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  1. Both of these DLC are bugged for me to the point I can’t complete them even once let alone 4 times and was looking for a possible workaround. I’ve restarted these missions 20+ times with it bugging every time. DLC1 - The columns you have to spin will get stuck and you I finish the puzzle. This has happened to me at the very start but also on the final puzzle forcing me to quit and try again. DLC4 - The second area never has enemies therefore making it where I can’t progress.
  2. I’ve walked the entire perimeter of the map (watched others do it online as well) and they never spawned unfortunately.
  3. Maybe the ability to have a custom sort option so that you could drag games where you'd want them would be something I'd sort of be interested in. Regardless, the way it's set up now doesn't really bother me but more options aren't really a bad thing.
  4. PSN: Ripostes Looking to add more trophy hunters/people in general to my friends list. I play a wide variety of games, my favorites being Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Call of Duty. I'm also a fan of anime and manga, more manga as of late. I'm willing to help with co-op/multiplayer trophies, probably more likely if I'm also working on it. More open to messages than parties due to being shy but not 100% against them if we're playing together (i.e. co-op games). Just add "PSNP" or similar to your friend request and I'll accept.
  5. Just learned about these LP's as I rarely use the forums here on PSNP. I"m definitely down for this seeing as I actually only need one more trophy for KH1.5 (PS3) and plan on doing the rest of the series. I'm actually new to it and the first couple playthroughs of KH1.5 were my first.
  6. Far from it, but thanks for the kind gesture, lol.
  7. I have since then been first to platinum the game, I'd give it maybe a 5/10, because of the anarchy mode. Scoring 40k would probably be the hardest one.
  8. It's not difficult at all, I'm actually only 3 trophies away from the platinum, it's really not that difficult. It's even easier when you have someone for anarchy mode to help you.