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  1. I doubt the difference is that noticeable They should’ve added cross save
  2. If the reviews are paid, it’s probably from Sony’s side
  3. The game doesn’t have a cross a save/transfer
  4. Topic. I know you need around 300 to max all weapons? but does unlocking the hidden aspect only require spending 5 on each weapon, and 3 for the hidden one (except for the spear) so 45 total? that doesn't seem too bad also, what other trophies require Titan Blood?
  5. You can still switch the view
  6. I plan to replay it, but autopop the grindy/collectibles trophies
  7. I'm in the mood to play Silent Hill 2, but I'm wondering if it's a good and fun challenge, or will it just be frustrating and ruin the game. I played the game a couple of times but I never played the hard mode, nor I ever cared about the rating/ending I love this game (on ps2), so it would be nice to get the platinum
  8. Thank you. I always feel like I’m the only one who thinks this is mediocre at best. It’s not the worst game ever made or anything, but it’s pretty boring and overstays its welcome even though it’s not that long
  9. Thanks, you helped me make up my mind. will get it day 1 for the ps5
  10. I have a Tales Of backlog, but I’m thinking of skipping to this one, and play the older ones later
  11. We don't know but since the standalone Legends release didn't get its own list, I wouldn't rule out new trophies
  12. yeah I don't get it. it would be a dick move if they blocked the people who bought the first one from buying the trilogy
  13. Physical: - Resident Evil Village - Demon's Souls - Yakuza Like a Dragon Digital: - It Takes Two - Hades not counting free upgrades
  14. Because these games don’t have enough content
  15. yeah but a first party studio probably will have an easier process than other devs anyway, yeah this is not a real issue, but it still should be fixed. it just looks like shit, when it simply shouldn't.
  16. how long is the plat?
  17. I was planning to go back to the first one, but I guess I'll drop it for the sequel
  18. So how's the DLC? I thought the game was boring, so not going to pay $15 for the dlc
  19. I missed this exploring the entire island trophy and I have no idea where to start, it's 66/72 right now so I'm wondering if it's possible to start a new game and then choose the first chapter for every act to 'explore' it fully, but if that won't work, what's the fastest method? start a new game or new game plus?
  20. what do you know! I updated my account lol it's actually pretty simple.. there's an 'Update Email' option in the game itself (Fifa 17), but I guess it only appears in the original console that the account was created on (even though I'm using the same save file on ps5) I randomly thought of trying the original console to see if it would log in automatically and then I could change the email, so I dug up my ps4 pro and tried it and found the update email option
  21. So when I played this game in 2016, I guess an EA account was created. but this EA account's password is now "expired" and it needs to be reset. the problem is, it was made with an old email that I no longer have access to. I contacted EA and they asked me specific questions. which apparently I'm not answering correctly. one of the questions is my IP address when I played (how am I supposed to get my IP address from 2016, I'm pretty sure I had a different internet provider) anyway, so now they can't help. and according to them, EA prioritize their customers' security.. which makes absolutely no sense, because it's obviously a dead account, that I don't want to even use, I just want them to unlink it from my psn. they should prioritize my active psn account so I contacted Hotmail, because EA was no help. and they told me that if the email hasn't been active for more than 5 years it's possibly deleted. I tried to make a new account with the same name so I can receive EA's emails, but the email is unavailable. unbelievable. how is this allowed? I have an active psn account, and active ps plus, why does a third party account stop me from playing games I've purchased? this also mean I can never play any EA game online I never been on that wagon, but yeah **** EA
  22. I guess you laughed too hard, that you you didn't read the whole sentence? it's obviously a dead EA account, with 0 coins, 0 purchases, and an expired password. surely their staff should know how to prioritize between a dead EA account and an active psn account. and I did ask them to unlink the account from my psn, and leave the dead EA account as is. i thought that would make sense, because even if I was a scammer, the original owner can still reclaim it, and my psn log ins aren't even working on the account, because again, its "expired" so really it's a win / win, but of course they didn't help and btw I also know all my details, but they're saying it's not true. and they're asking for my IP from 5 years ago, which is moronic not me, but searching psn and EA account, and it's apparently a recurring issue Thanks, but that won't l work, because of point 2. I can't log in to the old EA account, because the password I chose is expired smh and they won't me to reset it, but they're sending the link to the old email, which I don't have access to
  23. I don’t like to autopop, but will definitely auto pop the grindy Legends trophies
  24. to be fair, I was able to recover my Final Fantasy 14 account a lot easier (same email address as the one used on Fifa) Sqaure didn’t take my psn account hostage sure. But there are other ways they can verify I’m the account owner for one, they can let me log in with my psn account. Easy. and why the hell does their password “expire”, and in this case, the accounts should expire as well
  25. Sounds like a 'long term' platinum to me. I wish cross save between switch and ps5 was a thing