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  1. they're only available on Asia now
  2. 1) For the peace of mind, accept that you'll never beat your backlog 2) Make a list of all the games in your backlog, and remove the ones that aren't a priority 3) try to be more picky and buy less games 4) implement a rule, for example if you beat 3 or 5 games, buy 1 new game or something similar to that 5) this is the wrong forum for it, but 'Beat don't Complete' is a good tip. self explanatory, some games take 10-20 hours to beat but 40-80 to platinum/100%, obviously this is a hard one if you're a trophy hunter
  3. that would’ve been cool
  4. A dream come true indeed
  5. I didn’t think they’d do ps5 versions, I wonder if that means the versions will perform/look differently
  6. Why 2 lists for each game, though?
  7. Imagine the original Resident Evil 2 with trophies.. Metal Gear Solid.. Silent Hill.. Parasite Eve..
  8. is that still possible?
  9. Is this game easier on ps3 or vita?
  10. So what if I didn't kill the npc, but I progressed through the story to the point where the NPCs leave the roundtable? does that mean I missed this boss? I'm very late in the game, and I only checked a guide to see what's missiable, and unfortually the guide I checked (the ps5 guide) doesn't list it as missiable..
  11. if you own the ps4 version, you'll get this version for free
  12. Sounds like minumun 3 playthroughs required for the 3 paths (Fury, Love and Duty) also must play on Hard + Very Hard yeah me too, I was planning buying it on launch until they announced it’s launching on gamepass as well
  13. The ps3 had shitty, and very specific online trophies, though ps3 trophies be like: "kill 300 unique players online in 48 hours"
  14. I was going to say that people might as well just do it legit (thinking it was 5 years) but wow 10 years? that's an overkill. also playing this """game"""for 24 hours, really? I guess the dev think it's "quirky" or something, but it's just annoying.. this game has always been too pretentious for my liking