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  1. Is Rebel Galaxy already mentioned? I saw that free once, not sure if it still is.
  2. I like collecting trophies, but I refuse to buy something if it's just for trophies, but once I have them, I'll play them a lot. Game of Thrones is on here for completion percentage. The games I buy are for corresponding with my favourite games, and also because I'd love to try some infamous bad ones (Motorcycle Club, Sonic Unleashed). A real trophy hunter would not have Sports games, because the platinums are a bloody pain in the backside. I care for trophies, and will rarely go for platinums. It's only after a while that I realize a game may be possible, but i'll give up on a platinum hunt fairly quickly
  3. Grid 2. All kinds of random trophies, that you don't want to waste your time on
  4. Nice, my options are limited. Not a clue, so i'm just gonna advise Destiny 2 (look, that rhymes!)
  5. The crew. From what i've heard, it's a buggy mess.
  6. Mortal Kombat. Yes, it is a long grind to the platinum, but looking at your profile, you're up for the task. It's also one of the most prestigious, due to "My kung-fu is stronger". Otherwise, go for Dynasty warriors 9
  7. Mortal Kombat (2011 one), the "My kung-fu is stronger" one is wayyyyyyyyyy too long.
  8. OK, wow. My choices are limited here, so i'll have to go with Grid 2. And if you find yourself unable to get the plat, atleast earn some more trophies, it is possible.
  9. Unobtainable, Dirtnet has shut down, so i can't get tourney and I Ain't afraid of no ghost. For @Tankor_smash, I'd obviously say Dark Arcana: The Carnival. You're close, and it seems to be really easy.
  10. How about Driveclub? Really easy platinum, but a bit grindy. Maybe pick up the dlc and get all 128 trophies!
  11. @Sigma999: Minecraft on ps3. Rumoured to be a incredibly easy plat, so go for it. Not one for me however. @HaserPL Lego, Lord of the rings. Very easy platinum as well (rumours) so why not go for it?
  12. How about InFamous second son? Apparently not a hard platinum, and you're almost there, so go for it! Edit: Oops. I guess Skyrim then.
  13. Sonic Unleashed: Everyone seems to hate it, but it is a enjoyable game. Otherwise Defense Grid 2, You're almost there
  14. Don't ever play GTA V again, with the amount of time needed for that platinum you could have found a cure for cancer, Malaria and won the presidential elections 4 times in a row. I'm not a fan of that game, the easiest difficulty is already way to challenging (for me though). I'll spend my time with a game i can actually play.
  15. You get these both in MyLeaugue or MyGM. For the Insurance policy, All you have to do is Select one of the worst players in the leaugue (Like Walter Tavares on the hawks) and trade him for a random pick. When you select the pick, you can choose Unprotected, top 3 protected or Lottery protected (there might be some extra ones). Just select the second/third option.You have to take a first round pick. This should earn you the trophy. For the Total confidence, you need to have 2 picks in the same round of the year. The celtics have 14000000000 picks, so choose them. You can add a pick swap (mostly worst) to one of them. You'll have to keep the other one though. Picks are easily selected when you add a trade item. You can choose between a player or a pick.