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  1. I checked that on my old PS i had that setp but this new one i guess i forgot. But in the moment I was so upset by the time commitment. But now I have that turned back on just in case and for future. But now the game is a slow grinder while I play others. At least its fun.
  2. I was in the final 10 races of the 109 endurance race. I've completed EVERYTHING ELSE. The game has crashed 4 other times and corrupted the save data EACH time. But of course the 1 time it cant save it is in the final 10 I had it crash one other time but it was in the beginning. This game literally just ripped my heart out.
  3. I did ll my drifts legit just took handling ll the way i down i think or up, one of the two but if you learn when to use your boosts its pretty easy honestly