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  1. I didn't know DD's Souls is needed for a miracle. I learned Firestorm randomally and I didn't even use it smh so I think what I'll have to do in NG+ after getting the soul is go all the way to 4-2 to rescue Urbain, back up save, learn the miracle, restore save file, learn Fireball and get the spells trophy, right? or is there a faster method? basically my NG+ will be a full playthrough
  2. So you can boost both versions at the same time
  3. The usb convertor/adapter sounds like a good idea. 2 of the 3 DS3 I own have the random buttons presses issue, so I’ll just use the dualshock 4, and since I have 3 gens of playstation charging stations on my desk, that will also save space
  4. I just got the platinum, and the final trophy was the only downside of the playthrough. other than that, I thought it's a pretty fun game,
  5. I personally loved it. I didn't have money throughout my playthrough, so I barely used healing items, and thought some fights were challenging
  6. Basically the vita or switch lite design (no removable controllers) - SD Cards support - 1:1 controls buttons with the console controller - Cross save/Cross buy with ps5 (supported games of course) - Shared trophy lists with ps5 - PS4/PS5 Controller support - Vibration - 1080p screen something that I'd like to see is a new version of Remote Play that can be played offline. technically different than remote play, but I'd like to see a portion of the games that are too powerful to be on a handheld being playable on a handheld, for example all the Gwent matches in the witchers 3 I had this idea while playing FFXIII on the ps3 when the vita first launched, imagine having access to the open field and Cie'th Missions on the go
  7. Queue the sad music.. I've yet to get the platinum because of the online trophies
  8. I’m disappointed in the final boss of TAG2 5 life bars? really? and that’s not the worst part, he heals himself I thought it’s tedious
  9. I'm in the mood for a 3D Zelda, so this piqued my interest
  10. I don't remember this fight
  11. Haha actually I think the better option is to force PC cross players to play with a controller but then again, they’ll obviously use a ‘work around’ for that
  12. no, you just have to beat stage 4, it will be unlocked on Arcade
  13. Forget cross-play, I want more games support cross-save between different platforms
  14. If Rockstar cared a little, they'd triple the xp before they shut the servers down