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  1. Sign me up as well! I surprised myself by completing all 10 numbers last year, so let's see if I can keep my streak going!
  2. And people thought we were joking. They can hang their head in shame.
  3. Jim Ryan once again proves that he is the greatest ally a Playstation gamer can have. Considering the recent string of excellent decisions, it is only a matter of time before a new religion will rise. Rejoice friends, as we can all share a world with a true legend.
  4. Yes. Play the DLC and earn every trophy on that.
  5. I've had some time to mull it over, and here's my finalised Tier 2 List: F1 2013 (3.32%) 90% Grid Autosport (2.02%) 93% Tour de France 2014 (2.13%) 78% Nascar Heat 4 (4.33%) 0% Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (1.65%) 24% This was harder than I thought. I'll probably use a swap on SAO in time as it'll take 500 hours, knowing me.
  6. I've noticed that I seem to complete 1 game every month, so at this rate I'll be done in like 6-7 years. Anyways, on to my completion: <- This is an image F1 2012 joins the completed games pile, as one of the easiest PS3 F1 games. F1 2010 is a massive grind, F1 2011 requires you to complete an entire season on hard, F1 2013 has more online races and I haven't played F1 2014 yet, so idk. This is the list of games that I've played: Dirt Showdown: 61% -> 70% F1 2012: 71% -> 100% F1 2013: 83% -> 90% Tour de France 2014: 59% -> 78% List of Incomplete Games List of Completions:
  7. I'm going to join in as well, will finally give me the motivation of finishing Heavy Rain. And who knows, may play some others from that list
  8. Nope, I can't believe it either, I actually finished my final tier 1 game! <- I promise this is a picture F1 2012, probably the easiest of all PS3 F1 games (although I haven't played F1 2014 yet). Overall, a good racing game, like most others in the series. So here's the final result: 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 95% (All other trophies are online) (Sort of ) 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 100% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 100% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 100% 5. Nascar Heat 3 (4.12%) 100% So as for my next tier: Yeah, I'll get back to you on that. For now, here's at least some games I'll commit myself to, as it's probably going to be my final tier F1 2013 (3.32%) 84% Grid Autosport (2.02%) 93% Tour de France 2014 (2.13%) 68%
  9. Jim Ryan is the one who saved us all from the lizard people back in 2020, which is why we didn't have the invasion back then. I heard he has even saved a shark from drowning.
  10. And that's Nascar Heat 3 done! And hoo boy this game is odd to say the least. While I don't really have to learn the tracks for the most part; they still managed to find a way for some races to be easy, and some others to be hard. Most of this stems from the challenges. One challenge has you go from last to first in 10 laps, and it took me an hour and a challenge rating of 101. Next challenge was the same, albeit different track and this time I was in first with like 5 laps to go with a challenge rating of 92. Not helping matters was the game constantly crashing, or the cars having brakes which made road courses laughably easy, as no one told the AI that their cars could actually stop now. Maybe I'll add Nascar Heat 4 to tier 2, but probably not. Other than that, I'm almost done with F1 2012 career mode, even though it took me 29 straight wins to get promoted to first driver. After that it's online and then I'm done with tier 1. 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 95% (All other trophies are online) (Sort of ) 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 88% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 100% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 100% 5. Nascar Heat 3 (4.12%) 100%
  11. Not really a progress update, instead I'm going to use a swap. Wheelman can go crash somewhere as Nascar Heat 3 takes its place. 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 95% (All other trophies are online) (Sort of ) 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 71% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 100% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 100% 5. Nascar Heat 3 (4.12%) 64% Mostly because Wheelman is horrible and I don't want to play it. Good thing is that I finally have another PS4 game on my list though.
