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  1. Oh yes, indeed, thanks :]. Not that bad with my Alzheimer yet ;).
  2. Being a "Pro in Every Game" with 4368 hidden trophies and 52.80% CR is not funny for you?...
  3. Deja Vu? I am 99.99% sure that you had a dispute already... However I can not find it now, but this "PRØ îń Êvèrý Gãmę" looks familiar and still funny :D.
  4. Do not panic :P. EU is not yet released. US is available already, so probably later today or tomorrow it will appear in EU.
  5. Cross buy. After buying go to PS Store on your PSV and choose it from "Download list" in bottom right corner. Moi Jace!
  7. Sadly you are another victim of Vita Trick. This will not be unflagged...
  8. Finally released yesterday.
  10. The thing is that I was also playing all the time while being offline and had the same message + sth like "No internet connection" in bottom right corner and game was just stucking showing the score in the middle of the screen, without "Try again"/"Main Menu" buttons... No idea, maybe it was just my PS4 :P.
  11. That was my first thought to do it like that and... It didn't work for me. Not sure if it is my version of the game or it is a general bug: when you die, 85% of the time "Try again" button is not showing up... You have to press "options" to pause the game and only then you can choose "Try again"... Getting 300k points is not THAT bad actually - took me like one hour. Getting 300k units is worse... It is just so slow... And actually getting units was my main reason to try to use turbo controller. Anyway thanks for detailed description of the method :).
  12. You are wrong Different missions and new trophies related to taking care about the horses. Probably it will be super similar, but a bit different. Collectibles again... They were mega annoying in the previous one... Because it is a kids game, because You read the trophy descriptions, because maybe you are familiar with previous games from this series or maybe you have great intuition. Yes it will be/is 1/10 diff. game.
  13. Expensive - yes. Difficult - no.
  15. Hah,that's not an issue at all ;). Just wanted to mention that in case if somebody would find this order suspicious. Thanks for the explanation!