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  1. You are doing everything wrong - starting from pasting link to your local file, lol .
  2. Totally correct. "Kane & Lynch, FC2, Riddick"... Have them all... But to force myself to boost them... Esh... So many games, so little time...
  3. Naah, will not work. Only two PS3s can be active with your "main" account (with downloaded game). So each = max 2 -> one digital copy bought on one account will work on two consoles. Looong looong time ago it was... six... IIRC.
  4. ^^ This!!! Do you mind sharing some pics after you will complete it? ;).
  5. Difficult to say now, since you have hidden your trophies.
  6. For self boost with 2 PS3s? I.e. Brutal Legend Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Street Fighter 4 Rogue Warrior BattleFantasia Brink Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed SOULCALIBUR V STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN NFS: Rivals Why not? Those days they are cheaper than PSV sometimes :D. I have 3xFat (1x160GB, 2x60GB - I love this version with PS2 compatibility and 4xUSB), 2xSlim, 2xSuper slim (black and white) and my favorite Japanese Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Limited Edition Bundle 160GB 😍 (will not even mention number of PS4s and Vitas :D) Edit: OK, those are not all EASY plats, of course, but I listed the ones where MP can be self-boosted with 2xPS3.
  7. I hope they just skipped it... I really wanted to do this game on some stage... Can I ask if somebody will "spot" this "Invasion" to post here that it is available?...
  8. Yeah, the top two of course, I know, trophies in seconds, obvious savefile use - they were already reported by someone, they will disappear from there soon. But I was rather referring to fact that places 3-50 have completion times 2-3h, so this is definitely NOT a 10h game, c'mon :D.
  9. So you will have a 15 mins break from, JC4, what's the big deal :D.
  10. ???
  11. Such topics for RATA games shall be forbidden. It is 0/10 difficulty, 15 mins plat, but this of course you know for sure, since A )it is RATA, B ) you have for sure seen 2 YT "guides" which appeared minutes ago...
  12. ^^ This! Can you imagine stackable Rata title on PS5 with at least 4 regions? PSV+PS4+PS5 - EU/US/AS/JP = 12 plats in ~2h. Maybe Indie games will be forbidden on PS5 :D.
  13. Never. Nothing will be done, nobody cares only Rata is the winner -> $$$. Already mentioned a thousand times - trophies are meaningless those days...
  14. Since it is P2P connection (U2/U3): where the player stats are stored? In the local save?... I do not think so...
  15. Hah ;). Let's see: if the servers will really die on 3rd of Sep, I will scan U3 list and try to find someone who 100% while starting all DLC/MP trophies on 13th of August ;).