  12. I'll just list tips about the games I played: For Horizon Chase Turbo, the most important part of the game is choosing your car. Some people really like using the Ladybug, but I'm horrible with it, for example. Also India can be very straining on the eyes Rivals is one of the easier NFS games I feel, due to the lack of collectibles. Which is the big problem for Payback, but the collectible guide in that game's subsection should help a lot. Trackmania Turbo is ridiculously hard, unfortunately. Good luck with that one You can selfboost most of the online races in F1 2020. The only thing you'll need another player for is the Medal in a custom League. After that just create a race with a set date, sit in the lobby and you'll eventually start the race even if you're the only competitor. Driveclub is possible if you bought the DLCs, none of them have any added online trophies. The DLC is way harder than the main game though. MXGP3 is a pretty quick platinum for the most part, as it doesn't have any online trophies. The only hard part for me was getting 10 holeshots (reaching the end of the first corner in first place) Project Cars 2 is another game where you can selfboost almost everything, but it will require you to race on an oval for max efficiency, unfortunately. (Create a session with a practice session on a track with a pitlane against 1 AI, start the race and then immediately turn the practice off. The race will start as normal and it will count, although the increase in Safety Level will be minimal.) Ride 3 is a game where I'd recommend buying all of the DLCs, as painful as it is. The added events also add bikes that are usable throughout the career, and the added events also count towards normal progression Either way, good luck!
  13. "Max out a single stat on an employee" I currently have 3 employees, all of them have a stat maxed and one of them even has every stat maxed, but for some reason this trophy won't pop. I know it won't pop if you hire an employee who's already maxed, but does the employee in question have to start at a stat score of 0 for this trophy to pop? EDIT: Nevermind, I'm partially blind it seems, and missed it popping earlier. Sorry
  14. Here's my progress this month: First, my one completion: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 All 50 Trophies 27th March 2021 • Platinum in 5 months, 4 weeks PS3 S RANK 3640 100% 14.19% This game, while a slight improvement over Part 1, is still as awful. Even the selection of different spells is useless as Impedimenta is the best spell in the game, and can even one-hit-kill enemies on Expert. At least it's easier. Other than that, these are the games I got some trophies on: F1 2013: 75% -> 83% Gran Turismo 5: 76% -> 77% Tour de France 2014: 10% - 59% List of Incomplete Games: List of Complete games: Also, I'm on the brink of calling Ride unobtainable. I had it on PSNow, and my connection turned so bad I can't even open it anymore. Bit of a shame, as I only needed 14 Online races, but it is what it is
  15. I know I shouldn't really complain about this, considering my playthrough was on Safety, but this game was the easiest JRPG I've ever played, by a couple of country miles. The first time I played this, while my main character didn't faint, sometimes my party member's did. Persona 4, bit of the same, but in NG+ no one fainted, except in first dungeon. Persona 3, Couple of game overs. And now this. I mean, considering the fact that Atlus is known for making stupidly difficult games (Persona Q series is a nightmare), this feels so weak in comparison. And that's coming from someone who doesn't optimize personas or something. Couple that with the lack of any challenge in the trophy list (with a completion percentage sitting at 57% at time of writing), and this feels like they went extremely easy on us. At least the game itself was magnificent
  16. Well, I honestly doubt that I can complete one game every month, unfortunately, so I'm not really going to commit to it. The biggest reason for this is that I just completed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, on which the first trophy was earned on the 26th of September and the plat on the 27th of March, which should be 6 months, but PSNP sees it as 5 months, 4weeks and 2 days. So my question right now is, does that count (as it was 6 months, and PSNP itself says that my first trophy was 6 months ago)? If it does, that's my completion for the month. If it doesn't, then I don't really have another game for this month
  17. Update Time just so I can claim that monthly badge thing Here's one sort-of completion due to the online closing a long time ago Fuel 42 of 46 Trophies 12th February 2021 PS3 A RANK 2931 95% 1.77% While this game definitely has its flaws, and is generally quite bad, that's it. I honestly don't have that many nice things to say about it. Even the massive map, which is one of its main selling points, is just empty. Overall a pretty poor game Also I did this the day I posted my last update, and didn't add it for whatever reason, but finally wrapped up the Gran Turismo 6 DLC Gran Turismo 6 All 53 Trophies 16th January 2021 • Completed with missing timestamps PS3 S RANK 3445 100% 6.57%2.72% This game on the other hand is one of my favorite games of all time. I'll probably keep playing this even after platting it. The full list of games that are not completed, but I did have some progress on, is a total of 1 game. I just really fell in love with Gran Turismo 5 again, so that's what I'm playing now. Gran Turismo 5 : 64% to 76% Full list of Incomplete games: Full list of completed games The main reason it took me so long to update is that I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't need to update several times, as once per month is probably good enough due to my general lack of progress.
