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  1. Yeah I decided to take the risk and finish it out. So I'm glad I was able to help!
  2. Not sure if anyone else has had this happen, but in case it freaks out anyone else like it did me in the future. I had the entirety of all the Cache, License Plate, and Landmarks saying I got them all without ever doing it or without it clearing from the missions. All you have to do is grab 1 when this happens and it clears the mission and you dont have to collect the rest of them for 100%.
  3. I logged off and then logged in a day later after getting the cleanup crew and I logged back in and nothing changed. Did i screw up by not closing the game fully. I may have put the game into rest mode mid exit to the main menu because of this game ridiculous load screens. How long does it normally take to get scrap when the game is closed so I can run a test?
  4. Is this obtainable if I were to start today, how long would it take to get the necessary amount needed to make sure this trophy would pop, before it goes offline. Or do I need the trophy before the servers go off?
  5. Person below says may be working now
  6. It doesnt even look like he takes damage once he's there. When looking at the gameplay trailer.
  7. Can say this help immensely was playing regularly for about half an hour did done in less than 5 minutes. Thanks and for everyone struggling do it. Once you get the timing using this a piece of cake.
  8. It does not count in the background unfortunately. I just decided to watch all the way through one award ceremony and it decided to start counting again.
  9. So you get money from completing the when i finished those I was at 4 mill so i just grinned the last million with fast credit map got between 48k and 50k every time
  10. So what i did not sure if it actually helped but it began working after I watched the podium presentation all the way through one time
  11. Monster Hunter World. A game I've always wanted to finish but never wanted to 100% commit to
  12. Is the tracker for this one broken or does it have to be done some where specific I noticed my numbers in the profile stopped rising. Anyone else getting this?
  13. I just noticed my SX challenges tab also went back down to 0/2 it definitely said 1/2 after finishing the West. I wonder if the only work around for it is to do both in one sitting without closing the game 🤔 If that doesnt work i guess itll be about getting 5 mill Credits and the 500 Miles
  14. has anyone else come across the results at the end of a race being wrong yet? I ran all 3 races in a triple crown race in career mode first race finished 3rd everything was fine 2nd race finished 2 game said i finished 11th then the 3rd race I won and it said I came in 21st. I wasn't expecting it to be this broken.