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  1. So far Kirika obvious best girl but Nana is going strong, so far second =D Will have to wait for Miyuki, though =D

    1. Hertz


      Well that's obvious. Looking at the youtube videos Kirika's besto. Did that DLC work for her? xD 


      Wew that's a good second place though, Nana's always good seiyuu with those kinds of chars. Excela looks OP too.


      Oh God loli Miyuki is always besto xD 

    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Unfortunately, the DLC expired year ago :/ xD


      Yea, she definitely is xD Cute and OP to boost xD


      Exactly! :awesome:

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Oh man, I was saying Nana is OP but... DAMN KAMIYAN IS BRUTALLY OP! :D He freaking beat a dragon with one hit xD


      And Saorin is using 'nii-sama' towards Nakamura! :awesome: Too bad not Onii-sama :awesome:


      And holy damn... Rinna's ass is glorious :awesome: