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  1. 3rd achiever, this time with messed up trophies (25k before 10k). Again from Mexico.
  2. This actually works, thanks! My boosting buddy had same problem that the game was always freezing on him after completing the race, sprint or first round of C'n'R and due to this we were not going back to lobby. He reduced his friends list from ~120 to ~60 and... a miracle. Everything is working fine. Thanks for that!
  3. Unfortunately not. Ok, I sent another e-mail asking for an update. Let's see what will be the feedback.
  4. Then IIRC you will not get trophies related to CGs or "CG 100%" would pop out of order. I guess... Or trophies would pop in 1s. Nope. 100% vouch that he didn't do it. All top times achievers could be accused in same way.
  5. Ok, TBH that would be truly a miracle if that's really happened as you described (unless I am unaware about possible glitches in this title), but I am for sure following this topic and prepare a lot of popcorn. Just to cut off the unnecessary BS: CFW or Save game used?
  6. OP clearly said it was a glitch. Let's hear more about it, maybe we will be able to redo it? MK PSV Plat is my only missing MK
  7. Ok, I have to admit, I could play it better... ;).
  8. "Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus" on PSV also "glitched" on you and you are the only one plat achiever? As well as... I do not even wanna count how many more games... PSV CFW user with autopopped plats. Such accounts shall be removed from site. I will not put more sarcasm and I will be nice, please, do not remove my comment, huh? :/
  9. Got a tip, that he posted an info about this plat on some FB TH group. If I will get the link/SS will let you know. Maybe you shall restart the game/PSV after getting 10k (and trophy?).
  10. IMHO he played (quote) "Offline on Vita B" to avoid syncing trophies while he was checking where the trophies pops, while he made notes. Then played also "offline" on Vita A (which is irrelevant anyway), saved just before the trophy while playing route 1 good end, then started the game again, played route 1 bad end, saved just before trophy, played route 2 good end, saved just before the trophy, etc. Then just to load 1->finish game->trophy, load 2->finish game->trophy, etc. I shouldn't make it more complicated, but better if on Vita B he was not playing on his main account or at least he removed it right after "testing", since if he would sync it now it would replace the current trophies, since they were earned earlier. I was also aiming for 2-3 mins plat time, but of course I messed up with saves :D. You can check the guide on PS3I where the trophies appears and you can easily get it how it works. Also it is worth to mention that he knows Japanese, which is a huge advantage here. He could make save precisely one "VN text line" just before the trophy pops (that's why he was first "testing" the game). Sometimes there is i.e. 50 text lines to read on one screen and then you get the trophy, so he could make a save at 49 and prepare all of them in super precise way. This cuts the final plat time a lot.
  11. Actually... There is one plat achiever in NA version. So... 1) Only EU is bugged? 2) Game is extremely hard to get those scores? 3) Requires special "circumstances" to unlock? 4) Plat achiever hacked?... 5) 21-26 minutes in between... Seems that it is done legit. Are there any "modes" in the game? "Survival" or sth? Edit: Oh, mentioned already above.
  12. Exactly. Typical "trick" to have quick completion time for some of JPN VNs.
  13. Thanks for more tips! Nah, I will not start it now for sure. I will do it... "One day". Some many games, so little time...
  14. Oho! You've also spotted it on Summer Sale, huh? Damn, so I can forget about being 1st achiever Thanks for the answer @Bizzy_Montana_, detailed as always. Greetz and good luck on your way to plat!
  15. Is there ingame tracker of score, miles, time spent?
  16. If you will get an answer to that question it will be deleted anyway, so...
  17. Since like... 7 years at least? If you found such profile suspicious (which for sure it it is in this case) just report those trophies.
  18. That's my message from 9th of July One week before release of "Pizza Break". So I will stick to this statement :D. I would add "coffee". Not that difficult to follow Break Series •
  19. There are 3 releases (WW, AS, JP), each one is sharing the same list between PS4 and PSV version so you can get max 3 plats.
  20. @zenovka
  21. I guess we can cross out Italian language... And two of them got the impacted trophy within similar timeframe as the OP. Maybe the timing is the key? You need to reach the specific place within a specific "in-game" time limit? Maybe that activates the glitch?
  22. Because second place is a "shame" :/ Shitty behavior... Respect for Phillips and Henderson who stayed on the field and were supporting Italian team during their celebration. I think they were also only ones who actually kissed their medals and didn't remove them.
  23. Italia. Congratz. C U in Qatar :D.
  24. Do not forget to record the FW version as well (Just in case to avoid unnecessary comments...).
  25. Hah :D. It was a bit funny to read, apologies for that :D. Yeah, French and Dutch are the main languages there (lucky bastards, two native "tongues" from the start :D). I lived there for more than 3 years and... No worries... English is wide known in EU ;). Back on Track: Just fingers crossed that Devs will really look into this one. PS. Hats off for your geography knowledge ;).