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  1. Dunno if its bugged but I've had to install the 8gb version 1.07 every day for the last 3 days. I install it, play the game, next day go to play it again and the update needs reinstalling.
  2. Just got to 500 cards, taken me a month so far. Don't think I'm going to be able to do it.
  3. I just bought an Evolution Larry Hughes For 14K Played 10 games with him and got him to a Galaxy Opal so you can save about 20,000 MT getting a cheap Opal that way,
  4. I've tried to play this game 5 times, each time I've had a game breaking bug and never seen the ending. So annoying
  5. @DevilsYard Thanks! used this for the HIO and got the plat.
  6. I need a Hole in One and Sinking from the Bunker for the Plat. Can't seem to do either, seems completely luck based,
  7. Any easier way I've just found was using the custom course "Wacky Holes 1" it is a HCP 9 holes and every hole you can eagle or albatross
  8. I can't put to save my life on this! The course editor is fun as hell though!
  9. Just done it worked first time for me. "Autumn Godfrey" was the one I downloaded.
  10. This is the trophy that will stop my getting the Plat! gutted!
  11. I started a new game, got passed that glitch, not have another game breaking glitch where it wont allow me to have a conversation with someone I need to
  12. I'm stuck in a loop where I can't sleep cos It tells me to go talk to Arnold, even when I go talk to him, view all the memories, I still can't sleep cos It says I haven't spoken to him yet.
  13. Just picked it up for £2.39 in the January sale, Already feel ripped off.
  14. !!!SPOILERS!!! What did you think of the game? I thought the ending was so weird, so did he get drunk and forget his gf dumped him??
  15. I've never been amazing at Fifa, but this year I've never struggled so much online, I can't defend at all, and every team I play against seems to just constantly team press. I only got into Div 8 in Rivals. Anyone got any advice? Cos I'd like another Fifa plat, But getting into FUT Champ and Div 4 are the 2 trophies I'm gonna really struggle with.