  18. Gameplay: Coffee Talk Drinks & Persona 5 Confidants Walkthrough: Cold Steel IV & Spirit Hunter NG Niche: Jotun & Deception IV: Blood Ties DLC: Driveclub & Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Formatting: Cold Steel IV & Jotun Imported: Nocturne & Million Arthur Original Content: Cold Steel IV & Jotun GOTY: Jotun
  19. And that's my third game semi-completed. This game is, well, flawed. While it boasts a big map, especially for its time, a lot of the map is just the same burning forest over and over again. Due to barely any other people on the road, the entire map just feels empty. Sure there are vista points where you can have a good look at the landscape, but the camera is so godawful you'll never be able to position it in a way so you can actually see what's gong on. When it comes to gameplay, the game just falls apart. This game isn't hard, but incredibly frustrating. Not once will a lost race or something feel like your fault. The controls are slippery, the top speed feels really forced like in Motorcycle Club (accelerating to a certain speed and suddenly your ride won't speed up anymore), and the cornering. Oh lord the cornering. Anything with more than 2 wheels doesn't turn, it drifts. You'd have better luck making a sandwich with hovercrafts for hands. Thankfully the AI is pitiful, despite the rubberbanding. This made racing challenges as opposed to time trials a joke. However, I have to rant about the Chopper Chases as well. It's the only discipline where you don't get the destination, and when looking up the races online, the Fuel Wiki themselves seemed to hate them. Even worse was that for some reason, the chopper finished too early. I'd be a second faster than the video, but still fail. This is despite being 30 meters ahead according to the HUD. The entire game feels like a tech demo, and considering they shut the online down like 7 years ago, I can't even plat it (started it when I didn't care about trophies). Codemasters could do a lot better than this, as shown in Colin McRae Dirt. It's honestly a massive letdown, the only good thing is that it counts for this challenge. With my rant over, here's where I stand 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 95% (All other trophies are online) (Sort of ) 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 71% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 100% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 100% 5. Wheelman (2.67%) 38% Now, I don't want to play Wheelman, and was too busy with another game to play F1 2012. I'll probably make a swap sooner rather than later.
  20. Second game done as well! 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 82% to a max of 95% 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 71% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 100% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 100% 5. Wheelman (2.67%) 38% This now presents me with a bit of an issue as all remaining games are on the PS3. Fuel should be possible (only like 25% of the challenges and half of the Vista points left) and after that, I'll probably use a switch. No idea for what though.
  21. Done with my game of the month: Project CARS 2 All 47 Trophies 2nd February 2021 • Platinum in 3 years, 4 months PS4 No idea what game's next, guess we'll find out
  22.ライブマッチ This seems to be the Japanese stack of Virtua tennis 2009 (even tagged as such under "Different regions"), so should be a part of the Virtua Tennis series
  23. Here we are again, this time with another racing game. This time it's a plat though, not cleaning up some DLC F1 2011 All 39 Trophies 15th January 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 9 months That's also my slowest completion time so far, so I guess that's something to be proud of?
  24. Another completion incoming! F1 2011 All 39 Trophies 15th January 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 9 months Here's all the games that were updated: F1 2011: 79% -> 100% F1 2012: 47% -> 71% F1 2013: 72% -> 75% Also F1 2013 is also still possible. I should've done more research Full list of incomplete games: Completed List:
  25. So to my own surprise, I managed to complete a game. Here's where I currently stand 1. Fuel (Rarest obtainable trophy: 2.71%) 73% to a max of 95% 2. F1 2012 (2.78%) 71% 3. F1 2011 (3.18%) 100% 4. Project Cars 2 (4.29%) 88% 5. Wheelman (2.67%) 38% Next one will probably be Project Cars 2, although I'll be working on F1 2012 as well for a bit.