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  1. Calling all Adam Malysz's fans! And all of the fellows playing its ancestor on PCs in school during "Informatics" lessons :D.
  2. Items 1096_0240 (3rd row, 4th column) and 1096_3319 (12th row, 4th column).
  3. Regarding the Polish team, you are totally right, the whole strategy is "pass the ball to LewY, he will do a miracle with it", that's why, as I mentioned earlier, I am not supporting them at all. 1 guy will not make a miracle with 10 wooden figures around him with no strategy and idea for a game. As for the other part of your message, I find it irrelevant and will simply EOT here. (OK, I have to: why I shouldn't mention US since all this ... let's call it... IDEA of kneeing came from there? Did it ever happened before?... Anyway, EOT from my side, unfollow.
  4. Ok... Triggered: No, it is not. What "Euros", games, championships, competition has to do with "problems" in US? Not even to mention that sport shall be totally free from policy and any ways of public showing of personal "beliefs" . Do you know that during Romanian empire even the wars were stopped during the time of Olympics? And pls... Shhh... Do not answer. I have enough warnings ;). But if you will, I can bet that this topic will not stay long (or at least "some" comments). Stay focus on the topic.
  5. Please... Keep this topic free from it, ok? I can already imagine a war in 3... 2... 1... Pardon for calling @Stevieboy
  6. Around 14h I guess.
  7. As always favs are England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France or Portugal. I usually prefer to support some "less titled" but "brave" and "surprising" teams, like Greece or Island in the previous years. My national team - no comment :D. "We" are laughing over "Polish Internet" that we are always playing three games: 1st - An opening game 2nd - An "all in-game" (last chance match) 3rd - Just last game to save some honour and go home I am vouching for Croatia this time. Probably they will not win the whole tournament, but I hope to see them at least until semi-finals. Winner? Belgium or Germany.
  8. Looks like semi-autopop to me by checking profile of a Player who plated both versions. Probably instead of i.e. completing 3 players combo missions you just have to do one, etc. Level 30 char also popped as a first trophy. Not sure if the link to User's list is allowed, so I just recommend you to check the list of the fastest achiever:
  9. You need to first unhide your profile, then there is "compare" option when you are visiting somebody's profile. Edit: Ninja'd...
  10. You actually need 10 of those. The guide is great, thanks a lot!
  11. Ok, that's new for FF7R, but just to remind that FFXV has 5 stacks...
  12. Not needed, just ~1202 due to semi autopop :D. Done!
  13. Yeah, you're right it is not easy. It is VERY easy IMHO.
  14. Plated already...
  15. You can still plat: T7 TTT2 TTTHD