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  1. No Most games have XP and skill trees now
  2. If we’re talking ps4 only, I’d do it like this: - REmake - 2 Remake - 3 Remake - Code Veronica - 4 - Revelations - Revelations 2 Skip 0, 5 and 6 or leave them for last
  3. The demo keeps crashing, deleted/redownloaded multiple times but it’s still happening, any clue what might be the cause? Imm worried there’s something wrong with my ps5 Doesn’t sounds like a widespread issue
  4. Not the brand itself, but I think I’m too invested in the trophy system
  5. when you earn a trophy, you have to go and ‘claim’ the in-game medal, which unlocks the trophy so I’m guessing people do all the requirements and ignore claiming the medals until they’ve done everything
  6. How about doing everything legit and skipping the pantheons? 4/10, 30-ish hours? Btw I played this a long time ago, but I kind of remember it being longer than 30 hours? and I only did the campaign
  7. I don’t know, I didn’t try after I got the final multiplayer trophy a few months ago but I doubt it’s active, so Botzone is highly recommended, or you’ll waste a lot of time in the lobby waiting for games
  8. Not sure, probably 20-30 hours most online trophies can be done quick, except for the 100 matches trophy. also Aces High is a grind, basically you get it when you log in after earning a lot of money the previous day
  9. nope I just got Aces High
  10. I wish R* would release a single player only version on the ps5, the same goes for GTA V and RDR2 make the online portions standalone
  11. The game looks good sounds like the platinum will require 2 or 3 playthroughs (100%, Speedrun and pacifist) but probably Speedrun and pacifist can be done in the same playthrough
  12. I never played 1 and 2 so I’m fine with the list, for the people who have played the previous entries, I’m sure it’s annoying
  13. me too my goal this gen is to only buy a game once I'm done/nearly done with the last game I bought. I have stacks of unopened ps4 games, and don't want to repeat that
  14. I’d like try to platinum every ps5 game I buy. Devil May Cry 5 will probably stop that plan lol