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  1. Servers still online as 20th Oct 2016 16:41 GMT+1. So 25th seems to be the proper date.
  2. Servers still online as 20th Oct 2016 16:41 GMT+1. So 25th seems to be the proper date.
  3. Looks like... Wondering about that black hole under the character... His companions do not have such one :D.
  4. So since effort is divided, for me it is shortened, which is actually something what I wanted to achieve - it is already huge advantage for me already then. So in this case you say that ok would be only if (we are still with PASBR since it is an easy example): Player A is playing Arcade Mode with char 1, Player B is playing Arcade Mode with char 2 at the same time. Both are reaching last boss. Player A kills the boss, gets the trophy for completion the Arcade Mode witch char 1. In the meanwhile, Player B is waiting within the boss fight for 25-30 min, then kills him with char 2 getting the trophy related to char 2. Perfect, normal timeframe between timestamps after sync. And only such case you find unflaggable use of same game at 1+ consoles, that's how I get it, right?
  5. And that's exactly the thing. Thanks for those posts Gents.
  6. I do not own "TWD Collection" (and that's the one I am talking about), so I do not know if you can first start and complete TWD1 to be able to play TWD2? But if you can start them separately, of course me and "my partner" would play THEM normally getting the trophies per episode and then sync at one account, so in final would reduce plat time a lot. Of course it would look strange that the trophies would be between each others, but that's the whole meritum of this discussion. Will not reffer to the second part of this quote.
  7. PS4 FW 6.02 is out - issue fixed.
  8. If you have your DLCs on i.e. EU acc. you must buy the main game also on EU acc. to make it work. Same applies for NA/JP/HK etc. Ninja'd - ;). Yes, correct, it will work.
  9. Nah, they switched down whole PSN instead of "Twisted Metal" and "PASBR" servers ;).
  10. Do not get me wrong Bro, but please read them all, since that's not what @MMDEstated and yes, also in theory, I am also aware about those things - it can have an impact on the top-times for the titles. There were already cases with erasing profiles and then re-earning trophies while used backed-up save, but option presented here is slightly different and I would like to get to know the opinion about it. As I mentioned in 1st post - the whole thing is just a complete theory and, as I stated, I will for sure not go for it having in mind possible consequences. So kids - better do not try this at home ;).
  11. Yep, for sure, I would be also "curious", so naaah, better not to.
  12. Aaaand that's exactly what I was afraid of from the beginning... Sniff... I was already planning to play "The Walking Dead Collection" with my gang on n-PS4 systems to get each part done simultaneously (Of course if they are all available from the start, since I do not even know). Ok, let's get back to PASBR by myself ;).
  13. They can be recognized as impossible to be done with one player, one console, exactly as it shall be. So somebody could report that they are hacked/edited timestamps. Of course for platinum I would leave 1-2 trophies and I would do them at one console after syncing both. So there won't be any issues with the timestamp for platinum itself.
  14. Thank You. That clarifies. Not flaggable. Probably not, but... Maybe the rules could be updated that my "case" will not repeat? P.S. Unfortunately I will not be able to even try this method, since my imaginary GF is angry at me, my cat is sick, Shaman stoned and I can not see invisible penguin anywhere...
  15. But then... It is actually pointless... It will take me almost same time, and yes, of course those trophies will be "almost" totally perfect (maybe I will shave couple of secs, maybe minute on each). I am saying strictly about playing it 1 to 1 x 2. And on the other hand: Things that are flaggable: Impossible timestamps - If your timestamps are too close to each other, earned unrealistically before the release date of the game (Journalists and similar people get games typically a week or two early, any time before this period that isn't explainable can get flagged), or earned impossibly out of order.