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  1. Which means that you are using unpatched version of the game, since this trick doesn't work anymore.
  2. To be totally clear: Stars and labs missions are for sure hacked, but online trophies are for Play 200 complete Online Matches Win 100 complete Online Matches So this sequence can be ok.
  3. Damn, I totally do not remember if it was "in game" online store or it was redirecting you to PSS?... But... On the other hand, in PS3 times it would be PSS in both cases... I guess...
  4. That's not a DLC trophy - it is included in original list, so it was simply affected by, let's call it, "servers' closure" IMHO. (Ok, this is a bit more... controversial by its name :D). DLC - downloadable content, so an item from PSS actually IS a DLC somehow, but the trophy itself is not a DLC pack to the main game. Complicated case :D.
  5. Just got it: Welcome to the PlayStation®4 System Software 8.50 Public BetaThe Beta code below can be redeemed by up to 20 qualifying accounts, so share the code with friends who you know would be happy to take part (they must be over 18 years old to participate).YOUR VOUCHER CODE:2766-E8NN-JFBHCode Expires: 31 May 2021 Just installed it, console didn't brick, lol ;). Of course, can't see a "real" changes except for some social stuff nobody is really interested in. Edit: One more: AA79-DLNH-NM9K
  6. Most probably somebody is trying to log into your account and typing wrong password too many times -> account gets blocked. Maybe try to change also the e-mail address to which the account is assigned?
  7. @DIM10Solution added to the 1st post.
  8. That's totally correct. What I meant was that I wanted to gather as much boxes as possible and open then in one go, then spend all the money on boxes and repeat, just to have it done "at once". It was already mentioned somewhere on the forum, that after newest patch "gifts" are always the same, despite reloading the save.
  9. Not again... This game will be a headache for completionists Try setting the date to October 31 maybe? For sure @DIM10will come quickly with a solution ;).
  10. As well as "10 second Ninja X" in 7 seconds And more than 30 psv games "done" under a minute. Yawn, waste of time...
  11. mIRC
  12. Yes, of course, there is plenty of them, First you need to check if your 2.5' discs are with IDE interface or SATA... Ok, not even needed: I found an universal adapter: