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  1. Yes EDIT: Good taste is required
  2. let us know how it goes
  3. wait, do they still sell online passes? didn't they remove them from the store years ago? anyway, i guess this only apply for physical copies and the ps plus version comes with online?
  4. You hit the nail on the head it’s not just about the completion percentage
  5. Definitely. I’d actually delete some platinums as well 1) Sounds Shape (auto popped + missing dates) 2) Hotline Miami (missing date) I’d re-earn it again 3) Undertale (shitty game + missing dates) I’d also delete many games that got remastered on ps4
  6. Anyone knows the completion percentage if you unlocked all trophies except for the 2 Comrades packs?
  7. REsident Evil
  8. I'd delete a lot of ps3 games that got remastered and I ended up putting time on the ps4 versions as for platinums, I'd delete the Undertale platinum because I hated it and also because it's 'missing timestamps', I'd also delete the synced platinums of Sound Shapes
  9. can we first get a regular guide, please?
  10. I'm in the same boat, but looks like you already got it? any tips? which guide did you use?
  11. that's what I want to know too
  12. There's no chance that the ps4 and ps3 would share the same list right? I already beat the story and was planning to go back to it eventually and get the platinum
  13. why not play as a guest on your ps4? you don't even have to create a different account
  14. yes. I'd actually delete some platinums, like the auto popped Sound Shapes and the ones that are 'missing timestamps' I started a lot of ps3 and vita games with no intention to play them, so I'd delete these, plus the ps3 games I re bought for ps4
  15. I'll give survival a try if they added new game plus. I don't want to replay the game without the skills unlocked