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  1. Thanks. For some reason this game is freaking awful vs 1 and 2.
  2. Do dlc objectives count?
  3. Dirt 5, was " drive 10000 miles" changed to " drive 1000 miles"
  4. I want to go backwards, play on ps5 and then start the ps4 version and get trophies on both. Does that work? Basically i want to play on ps5, and get ps4 trophies later with no effort. Yes i am lazy.
  5. Was an almost flawless 60 fps running on PS5.
  6. Damn. That means i have to play this again. Sometimes i hate trophies.
  7. 1st: World of Warcraft (Final Fantasy XIV?) 2nd: Forza Horizon (The Crew 2?) 3rd: Pokemon (Temtem?) What series would you like to come to PS5 from another console/PC/Portable.
  8. Thanks for the info guys! Happy hunting!
  9. Will using the debug menu to platinum Jak II and Jak 3 cause me a future flag or is it safe to do?
  10. if you know you are dying in a week, there is no point in going to work
  11. if my account gets flagged for more than 2 games, i would like to know as soon as possible as i will not waste my time on Playstation as my account will be technically (for me) useless. Not starting another account after 10 years. cut my losses and focus on my PC gaming >,<
  12. Well it would have to have been in 2011 ( i think) not really sure. i know my Prince of Persia 2008 trophies for the seed are all popped at roughly the same time but other than that. i have no clue what would be considered suspicious. Just like a machine or whatever you use to scan me and flag whatever is needed. You found CoD MW2 fast, unless you hate me
  13. Quite possible tbh. 2011 was a long time ago (at least for me) so i forget what actually happened but that could be it. Guess i get what is coming to me lol. Could some mod do a check on my account and flag anything else suspicious, cause if there are more than 2 flagged, i'll just say screw it lol.
  14. AnimeGamerWeeb Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 This was in 2011 and i have no memory of what happened. i do recall trophies unlocking out of order in "Prince of Persia" (2008 version) as i got the trophies for the seeds out of order. Could you look into that game as well.
  15. Well technically a good game dev would split the stack for NA and EU but we cannot all be winners.