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  1. It was like this before. Ok, I am testing now. Same situation like already mentioned: when you start the game while being offline CM is not available. After signing in to PSN it is available, only LB is not functioning. So maybe the game is actually checking your PSS if you have the DLC bought... At least it is working (so far :P), so good news for those, who didn't finish CM yet.
  2. Yep, MP is down (RIP Max), but Challenge Mode is available when you are signed to PSN. The Leaderboards are not downloading anyway, so there is a chance that CM will be playable.
  3. @TurtlePM If yes, please consider adding: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Trophies • Seems that online part is dead since March 2018.
  4. TBH who cares since 4 platinums are now unobtainable? :/
  5. Please consider adding: Torchlight III Trophies • 2 DLC trophies are broken and can not be achieved, game has been abandoned by devs - probably won't be repaired. Obut Pétanque 2 Trophies • Three trophies are broken from the start, which makes platinum unobtainable.
  7. You can also play on easy or medium to unlock them.
  8. When you will singn off from PSN, Challenge mode will be still available "offline". But, as mentioned already many times, it can not be started when you start the game while being signed off from PSN. Which means IMHO that after server's closure this mode will not be available anymore UNLESS it is only checking your PSN account if you have the DLC bought, but I rather doubt and it's connecting to MP3 servers.
  9. Please, do not start this type of "war" again. Forget about the "9 years" - Rockstar announced it (correct me if I am wrong) on 16th of June 2021 that on 16th of September MP3 servers will be down: That's 4 months before the server's closure - fair enough IMHO. Enough time (with a "bit" of dedication) to get the game, get familiar with it, get to know what has to be done -> decide I am or I am not willing to do it. Same like with U2/U3/TLOU servers for PS3 - it was enough time for me to plan my actions in order to get the affected trophies. Even here on PSNP always a lot of new topics appear when there is even slight info about such situations. So IMHO your statement for "9 years" is a bit off the track - IMHO people who are interested in games and TROPHIES especially shall simply follow the daily/weekly announcements from "gaming world" if they are into it. If they skipped it / didn't read the games related portals / didn't get info from their buddies - They CAN'T have any reason to "complain". We all know that PS3 is going to be abandoned, forgotten, removed* soon from Sony's "road" like PSV. You simply have to be aware of that and stay focused.
  10. Pardon... Seems that I need stronger glasses :/ Yes, easily.
  11. Perfect! Thanks a lot!
  12. Perfect! Thanks. So that ends the discussion in this matter. I would propose that such info shall be actually sticked into 1st post... @POEman553+ list for all the trophies related to MP (MultiPlayer, not Max Payne :D... However..).
  13. Ok, so you were online and then challenge mode was available, like in my case. But when I am starting game offline, It is locked. Any chance that you can test it? Restart PS3, do not login to PSN and start MP3. And then check if "Challenge mode" can be started. Will ya? :D.