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  1. Not anymore ;).
  2. Yeah, this "user" broke the LBs in many games, seems to be PSNP error that it can't be removed. Regarding the other times - not sure the cross save or sth, but in WW version fastest times started with min. 2 days: https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/2087-one-piece-pirate-warriors-2
  3. Can be "done" even faster https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/1890-ワンピース-海賊無双2
  4. You have more hacked games on your account and you, as its owner, are fully responsible for any actions on it. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two All 47 Trophies 6th May 2019 • Platinum in 33 seconds You can hide them, but you will not reappear on LB.
  5. O_o... Interesting... Will modify it then. Thx for info! Yyy... Now it is not showing the "clickable" trophy card... Only a link... Damn @Helyx, you broke it :P. Not working anymore... Why did I even touch it... Edit: Fixed Used the one with BBCode.
  6. No he didn't! You photoshopped it! @Dark_Overlord Wait... It seems that... I made it...
  7. HF that's the best dispute since years :D. Man, you are really pushing it to the limits :D. TBH I will really miss it when it will be finally closed.
  8. https://imgur.com/r60UTjn Tango down.
  9. Probably due to the timezones @Squirlruler, @B1rvine and @grimydawg___ are not available ATM. @MMDE could be here, but we have a weekend, so... This case shall be closed...
  10. On the other hand timestamps editing is not acceptable.
  11. That's why I called it a "theory" ;).
  12. Crazy theory: are you one of those persons who bought "100 PLATINUMS LEGIT DONE" on Ebay and now you are surprised that you are banned on LBs?
  13. In the meanwhile I edited my post - refer to it. Anyway: CRT got the trophies timestamps in the moment when they were reported, so they can be compared with the "current" ones.