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  1. Hail to the King! +18 #nsfw
  2. Regarding the "Fastest Achievers" lists here on PSNP, the "problem" is rather different: It is about "platinum time". So all the times shown here are related to "fastest time" of getting platinum trophy, not for completing the game, unless "completing" = "platinum". Example: you can spend ~5h to finish the main story mode of game X while it will take somebody else 50h, but during those 5h you will only get the trophies for main story, so mostly you will miss the platinum => you are not on the "fastest achievers" list, but you you have finished "the game" in record time. So here you can play title Y, which can be completed in 10h counting from 1st earned trophy to platinum. BUT you can play the game for even 20h preparing it in such way, that after getting the first trophy, you will get the remaining ones in 3h and the platinum = you completed the game and you are on 1st place of "Fastest achievers" for title Y. So are you the speedruner and truly fastest Gamer for this title on Earth? A ) on the list - yes, you have platinum in 3h, the second place is 7h behind. B ) in the real life - no, you spent a lot of additional time to be 1st in A) Difficult :P. Edit: Ninja'd by @Trope Hore
  3. Damn, I am such a poor Prophet :(.
  4. Yyy... I think you are mixing "First achievers" with "Fastest achievers" list... "First achievers" - yes, reviewers and testers will be always at the top, since they can play the game before the official release, get the trophies, and sync when the list is uploaded on servers, but not necessarily "Fastest": you can always "try" the game on your alt. account and then, after discovering the optimal way, make the speedrun on your "main" account and then you have a chance to be on top of "Fastest achievers" list.
  5. I think @Lance_87had in mind that the disputes themselves are in 95% useless - always lies, excuses, "too fast?!?! It took me 5 years!", cheats and insults. Like in this case - it is clear that the save was used, so there is absolutely NO POINT to start the dispute by the cheater: both sides are just wasting and losing time and the Flag Team here is quite experienced, believe me. The real dispute is IMHO when the reported person was reported wrongly or experienced a weird glitch or earned trophies in a way not described in the common guides. That's what I would call a dispute. This thing here... Is a simple waste of time/transfer and resources. Edit: NO WAY! There shall be an option "flag a Ninja who is always posting above you while you are writing a post!" ;). @Squirlruleryou shall get some award for that ;).
  6. I would state, that some people (huge respect) are actually "playing" it (even!) without the guide = thousands of lines to read/listen and taking wrong choices which are not leading to proper endings/trophies. Maybe that's why 30% are still on the way to get their plat ;).
  7. That's EU/US (separate lists) version of from last year. As ~95% of VNs it is 0.2/10 with guide (0.1 because you need to start it + 0.1 because you need to look at the guide from time to time). 3:31 - fastest time, lol ;).
  8. Today?
  9. Visual Novels? ;).
  10. Reading the descriptions: most probably as easy as "Job Simulator". Aiming in 2-3h plat time max, which can be reduced to 20 mins if set up properly. Smashero, the Prophet.
  11. Lol. Do you know what exactly has to be done for this trophy? Maybe it is for completing it on animal or flying all the time or constant-loop-rolling or sth like that? And regarding CoD: there are titles with trophies for i.e. "Finishing the game with 0 kills". That could be something similar.
  12. Thanks, I appreciate that, but will try to test my "power" way earlier anyway ;).Discussed this with boosting partner already - anyway, he has a "cable" connection.
  13. That's the main issue - no access to this crap here (do not ask why -> "it's complicated" ).
  14. I think there is some kind of misunderstanding: Ok... I will try one more time: In my first post I asked not about LAN/Internet cable, but power/electricity/AC. Simply to "kill" host, not only disconnect from Internet. I guess that it will trigger the trophies for "guest", but "host", since it's switched off now, will (obviously ) not get the trophies. Edit: Another Ninja here ;). Yep, @TheYuriG, that's what I am actually referring to. (Nah, not making fun, just wanna to clarify ).
  15. Do not get me wrong, but... ... Strange that trophies popped for you after disconnecting power cable... (unless you had 3 consoles, turned off the host console and two others got the trophies).