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  1. I've already asked Grave and he said it's alright after a colour picker check, but just to be certain, The game below (Need for Speed Heat) counts for Pink, right? Mostly the top left corner obviously.
  2. I finally got another plat, at first I was going to keep this in the case of a streak as a backup game if I didn't have anything to play, but now we're already streakless so might as well get it out of the way. Fun read though (well, part of it, the one I actually bothered to read) Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation • EU All 37 Trophies 19th October 2021 • Platinum in 1 year, 2 months P
  3. I'm at least 73% sure one of these colours is pink, so this should be my first contribution of the event.
  4. Well put me in as well. Create 5 guides: Sitting at 9 now A published guide has exceeded 50.000 views: Wreckfest has around 77k views as of writing Your guides have exceeded 100.000 views overall: I'm at a total of 109k views, 70% of which is from one guide. Huh. You have claimed a Bounty: Dirt 2 And that's about it.
  5. Very minor thing, but my 5 game (Farming Simulator 19) doesn't have a color, makes it easy to miss. At first I thought you just forgot to fill one game in
  6. An opportunity to get money from one of the mods? Count me in! Not like I'll get that many trophies, but I can always try
  7. Time for my monthly update once again. Dirt 2: (87%) -> 90% Driver San Francisco (57%) -> 64% Fifa 14 (66%) -> 72% Gran Turismo 5 (77%) -> 79% MotoGP 13 (91%) -> 92% ModNation Racers (11%) -> 18% Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed (55%) -> 64% Le Tour de France 2011 (Unstarted) -> 3% WipeOut HD (Unstarted) -> 41% Better month than July, that's for sure Incomplete Games Completed Games:
  8. Hey, I'll take it Wellllllll, I recently bought 2015, haven't started it yet and won't be able to finish in time 2017 was done just before this event started I've played 2019, but it's glitched 2020 is in the same boat as 2015, don't have 2021. I had to dig up some old posts because I hadn't completed a game in almost 2 months after my last one, but here it is, my triumphant return! 0 1 4922 - Tour de France 2016 11653: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV (EU) 4 8435 - Farming Simulator 19 2676 - Tour de France 2014 7787 - Tour de France 2018 6248 - Cars 3: Driven to Win 11329: Project Cars 3 (DLC-less though, because it costs an arm and a leg) I am probably done at this point, due to how long I took with Cold Steel. Oh well, 7 completions is still a badge.
  9. Oh yeah I forgot I was even in this thing to begin with. Anyways I have a game The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV • EU All 53 Trophies 23rd August 2021 • Platinum in 9 months, 3 weeks PS4 Maybe I'll be able to add a second one, but I guess we'll see
  10. Handling is basically the same as GT5. AI is laughable though. As someone who didn't even get close to the Vettel challenge golds, the Senna DLC is definitely possible. Imo, the last 2 are the hardest, the other two are pretty simple.
  11. Right then, time to make another monthly update for that monthly badge thing This month was very dry, which was mainly due to rolling the Gran Turismo 5 Gacha for the Formula Gran Turismo (which I have now done) and a vacation, so I only have progress in one game. Grand Theft Auto V (34%) -> 48% I'll do better next month. Incomplete Games: Completed Games:
  12. Right so I'm going to make use of my 2nd swap here, as SAO will just take way too long. So instead, I have Car Mechanic Sim with a 4.76% plat percentage Full Tier: F1 2013 (3.33%) 90% Grid Autosport (2.03%) 93% Tour de France 2014 (2.11%) 100% Nascar Heat 4 (4.13%) 100% Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (1.64%) 24% Car Mechanic Simulator (4.76%) 5%
  13. Just gonna squeeze it in here as the month isn't over yet for my reporter badge Last month was poor, but this time I finally managed to plat another game on my PS3 Oh hey nice I can put images in here again Tour de France 2014 is one of the hardest games I've completed, which does sort of explain why it took me 6 years and 3 months. On the other hand, I abandoned it for almost 6 years in between, so maybe not. Anyways, as a massive cycling fan, I had to complete this one, as it's the easiest PS3 TdF game I have left. Total progress this month: Need for Speed Shift 2: 0% -> 55% Tour de France 2014 : 90% -> 100% Virtua Tennis 2009 : 55% -> 61% Full list of incomplete games: Ful list of completed games:
  14. This will most likely be the last Tour de France game I'll do for this event, but here's completion 5 0 1 4922 - Tour de France 2016 3 4 8435 - Farming Simulator 19 2676 - Tour de France 2014 7787 - Tour de France 2018 6248 - Cars 3: Driven to Win 9