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  1. why not play as a guest on your ps4? you don't even have to create a different account
  2. yes. I'd actually delete some platinums, like the auto popped Sound Shapes and the ones that are 'missing timestamps' I started a lot of ps3 and vita games with no intention to play them, so I'd delete these, plus the ps3 games I re bought for ps4
  3. I'll give survival a try if they added new game plus. I don't want to replay the game without the skills unlocked
  4. the things is, Horizon's campaign was a lot shorter than this one
  5. so it's safe to play the Battle Royale and not unlock trophies?
  6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  7. https://youtu.be/CDpTN80PB2w I haven't changed mine since FFV7 ps4 release
  8. I feel bad for the people who stacked the platinum
  9. Does Reminiscence Mode increase HP/Stamina?
  10. First time player here and I thought it's great
  11. here's how I did it - New Game+ Normal, did all of the time attacks. - Quit - New Game+ Hard, did all of the time attacks when asked to load a save file, choose the most recent one (the same file as the normal time attacks btw)
  12. just curious, what other fighting games ask you to win 30 perfect ranked matches? it's usually win consecutive matches, or win 300 matches, or reach this rank, etc.. it's a ridiculous list
  13. I don't think the outrage is because of the multiplayer trophies, but because they're shitty and grindy multiplayer trophies. unless you play the game exclusively for months, I don't see how anyone can get the platinum without boosting these are the worst imo: thirty ranked matches without taking HP damage Interrupted five enemy attacks in a single ranked match thirty times Defeated an enemy at max HP with a single attack fifty times in ranked matches
  14. Not a fan of the list, too many ranked matches for my liking. I get it for a game like Street Fighter, but not this I’m still buying the game, but I won’t go for the platinum
  15. Telltale in a nutshell TT is shitty company, they had something good, but instead of improving it, they've ran it into the ground. there's no excuse for their games to run like a slideshow, they shouldn't have gotten away with that for this long I gave them a lot of chances, but they kept getting worse, I wish I've quit buying their games earlier than I did