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  1. Well, you can suggest games you don't have. Makes it easier if someone with one uncompleted game shows up. Well, I don't really have a lot of choice, considering most of your uncompleted games are in the early 2010s, and have server shutdowns. So how about Wolfenstein II: The new Colossus?
  2. Ultimate Sim Guru
  3. What are you even trying to accomplish? You were caught once, didn't actually explain anything, got some more games reported, and here you are again. Just ... Why?
  4. Mad Max Whoops, then Batman Arkham Knight. All 110 trophies, impressive
  5. Final Fantasy X HD
  6. Update: Trophies For Platinum 40 Platinum 41: So what now? With ToCS3 finally done, I can focus on some other games. I'm probably going to wait with TopSpin 4, as the fact that I can't earn the plat combined with a grind scares me off a bit. Maybe I'll start on some of the easier games on my backlog. I also want to embrace my inner weeb and play the Date a Live game. Having bought the Goat Sim DLC, that one is also a real possibility. See you next week! Updates to main post:
  7. Hello everyone! I will try to keep this updated, Recommendations are always welcomed! About me: I'm more of a trophy hunter than a platinum hunter, which is why I will go back to games with closed servers to squeeze every last ounce of virtual bling out of them. My own profile was started in 2014, but I only started going for trophies starting 15 june of 2016. I transfer back and forth, with the PS4 and Vita on one site, and the PS3 on the other. While I have all three consoles, I limit myself to my own region (which is Europe). Title is just for Alliterative Appeal. I'm a bit of a JRPG fan, but started out as a Racing game fan. Sorry if my English is horrible, it's not my main language. Backlog Games I'm working on Games I've given up on Games I have, but not played Others already on my profile Personal top 10 in categories With that out of the way, let's start. Games with 100%, but no platinum Platinums 1-10 Platinums 11-20 Platinums 21-30 Platinums 31-40 Platinums 41-41 Offline completion 1-2 Games where the servers are closed, and all offline trophies have either been earned or are glitched deserve their own section Goals For 2020 Total collection of 50 Platinums (Started at 35, Currently 41) Completion Rate of 60% (Started at 57.76%, Currently 59.83%) Less than 2000 unearned Trophies (Started at 2344, Currently 2423)
  8. Whoopsies, my bad. In that case, Shenmue III
  9. Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition
  10. Whiteboyz with Attitude: The pursuit of Money
  11. I'm pretty sure the CRT can actually see two different timestamps. They'll be here shortly. MMDE is very thorough about this, and she took like two days to test them out. You're not getting out of this, I'm afraid. There are multiple people who were obviously cheating, but still opened multiple disputes, with people dunking on them all over the place. Just because you tried to dispute this doesn't mean you're innocent. They're probably waiting for MMDE to explain why.
  12. Oh alright. I'll keep that in mind.
  13. Couldn't find anything wrong with RIDE honestly. What was the reason for the flag?
  14. It's also the Speedrun trophy. His explanation is just wrong
  15. Because you can't 100% prove that it was your save file, it will likely stay flagged. Quoting the thread "What constitutes a flag": Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order. Sorry mate.
  16. Final Fantasy XIII. Sorry, I didn't really have a lot of choice.
  17. Yeah, no. "Welcome to the penthouse" shouldn't unlock while offline, as it is a multiplayer trophy. You would also have done all those trophies in a really short amount of time, and some of them were online.
  18. Update 2064: Read only Memories: 35% (25/65) Beyond: Two Souls: 0% (0/46) Detroit: Become Human: 14% (10/49) Island Saver: 100% (13/13) Lego Ninjago Movie: The video Game: 4% (3/51) Monster Energy Supercross: The official Videogame: 0% (0/51) Need For Speed Rivals (PS4): 100% (26/26) RIDE: 92% (46/51) -> 98% (49/51) Rogue Aces: 80% (30/34) -> 88% (31/34) The Crew 2: 6% (4/35) The Witness: 91% (12/14) Wreckfest: 39% (10/21) -> 100% (21/21) Swaps Used: 0/2 Extra Games: 0/5 Total Trophy Haul: 194/456 Time for another update! Well, Ride has been boosted, and is almost done. All I need is a second controller for it, and it will be done. The boosting session was a bit of problem, as I disconnected more than I could actually race. At least some of them were counted, and I could simply go against randoms for a bit for the last 3 races. Which would be nice, as it is a fairly big game, and it will free up some space. Wreckfest is now completed! The game was the most American game ever, considering all you did was crashing, and there were quite a lot of ovals. I didn't actually expect the game to be this fun, but I won't complain about it. I also got another trophy on Rogue Aces. The training section should be done, so all I need now is a good run in the normal campaign. Should be possible. Well, I've taken the VITA with me this time, and my milestone has been achieved. Time to really get to it. Having said that, I will probably switch the Witness out. Can't be bothered to try for the Challenge now, but I'll do like 5 attempts and see where I'm at. Got a few games in mind, especially with the other event (gaming by numbers) that I'm in. Happy Hunting Everyone!
  19. Considering he also cheated GT5, I'd say he's guilty. He'd also use this as his defense instead of "no it's legit".
  20. I am Bread. Surgeon Simulator, but weirder.