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  1. Yeah... Just put the booze away, ok?
  2. Looks like a slow and easy shooter... But checking the trophies and achievers... No one defeated lvl 3 (out of 7?) boss so far?
  3. With all respect to you @Dr_Mayus Shall I officially start a "ONE GAME, ONE FORUM" move?... :/ Again... Guys... Please... PS3T is managing it so well...Only here: each release gets its own forum.. And RELEASE DATE topic, then TROPHY THOUGHTS topic... Maybe 2020 is a good "cut iine" for some changes? :/
  4. Naaaah :] They can still gaming of course, but shall rather ignore the trophy system ;).
  5. Esh... Go to the "trophies" on your PS3 while being offline. Open the trophy list of the game you were recently played and look at the trophies. Do they have dates? a ) Yes, there is a date -> No problem, after going online and syncing you will not have missing timestamps. b ) No, there is sth like "--/--/--" under an EARNED trophy -> You will get "missing timestamp" after syncing. But "--/--/--" happens only, as stated before by others, if your PSN acc. was never synced. And it is not your case anyway. However, if you have any "--/--/--" I would strongly suggest to remove your profile on PS3 and set it up again. Shit, now I read: "If I eventually connect my account to that user" So you earned trophies on a NEW profile on PS3, where you didn't put details to any PSN account and it was never signed to PSN? Then most probably trophies are with "--/--/--". I am a bit confused now :].
  6. Change the language of your PS4 to English ;). (Worked on unpatched EU/NA versiosns).
  7. I think your sentence is not entirely correct... I would rather state that OP joined "TheSeller's" session which was modified in some way (like killing a mob for tons of XP or sth), but I am just guessing.
  8. Sorry, just had to Does the same applies to trophy services selling accounts with 700+ plats?
  9. I guess with 50 lives you could easily reach level 40 if there would be such :] I needed like 3 or 4 in level 20 while having more than 15. That reminds me complains about "InkSplosion" :D. This game is actually really easy, quick and simple ~25 mins plat. First of all - play on a small screen - you have better overview of the area. Levels 1-15 - nothing to mention actually. Starting from 16 (or 15, do not remember exactly) the second button which has to be pressed is also highlighted which is a massive help. Remember that when you see two buttons next to each other (I mean, two in a row, one behind the other) just quickly mash them and look for the next "highlighted" one. Try to stay away from the center as long as you can, but when the "explosion" bar starts to be filled, concentrate more on incoming buttons (circle fills faster on levels 19 and 20) and use "R1" as soon as the ring is filled, do not mash "L1" in that moment, since you will for sure loose your focus. Really, nothing difficult with this one. Good luck everyone! You will get it finally and you will be laughing how easy it was ;).
  10. Calling @luckydonut Looks like another POWGI title which can be simply trolled for fastest completion time ;).
  11. Yeah, I just finished it Main game remained the same, nothing has changed. Removed are the trophies for STARTING THE GAME, CLEAR LIST, CG LIBRARY, SOUND LIBRARY, MOVIE LIBRARY, GETTING ALL THE TIPS (You still have to anyway get/read all the messages - biggest pain here - and READ, which means get anyway, all the TIPS).
  13. Ok, no offense, but I have to ask (just in case): the previous version you also bought on US account, right?
  14. 65% of PS3 games are standard CFW loads.