOT (do not remember exactly, but there is a divine power for Dante which heals you, that was the key for me). For 15 MP EA - reliable partner and you will pass them in no time.
  13. Just a super quick look at their games: pela_kratos - hacked trophies for Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter X Tekken and maaany more, pinheiro87 - most probably edited time stamps,
  14. If that happened, you could always immediately disconnect your console from the Net and remove the profile without syncing the trophies. Now you have to hide the game if you would like to still be on the Leaderboards.