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  1. AFAIK PH version doesn't exist... But... Can be wrong in this matter. It was delisted long time ago from PSS.
  2. Do not want to sound like an a...rogant bastard, but I think it is not THAT difficult to type "Detective Gallo" in YT to find i.e. this: Yep, P&C.
  3. Not sure if I shall ad anyone, but the only website I use for PSN codes from different regions is Codes received seconds after payment, never had any issues, really good assistance via chat. (even got a refund once when I messed up the regions).
  4. Why I can not delete this? :/
  5. Another totally useless topic: Already discussed here: And here: That's why I created this one: C'mon, do something :/
  6. Looks waaaay much better! Thanks! The only thing: two last columns previously were swapped. Can it also be changed? (100%/plat icon vs. "progress" bar)?
  7. 1st impression: So... Plat in 2 minutes?
  8. That's correct, this game can glitch on you. I didn't get the trophy "The Tree" after completing level 36. Had to restart it after completing the game and finish again.
  9. "Form Ball" mode is even better - 2 vs. 2 - connect, quit -> 1140 xp and ... 280 prestige IIRC.
  10. You have waaaay much more PS3 games which you have suddenly plated day by day in July 2016 - edited time stamps?
  11. Plat those which you have started in 2016, you have plenty of them.
  12. Hah, wanted to write it, but I know from my sources, that it will be only available in FW 6.66, so you have to be a bit more patient. 😉 P.S. Didn't know that! Anyway, after last update PS app (android) is not informing about new messages, even that I have this option activated in the settings
  13. But I think the name SUPER / ULTRA is a bit confusing: For PS3 we have: SF IV - Disc only - separate trophy list Super SF IV - Disc only - separate trophy list Ultra SF IV - Disc and PSN. - no trophy list? I would guess that it will share it with SUPER. Not sure TBH. Anyone?
  14. Yep, 16 is max.
  15. Change PSN ID twice a year, removing trophies between 0% - 25%, permanent removing all social unnecessary BS (twitch,yt,fb,etc.), possibility to create >16 profiles, activation of 4 systems at once, auto-sync trophies on/off, support for mouse/keyboard, possibility to hide bought items in PSS (not in Library). Oh wait... Wrong topic... Shall posted this in "My dreams about perfect PS4 update". I participated in two already, since I couldn't get wait for possibility to remove 0% games and I did it right after installing the Beta. Tested and reported couple of things, didn't encounter any serious issues. Just for fun :P.