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  1. Telltale in a nutshell TT is shitty company, they had something good, but instead of improving it, they've ran it into the ground. there's no excuse for their games to run like a slideshow, they shouldn't have gotten away with that for this long I gave them a lot of chances, but they kept getting worse, I wish I've quit buying their games earlier than I did
  2. are these ports better than the ps3 remasters or not? based on the first one
  3. if only I never tried it on the ps3, I earned 1 trophy, so it's stuck at %1
  4. I finished the DLC at level 59, I can still level up in NG+, right? I'm sure this goes without saying, but better be safe than sorry
  5. That happens when you complete the side quest which you had to save a big white crocodile, anyway, to fix this, finish the side quest that unlocked after that (I think it's called Prey on Predators, or something like that) and it will go back to normal. until then, the crocodiles won't attack you and you won't be able to attack them
  6. I'm going to finish the DLC before NG+, with the new max level and the Shield Weaver, Ultra Hard will probably be a walk in the park
  7. Thanks, I'll look into the thread
  8. Hey I'm not interested in this mode, and I'd prefer a guide to follow, anyone knows a good one (text or video) to get all of the trophies?
  9. Thanks for sharing, I'll use it one day I only have 19 missions left to 5 star