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  1. I don't know if this glitch was on the ps3 or if the Ps Vita trick works.. However the online is doable even tho there is not much people playing, it just takes patience, what i did was, i would fight someone with a low level then afterwards send a message asking if they wanted to trade wins for the trophy.. I managed to find 3 other people who were also after the trophies and helped me get it..
  2. I just got this trophy.. I did as some people mentioned above, I played the entire game without speaking with the Scroll guy until i was sure i had found every single scroll and fragments, after that just speak with the guy and select stories, the trophy should pop alongside the title Note: I think Backing up your save before talking to him for the first time might help in case you missed any scroll
  3. Minecraft.. 1 trophy remaining to platinum.. The play for 100 days one.. I remember it was glitched so i gave up on it, i wonder if it was patched
  4. Hey Guys, so i know the Co-Op is glitched on EU version of the game, but i found a trick to get the Team player trophy, i found out that the EU and NA version of the games share the same trophy list and since the game is not glitched on NA version, what i did was create a US account, activate Ps Plus free trial to get the game, then play using my EU account and i got the Trophy and Platinum 🙂 Notes: 1. You have to delete the EU Game version 2. The save files are region locked so i had to play 13 stages again to get the charms 3. If you don't have a credit card for 14 day trial, you can activate 2 day PS plus free trial but you'll have to be fast 4. You don't need two controllers, you can just switch users with one 5. I wrote this while the game was Free in PS Plus, if it's not anymore Sorry