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  1. So, it's the 26th where I live. I'm not going to be awake for the actual start, but I should be able to earn at least one
  2. What was the reason for the flag? Please copy the reason, and the explanation given by the reporter here.
  3. Crash Team Racing?
  4. Of course the timestamps are possible if you edit them
  5. Sorry man, but until (or IF, most likely) this gets whitelisted, you'll have to hide it. I know this sucks, but this is why the 2 game limit was introduced.
  6. Weird. Not one of the people who got caught for editing timestamps actually know how. Truly a mystery.
  7. Huh? Teaming is still legal on the leaderboards. Weird.
  8. I assume it's the EU stack? How does one get reported for a ratalaika game?
  9. Well, to be honest, a lot of disputes have come in, and the ones who are already resolved mostly ended up unflagged. No idea where all of that came from. I assume the CRT must've seen something wrong with the profile? AFAIK, they wouldn't flag someone for one trophy if everything else looks legit.
  10. They'll reply eventually. No need to tag them just yet. There are a LOT of disputes on right now, so give them some time.
  11. If you find anyone else, you're free to report them. This isn't a dispute
  12. Flags are still approved if only one trophy is out of place, like a glitched one or an online one earned after server shutdown. Just look at all of the Big Leagues flags on COD BO2.
  13. I hope one day this will get whitelisted. This game is one of the reasons the 2 game leniency limit exists, so that innocent people can still be on the leaderboards. Sorry OP
  14. Reason is too fast, nothing wrong with the timestamps as far as I can see, and very vague description... Paste the reason here, as this seems like classic "timestamp editor got caught and is trying to dumb his way out of this". Prove me wrong OP, I hope you do.
  15. I'm jealous of the speed of your game. My load times always took way longer. But those timestamps aren't impossible. Unless someone can correct me, this should be unflagged imo