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  1. Two more additions: Tour de France 2011 is obtainable fully offline iirc Tour de France 2014 does need 2 controllers, but other than that is achievable fully offline. Same thing with Tour de France 2015
  2. I've never been this fast in completing a game before Grid Autosport All 61 Trophies 1st May 2022 • Completed in 5 years, 3 months I'll get another one in a week or so, but for now this one will do. Do I need to submit 2 google docs or do I have to bundle all my completions in one form?
  3. Well uh, I haven't seen a conformation message saying that I'm in, but I still jumped the gun somewhat. Already completed my first game Grid Autosport All 61 Trophies 1st May 2022 • Completed in 5 years, 3 months PS3 S RANK 51243 100% 1.99%0.75% Yeah sorry for the bad layout (Rarity is 1.99% for the plat and 0.75% for the hundo), but anyways. Grid Autosport is a game that's actually quite easy to earn a plat on if you don't mind an online grind. The Singleplayer itself is quite long as well. I ended up doing just about 1700 online races (which admittedly only took 1 minute per race) to reach level 50 due to helping some people reach the 100 wins. As for the DLC, it's the hardest part of this game and also delisted, but in general the DLC was quite fun. Tier 1: Project CarsF1 2013F1 2010F1 2017Tour de France 2014 (PS4)Baja: Edge of Control HDStar Wars: Racer's RevengeF1 2015F1 2019 (Final F1 game I promise)Grid Autosport
  4. I completely forgot about this event, and looking at my score last year it seems like I forgot last year's as well. Anyways, seeing as I'm quite close to some of them now, I'll try again. Tier 1: Project Cars F1 2013 F1 2010 F1 2017 Tour de France 2014 (PS4) Baja: Edge of Control HD Star Wars: Racer's Revenge F1 2015 F1 2019 (Final F1 game I promise) Grid Autosport I hope it isn't too late to sign up at least
  5. Let's not forget that this guy had a Valentine's event in his own Discord server And he posted the results in August. Word of caution, never trust this lazy SOB to do anything
  6. Also been hit by the IP Banhammer since yesterday. I did update some profiles for competitions, and it's only my first time, but would like to see be able to update again. At least my own profile still works Knock on wood
  7. Am I seeing things? Is Lucas actually releasing the matchups at a reasonable time and not 3 minutes before it starts? IT'S A MIRACLE
  8. I finally have another one F1 2018 All 50 Trophies 12th March 2022 • Platinum in 3 years, 6 months Was going to wait and see if I got any other games to combine them into one post, but seeing as that's not going to happen anymore I'll just post it now.
  9. Just when I was proud of my score in the last matchup, you just had to flex on me
  10. It's better to start with the Single Player as the first bikes you unlock are slower than my great-great grandmother crawling to a bingo night. And even then, you only need to do about 22 events to unlock them all. Unfortunately the online race counter being buggy is just Milestone being Milestone, although in general one thing is that every race has a counter for when the first person finishes. If you don't finish the race before that counter ticks down to 0 it definitely doesn't count, but there are other problems as well.
  11. Probably wanting to focus their servers on Dirt 3
  12. Well here are my votes: GUIDE OF THE YEAR: Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide by BeforeJam, LuckySlime, and ObsiEez Trophy Guide: Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide by BeforeJam, LuckySlime, and ObsiEez Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Trophy Guide by Mikel Gameplay Guide: Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby Toy Story 3 - The Collector & Gold Stars Guide by Lil-Gameboy123 DLC Guide: Descenders - The Grand Tour DLC Trophy Guide by Arcesius-7 Victor Vran: Motörhead: Through the Ages DLC Trophy Guide by Xillynoc Retro Enthusiast: Persona 4: Arena Trophy Guide by LuckySlime and suicideyan 仮面ライダー サモンライド! Trophy Guide by soliunasm New-Age Enthusiast: Dirt 5 Trophy Guide by OverlordofRacing Aliens: Fireteam Elite Trophy Guide by Flynnerigan Original Content: Welcome to Hanwell Trophy Guide by residentgamer5 Sonic Colors: Ultimate Trophy Guide by The_Kopite Formatting: Monster Sanctuary by Ac3dUd3- Nexomon Trophy Guide by ObsiEez To everyone who got nominated, Congratulations! To everyone who didn't get nominated, also Congratulations!
  13. @Lucas is holding my dog at gunpoint and blackmailing me into entering so I guess I'll have to join
  14. Welp, I finally completed it. Need for Speed Heat is my second pink game and second overall game of the event.
  15. I've already asked Grave and he said it's alright after a colour picker check, but just to be certain, The game below (Need for Speed Heat) counts for Pink, right? Mostly the top left corner obviously.