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  1. So it was released today (13 Dec). No plat achievers yet, but the average percentage is quite high. Seems to be "JetPack Joyride" in 3D. Challenging or glitched? ;).
  2. This statement is a bit "incomplete": getting platinum after servers closure ≠ getting online trophies after servers closure. You can (of course) still get the platinum if you have the online trophies/MP part done before the shutdown. Edit: Ninja'd by @Max_Playne ;). Edit 2: Portal 2 was down on 22/05/2018, not in 2016.
  3. До свидания!
  4. It is for PS3 version, but it's exactly the same game.
  5. Unfortunately not :/ For every mission you have specific main and extra weapon which you gain at the end of previous level - some of them sucks pretty badly, grenade launchers especially...
  6. Of course! Welcome back 100% ;). Edit: +I would remove the games with "missing timestamps" and do them again. +I would remove some games and beat my previous completion time (and here we can start the s**tstorm in 3... 2... 1... ).
  7. Right after the sequence when you are shooting from the ship's gun:
  8. Ah... It was a bit early and no coffee. Yes, of course digital has the online pass. I was thinking about playing with Warthog which is easier to obtain in PH version due to no ammo glitch and to play online with this version... So yes, buying digital version WILL give you the online pass and I found this also:
  9. Error This user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked Get Kagerismaru's trophy cards • Go to Kagerismaru's profile nowThis user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked So... What's the point?
  10. 1) Unfortunately not . 2) Pretty brutal IMHO - 9/10. 3) Super easy with boosting, medium via normal play. 4) To get the online trophies at this stage if you do not have the online pass, yes, you will need brand new sealed PH version or PH with unused code. 5) Yes, it is. With self-boost or dedicated boosting team online part can be done within one weekend easily.
  11. (Failure, sarcasm not detected... ) Esh... Not funny anymore... Here, catch:
  12. You know that it was not my point ;). Just wanted to point out again that some developers are not fully aware about the trophy system in general. Theoretical situation: imagine some "noob's" disappointment after getting "all S grades" and not being awarded with platinum trophy for it ;). (sarcasm detected ;).
  13. I beg you: put <sarcasm on> <sarcasm off> over this sentence ok? :P. Or at least some emoticon... I can even bet that not everyone will get it and I can predict what kind of comments will appear below... ;). P.S. Unless you weren't trolling... Then... Oh well...
  14. Same here. Seems to be a common problem in this version (at least digital, which I've played). I "solved" it in the same way ;).