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  1. Konichiwa, to all my fellow weeaboos, anime fans and PSNP people. Welcome to the first ever Weeblympics here in PSNP. This is not a race or anything. This is just an event to lower your rarity and play some more weeaboo gemu / Japanese company gemus. Anyone can join but I already asked a lot of people mostly weebs to join in and have fun. This event ends once the 2020 Summer Olympics has started in the promise land of Nippon. GAME LIST SPREADSHEET OF PARTICIPANTS RULES: Choose at least 20 games from the list I have provided to be eligible to enter. These are all UR plats according to PSNP stats not sad face PSN stats. You do not need to own the game right now, you have a lot of time to buy them or rent or borrow them. You are more than welcome to change the games you have anytime. As long as you are confident you can plat said games before the end of this event. If you have games that are already in the list but they are under 30% (rounded off) they are still eligible for this event. Unless otherwise I say so. So 35% above is a big no no. If the game is near Very Rare Platinum or has achieved it while it was in our list, it is still eligible for the event as long as it does not go up to 5.50% rarity (PSNP stats) If the game has multiple region lists and one is UR and the other is VR, the VR lists is STILL ELIGIBLE for this event for the convenience of others. Comment on this thread or PM me your list. If you also have a game suggestion let me know and I'll add it. If you are confident with your Japanese skills and language you can add some games in that were never localized, like Tsundere Savage. You can start the games as soon as you have submitted your list. @xZoneHunter is allowed for his LBP list Spreadsheets will be updated as soon as my lewd apprentice can get it done. Future games will still be added to the list if the rarity stays the same within a month. You are more than welcome to play the new released games in your list but hope for the best that it doesn't go above 5.5% in a month or else the said game will be voided. You can get some nice medals for your work too, my tsundere helper will costumize them whenever you earn a specific amount of completed games. How to obtain medals: Every platinum you pop from the list you earn a medal. They go on the ranking bronze > silver > gold > platinum then back to bronze again. Max is 40 good luck, kek. So the more games you add to your list the more medals you get. The percentage, via PSNP, also gives you special medals. So earning a 0.1% - 0.3% platinums will net you an instant Platinum medal. Medals are still being made by Tsun Tsun so be patient. I am basing the time on Central Time. You can choose which medal you obtained to print your name and earned date on them. Look at this amazing edited gif. (No you won't get anything just look at how amazing it is) THERE IS NO PENALTY IF YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THE LIST YOU MADE, THE WEEABOOS WILL ONLY CALL YOU A SCRUB. (and maybe some non-weebs too) MEDALS Bronze Silver Gold Platinum BONUS (Can only be earned at the end of the event) PARTICIPANTS @soultaker655 The scrub destroyer, the person who can go all in and defend the land. List of games: @xZoneHunter The everyday blazing top nep deathinitive edition List of games: @Ratchet2425 MOTTO: Life and Hometown List of games: @zajac9999 The ultra rare slut. No matter what happens he will get them gainz and he is a big rephog. List of games: @Kent10201 “Don’t assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it…and dive in." and he's CJ's Younger Brother, kek. List of games: @Shana Alter The tsundere savage. The destroyer and cure for some cancers. List of games: @Wdog-999 VN Skipper Master. Too much Vanilla is bad for your health. List of games: @Lucas Loves Persona 4 Golden and Yu so much he can't finish Persona 5. The only person in the event that is a green check mark connoisseur. List of games: @MStalker58 One of the non-weeb participants we have that. A thug Megaman fan that we cannot think of anything of what to put here. List of games: @Wdjat Prinny Doods MOTTO: I didn't choose the prinny life, the prinny life chose me doods. List of games: @HcG Clawz The #1 Fan of household fans List of games: @DawningWolf55 That guy we pretend to tolerate; or Rock band """"""Master""""""" List of games: @Mesopithecus Savage but nice. Insert witty comment here by me and my apprentice. List of games: @Saionji I never give up, scrub.... List of games: @grimydawg PSNP's most loved flag team member List of games: @Xionx List of games: @Xylobe List of games: @Sorrowmoon List of games: @Han_the_Dragon @Sakuya List of games: @Warpedsavior List of games: @ExHaseo List of games: @Gage List of games: @GarciaFever Even my Byakugan can see through this bullshit List of games: @Arctic Cress List of games: @Leon Castle "I am the BONE of my SWORD" List of games: @JaM The most kawaii and smexiest megane loving Filipino in PSNP. List of games: @Zanreo List of games: @Edunstar84 The other Tsundere in this event List of games: @whoadreader List of games: @Tosmasta00 List of games: @Leenewbe List of games: @Satoshi Ookami "SHOW ME THE LOLIS!!!!!!" @DuckSwimmer List of games: @viech54 Thank you for your hard work with the Fate/Extella guide. List of games: @Tora Chan The better Yu Narukami fan unlike @Lucas List of games: @Enma8910 List of games: @fisty123 list of games: @MidnightCJ Ded @cerafinn List of games: @x410xDragon He is one too. Remember too much vanilla is bad for you. List of games: @Kevvik List of games: @Crimson Idol Best aidoru! List of games: @FilmFanatic List of games: @MachoLucha List of games: @bladesoframen "Aidoru's are da besto, especially loli aidorus" List of games: @CjShai List of games: @Ampplaca List of games: @Dragon-Archon Tsundere Dragon List of games: @Myu @Whyfire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> @Lucas List of games: @Yomako01 List of games: @DatPeachTho Motto "Protect your cheeks before I collect your cheeks" List of games: @jem12345 Everyone will always question your ideals. That's simply reality. List of games: @Brawler List of games: @Andrea Another cure for cancer List of games: @Tearraven The Drunk Raven who Tears his opponents up in THL, but disappears during the THTL :motoko: List of games: @A-Brawl3r List of games: Da weeaboo trash bad taste scrub. List of games: If anyone wants to get more involved in events of ANIMU GREATNESS, you can join PSNP's very own Anime Discord! Just gotta wanna become a megabrain!
