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  1. Ah yeah sorry!! Misread it.
  2. OMG Thanks for this! I bought a 10 pack of the DX cards got 4 Diamonds and got the plat!
  3. You get a diamond manager when you get 5 diamond superstars as a reward.
  4. Just started this and the game blue-screens constantly when trying to play Embassy
  5. I only have 723 Qualification points in rivals to get in to the Play Offs (need 1250) but the season ends in 2 days. Will the points carry over to next season or reset??
  6. Ah really? Okay Thanks, I'll give it a go with a low team and see what I get. Thanks!! Set my team as an all bronze squad before refreshing the SB, and started getting much easier teams. After 5-6 games and lots of swearing later, finally got the bicycle kick on world class.
  7. Where are all the bronze and silver teams in Squad Battles, There used to be at least one in the 4 you could select from. The lowest team OVR I've had to choose from in 4 refreshes is 85. I'm trying to cheese some of the World Class games with lower teams, but they never seem to pop up.
  8. Its buggy as Hell, I have all 11 statues for the Gotta Catch Um All trophy, but the game is saying I only have 8/11 of them And my spider webs have gone back down to 14 and bully-free zone back to 2. Even though I have popped the trophy for both
  9. I had it too, don't worry about it. Seems to be a glitch, but it didn't stop me getting the plat.
  10. Just got my last 10 wins to get to 500 in Faction Wars, Asuka method still works, although seemed a little slower or more button bashing to work (having said that, could just be cos my fingers are sore from doing it so much the last few days) But on the plus side the AI only tried to break up the submission twice in 10 matches.
  11. And they've patched it.
  12. A good trick I learned about, If you irish whip someone into the ringside barricade and the light attack them. They will stay there until you touch them again. Which makes handicap matches so much easier. Just be warned the AI will sometimes atack them so they are able to move again.
  13. Those ladder matches are a killer. Not too hard to get the 90 points but, being stunned every 30 seconds is a pain in the ass!
  14. Seems to be about 11pm GMT for me
  15. I need so help or adivice with this, one on one I can do no problem, soon as its multiman, the AI reverse every goddamn thing I do, Sasha Banks reversed 6 finishers in one match. They always seem to double team me. And once I'm on the ground, I never seem to get a reverse prompt? Whats going on.