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  1.ライブマッチ This seems to be the Japanese stack of Virtua tennis 2009 (even tagged as such under "Different regions"), so should be a part of the Virtua Tennis series
  2. Here we are again, this time with another racing game. This time it's a plat though, not cleaning up some DLC F1 2011 All 39 Trophies 15th January 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 9 months That's also my slowest completion time so far, so I guess that's something to be proud of?
  3. Another completion incoming! F1 2011 All 39 Trophies 15th January 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 9 months Here's all the games that were updated: F1 2011: 79% -> 100% F1 2012: 47% -> 71% F1 2013: 72% -> 75% Also F1 2013 is also still possible. I should've done more research Full list of incomplete games: Completed List:
  4. So to my own surprise, I managed to complete a game. Here's where I currently stand 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 73% to a max of 95% 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 71% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 100% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 88% 5. Wheelman (2.67%) 38% Next one will probably be Project Cars 2, although I'll be working on F1 2012 as well for a bit.
  5. Managed my completion of January! The Grand Tour Game All 75 Trophies 11th January 2021 • Completed in 1 year, 9 months PS This game, while already delisted, was a blast. The plat only took a couple of weeks because I started late, and basically the only thing I had to do was be better in some challenges and grind a certain gadget that only becomes available when you're 3rd or 4th. Either way, I'll hopefully get some more games for this month, but this is a start
  6. He's also flagged (or at least reported) for that. Either forgot to dispute it or simply can't be bothered defending something like that.
  7. Huh, missed that rule. In that case, I'm still switching games, but I'm adding Fuel instead of Island Saver. I have 3 trophies left to earn there, and all are UR. Does that count?
  8. Considering changing your list is apparently what all the cool kids do, guess I'll try and follow in their footsteps. Due to how long Grid Autosport will take, I'll replace it with Island Saver, which stands at 4.18% due to DLC being released. So my new list is, well, in the quoted post
  9. ...So I guess both of them can count?
  10. I'd say Dirt Rally 1 would make more sense. Dirt 2.0 is pretty easy (even though I've yet to plat it) but Rally is brutal. For Need for Speed, do you mean the 2015 version? It's the one that would make the most sense with the Prestige challenges
  11. Well, guess I'll try. It's not like I'll actually raise any money or anything, but whatever. 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 73% to a max of 95% 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 47% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 84% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 81% 5. Wheelman (2.67%) 38% Good luck to those that will actually raise any money!
  12. Just something for the future, and apologies if it's been said before, but Valentino Rossi is basically a special edition of MotoGP16 (it's even listed as that in the alternative names) so shouldn't it be added to the MotoGP Series?
  13. Well, you definitely hid it correctly. You're back on the leaderboards. The flag will stick but I don't know about that message, to be honest.
