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  1. Congratz!
  2. No, there is no way. You can try to ask support - they have an access to such data.
  3. https://(URL not allowed)/forums/forum/gaming/ps3imports-org/playstation-vita-games/torikago-no-marriage-~hatsukoi-no-tsubasa/83693-torikago-no-marriage-~hatsukoi-no-tsubasa-trophy-guide
  4. OniWalker... :( I... Just do not know what to say...

  5. Pardon, but no need to start a new topic since you were already active in main topic related to this issue:
  6. Rather blessing I would say Let us know how it went second time, this is kinda interesting.
  7. Actually me too: I was hoping for few URs ;). Damn, I am actually surprised that you do not have any previous part in your awesome collection. C'mon, for you it will be 0/10 ;). 1/10 for people who knows the series, 2/10 for players with at least a bit of skill, 3/10 for noobs ;).
  8. Doesn't work for me either :/ Edit: Funny: Looks like @TheRealHardyBoy1is still playing online :D.
  9. This version is a 1/10 due to REWIND and SAVE STATE mode - just wanted to confirm my info above. Can be easily done in ~1h.
  10. Edit: I just got an info from a friend who got it already: - two lists: PS4, PS5, - controls exactly like on PSP so left stick only - will be a bit more difficult BUT! - REWIND MODE and SAVE STATE like in "Pinball Heroes" which makes this game WAY much easier (I wouldn't state 1/10 yet - have to check by myself), Edit: Checked - 1/10 due to options mentioned above.
  11. Yep, no need for "trophy thoughts". Same list as original SSHD PS3 version this time without Co-op trophy from DLC2 (i hope it won't be added) and platinum instead. And yes, list is "simple", but this game is not an easy Rata-crap, no way. It really requires some skill - 15 bombs in Bomber and reaching 10th nuke are no joke. People who complained about "InkSplosion" shall stay away from it :D. I am super happy that I could play it again! Did previous 3 versions @100%. Time for PS5 now. One of my firsts games on PS3 (and trophies :d). I really, really like and enjoyed all three! So, if I am understanding correctly, there shall / is PS4 version of it as well which is... Not syncable yet, I guess? Still at work, can't check, grrr :]. Stardust foerver! PS4 SSU has way much more trophies, but some of course are the same.
  12. Confirmed - working just fine.
  13. I will check Shank 2 online in few hours, hoping that only LB were closed (unless you have checked it already?).
  14. Tried killing all the enemies? ;).Or is your game downloaded completely? Anyway, if you didn't figure it out, find the spot here (SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!)
  15. Strange... Indeed it was added yesterday: "ONLINE AND LOCAL: Fight online or locally as one of 8 unique strikers across 4 different arenas. Achieve greatness in 2v2 with a friend or become the top striker in 1v1!" Anyway, 18,99€ is A BIT too much to test, most probably broken title.