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  1. Yes! Thanks for that! I also think that paying for season pass for such a CRAPPY, WORTHELESS DLCS is simple a money stealing :/ Drama. Shame on You 2K!
  2. And again - 4 weeks to complete it... I hope that it's glitched like previous one (playing in offline mode without hotfix)...
  3. Lol, devs delivered:
  4. Heh let's play a Necromancer here ;). I also answered to that tweet and devs reacted ;): So... Let's check DM then: Let's see.
  5. Did you read my first post?...
  6. Ej! I found it in PL! Copy the CUSA code and "adapt" your "local" EU PSS. It "shall" work... Maybe. Or... Since, I was checking via, there is some error there :/.
  7. Hey, I just found this one. So the PS4 NA/US version is still available, but I checked few EU PSStores and only PS5 version is available. Is it delisted in EU totally or was released only in specific country?
  8. It is showing the same which @Boublikposted, but do not worry :].
  9. That's some higher level of laziness... Just check the topics in main forum for this game: - at least one is about it.
  10. Yep, that's the one where Rayman Origins has its own PL/RU list.
  11. Those two:приключения-тинтина-тайна-единорога are marked as RU, however they share the trophy list with Polish version which is also different than EU. Shall it be marked as PL / RU or sth then IMHO.
  12. This one on the picture is russian, not Polish. Anyway they share the list.
  13. or will work. PL symbol on the cover. I sent one to Japan recently, lol
  14. As usual: common game for casuals, bought by a lot of people who just want to play it totally ignoring trophies, since they are not interested in them.