  14. Piece of Cake JUST A PHRASE BY POWGI (VITA EU) Yeah. I took part in a competitive event this year and didn't like where I was on the leaderboards, so I sold my soul and started spamming Rata and Powgi games. This was the easiest of the bunch, due to how the game was made, in which just guessing what letter you need is a totally viable strategy. Considering you can actually die in rata games, this one takes the cake. I'm not particularly proud of it, but no way am I hiding something that I spend money on. It's like Dark Souls F1 2016 This is basically just a placeholder, as I didn't really get any hard plats this year or anything. However it's hard due to how I got the plat. You see, there's one trophy where you have to beat the AI on the hardest difficulty, and you can just pick Monaco in the Rain and block the AI. Piece of Cake. However I didn't do it that way. Instead I actually beat the AI fair and square using real-life pit-stop strategies and a final-straight double overtake. Yeah, it does sound like something some B-movie director would write, but this is simply hard because of the fact that I made it hard. Bad Ass Award SLY 3: HONOR AMONG THIEVES (PS3) Another weird pick, but hear me out. This game had probably one of my favorite boss fights of all time in General Tsao. This fight (especially the part on the ground) took quite a while to get right, and boy did I enjoy it. The setting was great, the fighting mechanics in this game are really fun and he was one tough cookie. So considering one of the challenges had you fight him on half-health, I was in trouble. Once again, didn't really do anything spectacular this year, so this is my pick. Grind of the Year GRID AUTOSPORT Now this may be the most questionable one, as I still haven't done it, and won't do it by the year's end. For those that don't know, you need to get to level 250 in online here. That alone sounds like a lot, but know that a perfect race (no assists, difficulty maxed, won race) gives you 4000 xp at best, and you need 5 million xp. In fact, I eventually sort of gave up on boosting this one and am now using the Racenet Challenges to boost my level (currently level 204). However, once I get it it'll be one hell of an achievement. King of the Internet F1 2020 Alright so in my defense, I barely played any online games this year. However F1 is a series where I do actually enjoy the online for a couple of reasons. I'm decent at the game, and most people online aren't so I put myself at the back of the grid and always have these races where I finish top 5 amidst all sorts of chaos. I'm never good enough to win, so even if I do get taken out, it's not a big deal in the end. Worst Online Experience MOTORCYCLE CLUB This was more the fact that the game was horrid, as the boosting session I did wasn't actually that bad. However you still had to race against the AI. Honestly, just look at the game. Sleeper Hit of the Year ROGUE ACES This was easy. Rogue Aces was a PSPlus game from god knows how long ago, and also one of the more enjoyable games I platted this year. It's basically a Side-scrolling shooting game, and the voices were so cliche it just made the game funnier. Even though some of the trophies were actually pretty challenging, the plat isn't that hard overall. Biggest Bomb of the Year THE CREW 2 It's a game made by Ubisoft. Case Closed Best Trophy Image MAYO 2 PLAT Just look at it. Worst Trophy Image RIDE 2 PLAT Too lazy to come up with anything better, but I still put in more effort than whatever schmuck designed this trophy image, so it's fine. Best Female Character PERSONA 5 ROYAL: KASUMI YOSHIZAWA I won't go into why she's great (no spoilers), but she is. Also the one I chose to romance, and I have no regrets. Best Male Character PERSONA 5 DANCING: RYUJI SAKAMOTO Now, this is a bit of an odd pick once again, but hear me out. Firstly, the dude's dancing is hilarious, considering just how bad he is at it. Secondly, every bond event is almost fun personified due to once again, he's a bit of an idiot. But this game made him even more lovable than he was in Persona 5 Royal. Best Plat of the Year I had to bring this game up at some point. Trails of Cold Steel is becoming one of my favorite all-time games, and I honestly can't think of anything wrong with the 3rd installment. Great Characters, great Plot, awesome Music, and me staying up until 4 AM just to get the Treasure Chest Trophy. I loved everything about this game, and can't wait to finally plat 4. Worst Plat of the Year NASCAR 14 This is the only game I complained about in a status update, mainly because it deleted my save. The game is about driving in a circle (along with a lot of other factors, but I doubt many people involved in the sport realize that) and these people still manage to mess it up. The game is just straight up broken. Highlights that won't work, a patch that introduced a more accurate but also worse version of qualifying, game just wasn't well-made. Then again, it's made by the same people who did Ride to Hell 1%, so what can I expect, really. Most Anticipated Plat of the Year Not a single clue. I'm really not following what game comes out, and I'm too lazy to search for it online, so I'm just going to say Hajimari no Kiseki to be done with it.
  15. Guess I'll have a participation badge, as I'll finally have my first real completion! Anyways, I'll just list my progress as usual NASCAR '14 All 41 Trophies 18th December 2020 • Platinum in 6 years, 3 months Also discovered that I can still buy an Online pass in the PSN Store, so I guess it's still possible after all F1 2010: 50% -> 55% F1 2011: 76% -> 79% F1 2012: Unstarted -> 47% Incompleted List Completed list: