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  1. Amazing, now Horsin' Around didn't pop. The challenge unlocked, but the trophy didn't pop.
  2. Do you need to complete all 700+ challenges to get to level 100 if you don't just do this grinding?
  3. Is the challenge for playing 1000+ voted map, working now?
  4. Is your copy digital or physical?
  5. Now Grand Tourer hasn't popped for me but Vallhalla did??
  6. Thanks I got 99.9 with no mods, just by spamming grinds and manuals
  7. Thanks! Worked for me
  8. Sick scores mostly. I can't even get a 99.9 in a competition. Even though I've maxed out all balance stats, my balance still sucks
  9. Thanks for this!!
  10. UPDATE: It would seem to unlock the Level 10 trophy, you have to hit Level 10 exactly. My first 2 times I went from 9-11 without any mods and it didn't pop. This time I went from 9-10 and it did
  11. Well I thought that, so deleted my data started again and it didn't pop. Not sure If its cos I jumped from level 9 to 11 without actually hitting 10?
  12. Are trophies bugged? I'm level 36 and the trophy for level 10 hasn't popped yet I've tried the method for the 10million points trophy too and that wont pop
  13. Can't get it, got over 14,000,000 And nothing popped
  14. Some websites say you can by plugging a keyboard in the PS4, But I've never gotten it to work