  2. Updated Which plat is this? I don't want to have to check through for your name in the OP etc. Please mention the plat number in a post to make it easier for me to update, thanks. Sorry but I'm pretty busy atm and updating takes quite a while, so I'm gonna hold off updating this until you start to make some proper progress in the games. A lot of people just swap games a lot but then don't actually work towards platting any/many. When you have platted one let me know and I'll update that and the others also. Yes Puyo Puyo Tetris will count whilst it's under 5.50%
  3. Updated again. Probably just missed it, no biggie just let me know and I can add things later if I missed something. In general if you started the game after the event started (and the game counts for the event) I'll have no issues adding it to peoples' lists. It's a community event not a competition so I'm not looking to punish people for overlooking a game or something like that.
  4. Updated the OP, let me know if something has been missed as per. No... It takes a while to update the OP and add a new person. I don't intend on wasting my time doing that so that you can do nothing and then drop out again. The souls of your grandparents are safe, for now...
  5. Updated #GIVEMELIKES....
  6. OP updated. P.s. Plz like this post, likes help me to sleep at night.
  7. Done, maybe... actually I'm not really 100% sure what you were asking. I've taken Digimon and Guided Fate off of the OP as they weren't in your spreadsheet list. Explain again if you meant something else.
  8. OP updated in accordance with the spreadsheet at least the medals and game lists are. I'm yet to do the 'completed on ****' font on the game lists but will get round to it. Please post here if something is incorrect. I've somewhat rushed through it as there was a lot to do. If anything is incorrect I'll update again over the next week. Sorry for being so slow. #Iamscrub
  9. banner by Demon Warning some images are very "SFW" Welcome to my humble adobe of games that I got the platinum... and maybe some oppai. Short intro about myself, like I see in most checklists , I played video games way back when I was like 6 or 7 years. My very first consoles were the NES, Sega Saturn and the classic Game Boy. It's probably tetris. But when I got a PS1 as gift from my aunt, I played it until my parents went bananas at me My very first game in it was Chrono Cross and that's when the JRPG stuff started on me. Though in my previous country original game cartridges and CD's where expensive back then so I tend to just buy what I want and not go H.A.M. on other games. When MMORPG's appeared more frequently in internet cafe's. I tend to go in those more before than my consoles. So mostly I skipped some great PS2 games but what can I do about that, net cafes where cheaper. When I moved to Canada and got both PS3 and PS4 I was really happy about the variety of games I can play. I do hope I can get more that's in my taste when I have time though. BTW guys do recommend me some games. I'll probably add more stuff above, my mind is blank right now. Also can someone proofread this? I suck at English. My Platinums!!! Judge my games if you want, I know they're lovely Platinum 1 to ?? That's it for now.... I promise I will add Ecchi games in my list now. Though please remember that it's not what's on the outside that counts. It's on the inside.
  10. @zajac9999 I found your next plat milestone
  11. What to do, what to do? 1swg3He.jpg

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  12. I might get burned by Shishio....
  13. Also you should include that AoT game @Leon Castle since it is sorta like a Musou game and for @Satoshi Ookami to follow it I'd like to enter as a carefree warrior since I have the plats for the following games:
  14. Start with Dynasty Warriors 7 ( Romance of the Three Kingdoms era) and Samurai Warriors 4-II (Sengoku Period) Also Warriors Orochi 3 for the cross over
  15. Look at how much stuff I need to update AHAHAHAHAHA
  16. >_> Everybody posted there support setup, I should post mine too. NEED TAMAMO
  17. You should be able to get more points if you have an Okita in your friend list and can clear the lancer mission.
  18. Platinum #81 The Ghost with the Most Collect all of the trophies Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Platinum #82 Trophy of Zeus Unlock all God of War® Trophies Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 4/10 This series in a nut shell
  19. Because I want to know how scrubby my friend list is.
  20. A Majestic Manner Reach the maximum Fame level in Ambition Mode.
  21. Finished all the quests in the event and now the grind starts.... Also this roll made me cry....