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  1. - NA - EU
  2. So... I just finished the game and didn't ever realize that trophies ALPHABET, GUNPOWDER, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION and INTERNET didn't pop up... I guess... Probably due to the skipping of the "cutscenes". Will try to replay last level of each section... Edit: Replayed level 2-10 - during ending animation trophy ALPHABET popped. Ok, so my trophies will be totally out of order, damn! Replayed 4-1 - no trophy. Replayed 4-10 - during ending animation GUNPOWDER popped. Replayed 9-10 - during ending animation WIRELESS COMMUNICATION popped. Replayed 12-10 - during ending animation INTERNET + Plat popped. CONCLUSION IMHO: DO NOT SKIP the ANIMATIONS after finishing the level X-10! Wait until trophy pops!! Edit: Ok, so it is possible to reproduce this bug: right after completing scene X_10 mash "X" like crazy to skip the animation - you will not get the trophy and you will start X+1_1 level ;). Edit: Tested on EU version also - same thing: if you will skip the "outro" after last level of the world, you will NOT get the trophy. Seems that trophy is being triggered after 3-4 secs after animation starts.
  3. EnemyOvercome your first enemy and CComplete level 7. C-C-Combo breaker :D. Sony QA/QC :D. Yep, level 41 is available right from the start in all 3/4 tested by me versions. (Maybe because it is a first RACE level, that's why?).
  4. Yeah, seems to be my "typing" mistake while "updating on trophy list". Since there is JPN stack, this shall be marked as "AS". Still friends?
  5. Damn, I think you are right... Most probably I typed "HK" instead of "AS" since I got it from that acc... Yeah, shall be AS, since JPN exists, my bad , mea culpa - AS - NA - EU - JP (seems that nobody from PSNP managed to get it before it was delisted. UNLESS it was not even released )
  6. 4% - Internal SONY PSN statistics, based on the all synced trophies from all ever-synced accounts to PSN. 22% - PSNP site statistics " not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation in any way", based only on the profiles which are being updated on this site, so not all existing ever-logged-to-SONY-PSN-IDs. More or less :D.
  7. - US - EU - AS - JP
  9. From my quick research seems that "Kingdom: Majestic" is a bundle of two games "Kingdom: New Lands" and "Kingdom: Two Crowns" and they have seperate trophy lists, but I can be mistaken. "The Kingdom franchise is hitting retail under the name of Kingdom Majestic, coming out 18th of June 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch! This compilation features the 2016 game Kingdom New Lands and the 2018 Kingdom Two Crowns and will include all content "
  10. If you were guilty, you shouldn't even start the dispute, then no one would notice. Why you were even disputing despite obvious cheating?
  11. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin launches November 10 in North America, November 12 in Japan, and November 20 in Europe List most probably not loaded yet.
  12. - EU - NA
  13. I am I am "considering" a situation, that you've played "alpha" version before the release date and "years" after the final version and the trophies popped :]. Of course, clear theory (AFAIK that's how some titles really works), but in this case I wouldn't aim for it.
  14. DriveClub is for sure weird. 50 face offs before 1 and levelling up to 30 in seconds. Early access / demo version or save usage?