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  1. Yep, MP is down (RIP Max), but Challenge Mode is available when you are signed to PSN. The Leaderboards are not downloading anyway, so there is a chance that CM will be playable.
  2. @TurtlePM If yes, please consider adding: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Trophies • Seems that online part is dead since March 2018.
  3. TBH who cares since 4 platinums are now unobtainable? :/
  4. Please consider adding: Torchlight III Trophies • 2 DLC trophies are broken and can not be achieved, game has been abandoned by devs - probably won't be repaired. Obut Pétanque 2 Trophies • Three trophies are broken from the start, which makes platinum unobtainable.
  6. You can also play on easy or medium to unlock them.
  7. When you will singn off from PSN, Challenge mode will be still available "offline". But, as mentioned already many times, it can not be started when you start the game while being signed off from PSN. Which means IMHO that after server's closure this mode will not be available anymore UNLESS it is only checking your PSN account if you have the DLC bought, but I rather doubt and it's connecting to MP3 servers.
  8. Please, do not start this type of "war" again. Forget about the "9 years" - Rockstar announced it (correct me if I am wrong) on 16th of June 2021 that on 16th of September MP3 servers will be down: That's 4 months before the server's closure - fair enough IMHO. Enough time (with a "bit" of dedication) to get the game, get familiar with it, get to know what has to be done -> decide I am or I am not willing to do it. Same like with U2/U3/TLOU servers for PS3 - it was enough time for me to plan my actions in order to get the affected trophies. Even here on PSNP always a lot of new topics appear when there is even slight info about such situations. So IMHO your statement for "9 years" is a bit off the track - IMHO people who are interested in games and TROPHIES especially shall simply follow the daily/weekly announcements from "gaming world" if they are into it. If they skipped it / didn't read the games related portals / didn't get info from their buddies - They CAN'T have any reason to "complain". We all know that PS3 is going to be abandoned, forgotten, removed* soon from Sony's "road" like PSV. You simply have to be aware of that and stay focused.
  9. Pardon... Seems that I need stronger glasses :/ Yes, easily.
  10. Perfect! Thanks a lot!
  11. Perfect! Thanks. So that ends the discussion in this matter. I would propose that such info shall be actually sticked into 1st post... @POEman553+ list for all the trophies related to MP (MultiPlayer, not Max Payne :D... However..).
  12. Ok, so you were online and then challenge mode was available, like in my case. But when I am starting game offline, It is locked. Any chance that you can test it? Restart PS3, do not login to PSN and start MP3. And then check if "Challenge mode" can be started. Will ya? :D.
  13. OK, but you logged out AFTER starting the game and the mode? Because only then it works for me offline.
  14. Wait... I think it could be problematic... I have the game completed, I have already all DLC trophies. I am starting the game while being offline. ARCADE -> And the challenge mode icon is grayed with a lock. I can not start it. "This option requires Downloadable Content you have not purchased or installed" I am signing in to PSN -> it takes a while, the game seems frozen -> the option is now white, I can start it and play. Each chapter shows the Leaderboard next to it. I am signing out from PSN -> Option is still white, I can enter, but this time I do not see leaderboards. OK. I am testing one level. Died, came back to inside challenge menu, still works. Closed the game, started again -> option is grayed again wit a lock... OK! Seems that I do not have all addons installed. TESTING! Edit: I downloaded and installed Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack - The option is still GRAY while I am offline. Edit 2: Shit, now I need to check if maybe my MP3 game is actually from the different region than DLC, since "ingame Playstation Store menu" shows that DLC is not installed - so, please ignore my research so far. Edit 3: Ok, now I am totally confused - on US account the icon is also grayed while offline, but going WHITE while online, but Playstation Store shows NO ADDONS available (delisted and I didn't buy them?) Conclusion - sorry, due to maybe possible mess with versions I can not confirm anything :/
  15. Will check that in few hours and clarify.
  16. Wait... Isn't challenge mode offline?
  17. Yes, that happens a lot during last days, only with PS3. Your l/p still properly works on PS4/5, but only PS3 is giving those issues. Method posted by @Geridianworked for me.
  18. Yes, I do, quite a lot actually. There was an issue in "Udercover" that when you had more than 80-90 people on the friends list, autolog was creating some issues. A solution was to reduce your friends list was. That's rather not the issue, but oh well... Always worth to try.
  19. I just... Turned on my PS3, logged into my account and started the game...
  20. Not true. Just logged in, everything (autolog, photos, online) works just fine.
  21. I am asking you. How?
  22. Trophy thoughts? - Kitaria Fables - PSNProfiles Beauty of separate forums for each stack...
  23. Hey there, I am currently playing Playstation All-Star Batlle Royale and... Had simply enough of it ;). Having in mind that I "need" to complete it again on PSV... Nevermind. So since I am a bit bored with the game I started to think about the way to speed up the platinum process. So imagine the following setup: I have two PS3 ( A and B ), I have my main account activated on both, both have PASBR installed. So I am playing on my A on my main account of course and in the meanwhile on my B is playing my cat/famous cousin/invisible penguin/miss universe/aardvark from another dimension/local Shaman from my village* also on my main. I am getting 26 trophies on my A and he/she* earned 27 different trophies on B. I am syncing both consoles, so thanks to this I have now 53 trophies on my main profile for PASBR. Now I am getting my last trophy on whichever PS3 and *pling* platinum. Will I be flagged? 1) Yes, I have created impossible timestamps (e.g. could complete arcade with 2 characters in the same time), 2) No, I didn't use my own save That's only a theory of course, but I think such thing is not allowed. Am I right?