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  1. It’s no longer exclusive to EA even Ubisoft are making their own Star Wars game
  2. I wasn't sold when I first got the ps5, but the dualsense grew on me. also I appreciate the better battery life
  3. People are confusing the ps3/4 and vita versions
  4. I doubt the difference is that noticeable They should’ve added cross save
  5. If the reviews are paid, it’s probably from Sony’s side
  6. The game doesn’t have a cross a save/transfer
  7. Topic. I know you need around 300 to max all weapons? but does unlocking the hidden aspect only require spending 5 on each weapon, and 3 for the hidden one (except for the spear) so 45 total? that doesn't seem too bad also, what other trophies require Titan Blood?
  8. You can still switch the view
  9. I plan to replay it, but autopop the grindy/collectibles trophies
  10. Thank you. I always feel like I’m the only one who thinks this is mediocre at best. It’s not the worst game ever made or anything, but it’s pretty boring and overstays its welcome even though it’s not that long
  11. Thanks, you helped me make up my mind. will get it day 1 for the ps5
  12. I have a Tales Of backlog, but I’m thinking of skipping to this one, and play the older ones later
  13. We don't know but since the standalone Legends release didn't get its own list, I wouldn't rule out new trophies
  14. yeah I don't get it. it would be a dick move if they blocked the people who bought the first one from buying the trilogy
  15. Physical: - Resident Evil Village - Demon's Souls - Yakuza Like a Dragon Digital: - It Takes Two - Hades not counting free upgrades