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  1. God no, its dull and boring, the cars handle like shit and the AI is awful
  2. This is the Plat breaker for me, the tremor in my fingers just doesn't let me do the combos fast enough at all.
  3. This is NOT my video, but it demonstrates the game pretty well.
  4. How do you do this?? Soon as you do a good shot at Golf or Throw some good darts, everyone just quits.
  5. It looks like they are going to force you to make certain choices, which kinda sucks. But doesn't look to difficult.
  6. Is there a way to track it? Cos I'm sure I've made everything, but no trophy is popping.
  7. Wahoo 7th time lucky!
  8. Just noticed your handicap, does that effect it?
  9. Yeah I finished 1 under on my scorecard. So not sure whats going on, just tried again with no luck.
  10. Tried twice more, putted with my guy on 9 of the holes, and still nothing.
  11. Has it been patched? I just tried the above method twice and no luck.
  12. Finally got Challenge 6 done, I got lucky and got a lot of center shots in a row. Having zero luck with Challenge 8 though, can't seem to get past 5 points.
  13. Same struggling to find a match. let alone a tournament
  14. How do you do it in career mode?? I'm level 27 with my pro, but can't seem to hit any targets, even skipped a year and put all my points in to precision and still no help. I've done it will Nedal in the tennis school mode, but this doesn't unlock challenge 7.
  15. I've completed the game without missing a single final kill, but the trophy still hasn't popped. I've done the first 2 chapters again and never had anything other than "Final Boy" and "Final convict"