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  1. Somehow this is even more mind-numbing having to stop, pause, press down, click map, wait for the map to load, hope there's a shard nearby, and having to repeat that EVERY 30 METERS or so, than just searching for the shards blind. Not only that but it STILL won't show some shards on the map depending on height difference from the player. Such an insulting "feature." Why not just show all the shards in a quadrant after you clear a tower? Insane. I'm officially retiring this game for good unless they come up with some crazy QOL update in the future. I can spend my time actually enjoying a game rather than pulling my hair out over this one. Between this and my connected contracts trophy being bugged, I've given up all hope on Volition being a competent developer.
  2. I checked the computer inside the ARK since I thought I should have the contract trophies at this point. It says I've completed 49 contracts and I still haven't got the trophies for connected contracts or agent/world contracts. Obviously this is mathematically impossible to not have at least one of the trophies. Am I missing something or am I just screwed out of these trophies? I see people having trouble with the connected one but I don't see anything about the regular one.
  3. Appreciate your videos so far man, it's helped me get a sense of how to tackle this game's somewhat complicated trophies. Can't wait for the guide.