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  1. If it counts, Spider-Man Remastered
  2. I’m sure the dlc is included, already advertised to include all DLCs it’s like Burnout Paradise the game came with all dlcs included, but they got their own section on the trophy list
  3. yup I can see that happening..
  4. why though? this is just screwing with the people who play online casually. surely they can have a 'party only' option for those that don't want randoms?
  5. How many hours?
  6. Is Heat good? or should I just wait for them to remaster the old ones?
  7. Thanks for the guide Downloading the game now. I have the 'Ultimate Evil' edition, it doesn't come with the Rise of the Necromancer. so will buy it, set everything up and send the friend request tomorrow
  8. I found it a very breezy, short and sweet platinum
  9. I try to do this, but these bad lists win sometimes lol. also some trophies gets tedious when you're halfway through the game, and I go "well I might as will continue.." and I end up not only hating the game, but also not having fun in my spare time. the Mad Max platinum for example, was a chore to get, piss easy, but way too many shit to do and look for
  10. Play now or on the ps5, that is the question..
  11. it's kind of an obsession I think
  12. I hate the Pegi rating logo
  13. sorry for the confusion, I've cleared everything except for the conveys, that's why I said 'clear all of the conveys to unlock every Archangels' so it's not just the conveys, you have to reduce the threat to unlock everything
  14. this is definitely the way to go. just finished all of the challenges, now I only need the Races trophy
  15. To answer my question, not only do they don’t need to match, but the ‘Challenges Completed’ on the legend page isn’t just the unique challenges, so it’s kind of pointless indicator for the trophy, you’ll need count them manually if you wanted to know how many unique challenges you’ve completed I got the trophy and I think the number was 160 (give or take)