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  1. Another one... Ok.
  2. ... Esh... I thought that "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" clarifies everything, but it seems that nowadays sarcasm and irony are getting more difficult to be recognized... Or there is also an other option...
  3. I do not agree. It is a pretty good walkthrough. 😉( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Trophies earned completely out of order - just hide this game. And Prototype... And Killzone 3... And other hacked PS3 titles also...
  5. LoBT is a piece of an art if you will compare it to this one ;).
  6. €14.95
  7. Bummer, that's a pity... Thanks for the confirmation tough!
  8. Here it is in German PSS. I am still wondering if this "game" is some kind of joke, social experiment, creation of 7-yo kid or simply proof that Sony Quality system doesn't work at all... Maybe I shall also try to make such a complex title, put it into PSS with mandatory platinum -> $$$ profit!
  9. Heh, just wanted to edit my post above 😉. You were too fast Yeah, didn't watch the whole video before asking, my bad . Thanks for the guide!! Amazing job!! 😉
  10. "and crappiest" I would add. Question: do you actually have to kill the enemies or you can pass them and still finish the level while getting the trophy for it?
  11. That it can not be turned off AFAIK and for example I personally do not like to have a lot of uncompleted games on my profile, so usually I am syncing my list after getting 100%. However sometimes I forget to log off from PSN and my current progress is syncing anyway... For me it is annoying. Same like getting the info that I am not connected to PSN while I would like to check my trophies offline...
  12. I have this strange feeling that some trophies are glitched: No achievers yet for: Don't Stop Me NowWin 5 consecutive online matches Cuz Im Having a Good TimeWin 10 consecutive online matches RoadtripWin a game in each arena Maybe some of the recent players could share some info? I will allow myself to call the top 3: @XxManyGxX, @ChristianHenares, @jasminsch Thanks in advance for an input!
  13. That was nice to read,I will send you a PM. Just one thing: Wipeout 2048 - 7 online trophies (not possible to self-boost most likely, have to do more research) Totally possible with 4xPSV (like I did). Just get the prototype ship with unlimited cannons and kill other 3 ships right at the start of the level -> next. @Zolkovo Burnout Paradise PS3: still on my bookshelf, not even unwrapped. Any info about servers? Since PS4 version is coming, I am starting to be afraid that they will be gone...
  14. Plat in 55 minutes... New world record! Why I've never encountered such glitches Just admit it that you used the save, ok?
  15. I am still waiting for: my girlfriend, my wife, my cat, my dog, my raccoon, wild boar, tapeworm, an alien, myself from the future, my clone... So many options out there! C'mon guys, be more creative!