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  1. I can't find any chests no matter how much digging I do.
  2. It's removed from the PSN store. Rather annoying, I was going for the full Jurassic park/world trophies.
  3. No challenge mode trophies, hurrah! I do hope they ditch them for future DLC releases.
  4. Damn, I just installed this the other day! Was hoping to get all the Witcher related plats. Why can't they leave it up and online just not add anymore content.
  5. I've done the other quests, a guide says it should unlock automatically and I have nothing in the quest menu. Am I missing something or is it bugged out?
  6. Yeah man, fantastic game. I still haven't got the plat yet, my sister has pinched my PS3 so I can't get the 100% either with the servers going down. I just bought the GOTY version of the 2nd game too, I'm too late :/.
  7. It's a classic.
  8. Uncharted 3. It came with my PS3, the graphics blew me away.
  9. Luckily a contract asked for a Gigantspinosaurus, released it and it popped. I think it's a species flown in during one of the missions, the game must think you've bred the ones flown in.
  10. I have looked at my genome library it says I've bred and released all the dinos. Am I missing something?
  11. Ahh right, thought it was all the same.
  12. Wasn't the Cretaceous pack just 3 Dinos though? Or did they bring a new mode or something with it. I've not been playing too long.
  13. Any one know if we're getting anymore? The last pack didn't come with any trophies.
  14. Yeah I am on a ng+ save. I think I got half the perks before I started ng+ but can't remember. Not sure if I still have the old save file as I think it overwrites it. I might have to start a new game just for this trophy annoyingly 😔. Good luck, hope this bug doesn't happen to you.
  15. Just got 2 more and nothing. Upto 38 out of 60.