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  1. MotoGP 13, because I don't know anyone who I can play Co-op with and doesn't suck at 91%
  2. Right, second update for me, and a less happy one. 2064: Read only Memories: 0% (0/64) Beyond: Two Souls: 0% (0/46) Detroit: Become Human: 0% -> 13% (9/49) Island Saver: 100% (13/13) Lego Ninjago Movie: The video Game: 0% (0/51) Monster Energy Supercross: The official Videogame: 0% (0/51) Need For Speed Rivals (PS4): 0% -> 100% (26/26) RIDE: 0%) (0/51) Rogue Aces: 0% (0/34) The Crew 2: 0% (0/35) The Witness: 0% -> 57% (8/14) Wreckfest: 0% (0/21) Swaps Used: 0/2 Extra Games: 0/5 Total Trophy Haul: 56/455 I started with Detroit, considering its size compared to the others. And while it looks pretty, it's not a game for me. Because it's easy, I can't just say "Screw it" and use a swap as well. Maybe I haven't gotten far enough yet. To cool down a bit, I started Need for Speed Rivals, and quickly got sucked in it, and only it. It's a good car chase game, but wouldn't call it a racing game. The stack is complete, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Thankfully I already got it on PS3, so I knew what to do, and that's why it's already done. I also started the Witness, and I've got a problem. I have no idea what on earth I'm doing. Even with a guide, I can't figure out how to do the puzzles. So it's highly likely this one is going to be swapped out. I have a few games I can play, but I don't want to swap it out this early on. HOWEVER, my progress is stumped. We have two TV's (one for TV, and one for gaming) and the TV one is broken. So because House Rules is more important than Gaming, I'm left without anything to play on. No idea when the TV will get fixed, but it shouldn't be that long. But for now, deadlock. If only I had added a game for the VITA or the PS3, as those are at another location WITH TV Happy hunting everyone!
  3. But why 57 seconds? Isn't that a bit long? Fair point about multiplier.
  4. Oh! This game, I was thinking of flagging you for this, but didn't. I do have some questions: 1. You started out with Multiplier, which is a really weird thing to do. I know you can use cheat codes, and they count, but it's still rather backwards. Explain please. 2. Why did stud magnet pop 57 seconds after Story Complete? I can confirm that you can use the cheat codes, and Three weeks is not too fast, considering I did the PS4 version in 3 days.
  5. Update Trophies For: 100% nr. 3 Platinum 37: So what now? After discovering Supercar Challenge was able to be played, I'm pretty close to the platinum there now. The backlog event is going great, with 1/6th already completed. Maybe I can find some time to FINALLY do Trails of Cold Steel III. It's about time. I still need to do some Top Spin 4 trophies, but I'll do those in-between other games. See you next week! Updates to Main Post:
  6. You can post this in the "Sessions" section, not here.
  7. Not at all. My rarest is "Grass is Greener" (PS4 2K16) which you get for hiring a coach from another team.If you play MyLeague (and like 3% has) and select every team, and then go in the offseason, there's a massive chance you'll get it. It's a trophy no one bothered with, which is why it's so rare.
  8. It wasn't a matter of patience, I just loved it so much I couldn't put it down, and was upset that the platinum took 2 instead of 19 playtroughs. Fallout 4. I can't get into that game no matter what.
  9. Hoo boy, my list is quite long. All due to server shutdowns. 007 Legends Burnout Paradise Dirt 2 Driveclub Bikes FIFA 11 FIFA 13 FIFA 14 Fuel Gran Turismo 5 Grand theft Auto V (ps3) Hitman Absolution James Bond 007 Blood Stone Modnation Racers Motorstorm Apocalypse Motorstorm Pacific rift MUD NBA 2K11 NBA 2K12 NBA 2K13 NBA 2K14 (PS3) NBA 2K15 (PS4) NBA 2K16 (both systems) NBA 2K17 (PS4, also one is glitched) NBA 2K18 (PS4) NBA Live 15 Need for Speed the Run NHL 11 Project Cars Quantum of Solace Roundabout (not a plat, but apparently glitched) SBK Generations Top Spin 4 WipeOut HD These are the ones I know of. May have some more.
  10. Carnival Island, but not on this account. Here, it's Gran Turismo 6, simply because I wanted to start again without deleting my save file, but this account became the main one.
  11. Need For Speed Rivals! Really not a hard trophy list, and easy online trophies.
  12. Sniper Elite 4. Congratulations on all the DLC!
  13. Are you playing on Single Player? If you put it on Private game, you're alone as well, but without the intro.
  14. Doubt they're going to make an exception for you. This will open up a lot of other people wanting to go back to the leaderboards. Sorry.
  15. Well, if this is your first or second flag, and the flag sticks, you will have to hide the game. The guide how to do that is a pinned post, but I haven't figured out how to link other threads in this. After that, you're back on the leaderboards. After the third flag, you're off permanently, nut you can still use some other features. It takes a lot more flags for a user to be banned. If the flag gets lifted, nothing happens.