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  1. Because if you will not enjoy the "creator" mode, it is a boring and loooong way to grind EXP for level 30 trophy.
  2. As usual:
  3. If you have changed your PSN ID and now you are trying to use your saves created while using the "old" ID - they will (mostly) not work, since they are linked to PSN ID.
  4. I can confirm that. After winning >500 matches offline I won one online - got the trophy for 250 wins right after (had 10 and 100 online already).
  5. Yes, but the funny thing is that crossbuy is not mentioned there in HK Store, but in my region PSS (Polish) it is clearly written that it is PS4 and PSV. I hope it works same in HK as well...
  7. Perfect, thanks for an answer and congratz :]
  8. Translation for people not from US: Game will be delisted on 7/2/2022 at 17:00, servers will shut down 24/8/2022.
  9. I can only see version marked as "PS4" in Playstation Store, not a single word about cross buy/PS5 version...
  10. Of course it was a really good question and even more, now when You have mentioned KZ:SF Intercept and KZ3MP - they also shared the progress with their "main" games, so the question was for sure "valid".
  11. It is a lot harder than Beat Saber. Way much more complicated, different mechanics, crazy patterns. Beat Saber is a piece of cake in compare to Audica, so a huge respect to all platinum achievers. (Personal opinion, I tried it on alt. account - so far I gave up).
  12. Is the game/trophies broken? @PSVRafa, can you maybe say sth about it? Current leaderboards list doesn't look optimistic... And by looking at the trophies and comparing them with 1st part it looks like it is "Suicide Guy", but no more suicidal only in VR with some "Deluxe" content.
  13. Could be, could be, let's test it :]. So... Can we now expect "DLCs" for this "game" as well? :D.
  14. Yeah, I didn't mean that all chars to 35 Just enough to use their skill, as you have mentioned, I didn't remember the exact levels, it was ages ago when I have played B2 for the last time. I see you started it already. GL!
  15. So getting a char to lvl 35 JUST in the "DLC"?... Isn't it "too short" to gain that much exp? (ok, NG+ probably). And all 6 class just to use their skill...