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  1. Well, it's the end of the month so I better sneak in this month's activities WRC 6 All 41 Trophies 5th November 2022 • Platinum in 3 years, 11 months PS4 S RANK 4927 100% 5.18% Dirt Rally 2.0 68 of 72 Trophies • 5/10 1x 40h 23rd November 2022 • Platinum in 3 years, 6 months PS4 A RANK 42043 93% 1.94%0.12% Pretty good month, I should get WRC 7 next month as well, and then we'll see what comes after that.
  2. Nascar is in the hands of Motorsport Games, which has a few racing championships like Indycar and BTCC planned. However seeing as Nascar 21 Ignition was a train wreck I'd almost rather have EA for them. Project Cars was a series that I personally thought had a lot of potential with the first game as a sort of successor to the DTM/TOCA race Driver games in the crapton of series and events you could do, but they then reduced the amount every title which I wasn't a fan of. Dirt on the other hand... Dirt 1 was fantastic, Dirt 2 was great as well, but after that it's been a little over the place, like they weren't sure what to do with it.
  3. MX vs ATV All Out buddies! MX vs ATV All Out All 40 Trophies • 5/10 1x 15h 2nd November 2022 • Platinum in 6 months, 3 weeks PS4 S RANK 4926 100% 1.55% I'm not actually one hunderd percent sure if this counts, seeing as I never actually put this on my list out of the belief that I'd never find 15 other people to do this with, but here we are. If it doesn't count then well damn but if it does I'm at 6/10. Gonna just sneak that in there as I haven't played Star Wars Racers Revenge since March. Also gonna put Moto Racer 4 in which I think I removed at one point, not sure. So bye bye F1 2010 I guess Project Cars F1 2013 Moto Racer 4F1 2017Tour de France 2014 (PS4)Driver: San Francisco MX vs ATV All Out F1 2015Olympic games Vancouver 2010 Grid Autosport
  4. Oh nice, I have another completion. Quite early in the month too MX vs ATV All Out All 40 Trophies • 5/10 1x 15h 2nd November 2022 • Platinum in 6 months, 3 weeks PS4 S RANK 4926 100% 1.55% Game was alright until I decided to go for the sprockets, which was pain, misery and agony. Especially when the last map was foggy and I couldn't see 15 feet in front of me
  5. Got one Burnout Paradise: Remastered • EU All 95 Trophies • 5/10 1x 18h 17th October 2022 • Completed in 1 year, 2 months PS4 S RANK 21280 100% 20.64%5.14%
  6. This may have been mentioned before, but Monster Energy Supercross 5 Trophies • (PS4 version, don't know why the links look like this now) Is missing from Monster Energy Supercross Series •
  7. Alright so I haven't done anything in the past few weeks, but finally have a new one. Harry Potter 6 with game ID 53 fills the 3 spot 08531 - Monster Energy Supercross 2252 - Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 201053 - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince4516256 - Crazy Chicken Jump 'n' Run Traps and Treasures789
  8. I'm in again. Didn't get a trophy last year (I might've pulled back now that I think of it) so here's hoping I'll be better now.
  9. I'm gonna go with ShogunCroCop with 28 Seasons
  10. And there's game number 3 at number 608531 - Monster Energy Supercross 2252 - Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 201034516256 - Crazy Chicken Jump 'n' Run Traps and Treasures789
  11. Getting the low numbers out of the way already. Here's another one 08531 - Monster Energy Supercross 2252 - Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 20103456789
  12. Look, it was a very traumatic experience for me, but back when I was younger, I was on a road trip in the states. I was asleep when we entered California (it was late at night) but when I woke up, my brother, my sister and even my parents were all gone. All I could find was a couple of The Giraffe G trophies in their place. I had to eat trophies from Xump Jump to survive as all the fast food chains had been replaced by ezpz games. Thankfully I managed to get out of there before I myself was turned into the Belgian stack of Taco Fun. I'm telling you, California is brutal 😓 OT: We still don't even know what this game is going to be, even though the name and the current store description makes it sound like a meme game like Mayo or Whiteboyz or something. Even then, I've played a lot of games and there wasn't a single game that I platted that didn't require atleast 1 press of the X button, so technically the title could work for every game.
  13. Mate, do me a favour and go to the Dispute section. There are a ton of disputes on Infamous, and a lot of people simply claiming "oh they popped out of order not my fault". I'm pretty sure there are even some that state that they carried over their own save from another account. You want the benefit from the doubt? Go play that Demon Hunter Kimetsu no whatever game and use the exploit in that game. You'll get it for that game. Not for InFamous, just like many, many others before you
  14. Because you admitted to it in your Original post.
  15. First game done: 0 1 252 - Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010 3 4 5 6 7 8 9