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  1. Didn't it come out awhile ago that they scrapped working on Bully 2? More than likely it's for the next GTA.
  2. My guess is that the game has been out for a few years now and they pretty recently released the Platinum Edition on Steam which contains all the DLC and seeing as you need to buy the Rise and Fall/Gathering Storm expansion pack separately which costs almost as much as the game will just comes off as incredibly greedy.
  3. Please do both Battlefield Bad Companies and LOTR: Conquest. That is one of the games that I want to see brought back online alongside Ghostbusters and Portal 2 and with Ghostbusters having received a remaster, it would be great if I could also cross Conquest off the list. Also want to see Burnout 3, Black, Fifa Street and their James Bond games if they remaster any of their PS2 games.
  4. I was considering starting doing this game and was wondering if the online for this game is till active? I know that most of the main and DLC online trophies can be done with bots (not entirely sure in regard to the Intercept expansion though) except for one of the requirements for Jack Of All Trades where you need to resupply teammates with supply boxes as the bots are incapable of doing that apparently so was looking to play random matches first and work towards that and then try do the rest with bots if possible or would I need to find a boosting partner to do that part?
  5. Gandhi has featured in all the main Civ games AFAIK and has always being nuke obsessed since the first one. I know but for a game that has been out for a few years now on PC and Switch it still seems to be pretty expensive so I am hoping they at least do a complete edition of the game for the PS4.
  6. From what I have read, it will cost around €100 to get the game and the Expansion bundle which is total BS given that the game has been out for a few years already on PC and Switch.
  7. If the trophy list is the same as Steam's then there will be a few MP trophies but they are straight forward ones I believe like play a round of X althoughthe achievements related to the newly introduced Battle Royale mode may be MP only (haven't played that mode yet so am not sure). However there are a few achievements that are very specific and would require quite a bit of luck.
  8. I hope this means we will get another Game of Thrones game that continues on from the first game.
  9. I'm pretty sure you can still download them despite being delisted if you have the disc version of the game, if you can't then you should make sure that the game is the same region as your account.
  10. Cannot say about CTR but having platted both GT5 and Wipeout HD, GT5 was definitely the hardest by a large margin, even that demonstration video for the Red Bull Suzuka challenge video did not complete it in the gold time IIRC.
  11. You nee You need to have accessed the MP through the game first and it should then allow you to do missions through the N7HQ page, that was the case for me.
  12. Scarface: The World Is Yours Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 GTA Liberty & Vice City Stories SSX 3 Matrix: Path of Neo Rise to Honour Tony Hawks Underground 1 & 2 Area 51 Simpsons Hit & Run Spiderman 2 Burnout 3 Max Payne 2 NFL Street Fifa Street The Godfather 007 Everything or Nothing From Russia With Love Gun Splinter Cell Double Agent Batman Begins Shellshock Nam 67 Conflict Vietnam True Crime LA & NYC Driver 3 & Parallel Lines Black Cold Winter SOCOM 2 Rainbow Six 3 The Punisher The Getaway 1 & 2 Stuntman Mafia Prisoner of War Psi Ops: The Conspiracy Probably tons more I want but these are all I can think of off the top of my head
  13. I usually just do one game at a time and focus on finishing that game before moving on to the next one but I have on occasion deviated from that if I come across a session and/or a friend that is boosting a game that I own but not started yet so that I can get the online trophies out of the way.
  14. Well when I tried it on my main account, it said I could download it when I loaded the game up so I just clicked on it and it brought me to the store listing for episode 6 and I just downloaded it so it should be fine if you have the disk.
  15. Trophies cant be overwritten once you sync them to you profile AFAIK so your timestamps should still be set to when you originally unlocked them if they have been synced prior to formatting.
  16. What did you do to download the sixth episode? It keeps saying coming soon for me or do I need to play on my own region to get it downloaded as I was trying it from a different region from my own (playing on HK alt account with a region 2 disc and from Ireland)? EDIT: Nevermind, I loaded it on my main account and was taken to the store to download the last episode so looks like that is sorted, probably was a region issue when I tried it on my alt account.
  17. I installed it on an alt account and it say purchased and installed for all episodes except the last one which says coming soon. Interestingly, my alt account is based in HK and the digital version is on their store but says unavailable on the Irish store. I tried to see if I could download episode 6 from there but it costs money.
  18. So does this make the plat unobtainable? I bought the game pre-owned on disc a while back and so seeing this makes me panic that I missed out on this. I thought with disc versions of the game, you just download the rest of the episodes and that there is no code as such?
  19. No cause the online got shut down last year.
  20. AFAIK the servers are up and running. I did all the breach trophies back near the end of January so unless they went down again since then the servers should be fine for you to do the breach trophies.
  21. Did the online trophies yesterday with randoms and found a game each time I went into matchmaker so it is still pretty active online wise.
  22. Never mind, I got it using the Panzershrek and it popped. Think it needs to be a weapon from the box like the Waffle weapons or the Ray gun to count and not regular weapons.
  23. I did the Wacker Packer trophy where you Pack A Punch a weapon for the first time and it is not unlocking even though I have done this twice. Do you need to have specific weapons for the trophy because I believe both times I had the Thompson and the Colt pistol you start off with and when I go to upgrade I am then equipped with the pistol which seems to have a bigger clip then I did when you start a match which I believe means that my pistol has been Pack A Punched yet no trophy.
  24. Yeah was playing on Der Reise.
  25. I was wondering how long does it take for a user profile to be deleted? I am deleting my profile but all I have seen is a "Please wait" screen and has been there for about 30 mins to an hour now and nothing has happened since. The HDD is flashing and the loading circle is still going but I have no idea if anything is happening or is it stuck. Does it usually take a long time for a profile to be deleted or would it depend on how many stuff you have with that profile that gets deleted?