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  1. I seriously hope the remake has ZERO multiplayer trophies or at least put them in a dlc list. I can beat TLOU on grounded easily but cannot play MP to save my life
  2. Role reversal therapy
  3. Proofread your title before posting, that is the true take away from this sad thread.
  4. This entire list makes me feel embarrassed to play on Sony's platform. I am an adult Sony, if parents do not want their kids to play M rated games, how about not buying it for them. Pussification of America continues, in the future, babies will have their spines removed after birth.
  5. Wow

    This may be the worst Sony exclusive i have ever played. Things that annoy me Square is the dropoff ledge button, sorry devs, O is the drop button. Try to learn. Every npc has a twin brother. Lazy devs Aloy looks like she has down syndrome Floaty traversal controls. Hey Aloy, when i stop holding the stick up, you stop running, k thanks. The field of view is absolutely abysmal to the point i cannot do any close quarters combat The story seems generic and i could probably guess everything that will happen Bland open world Deleted the game, i cannot see how this generic trash is praised. Thank you ability to hide trophy lists. Explain to me how my OPINION is wrong, and hopefully i can read it in time before a mod deletes this and says i am trolling.
  6. Wow

    How much money does Sony pay you? Is it per post or a lump sum? Also, do you get more psn dollars per emoji used?
  7. Wow

    I originally intended it as a quick and painless platinum (which it is) but even my trophy whore instincts could not keep me playing it past story trophy#2 Just something about it "triggers" me I have Atelier Ryza 2 as a backup, about to jump into it. Loved the first Ryza game 😍 Edit: Zero Dawn was enjoyable for the story or what happened to the Earth and who/what Aloy is, those mysteries are no longer a driving force (for me) I love me a good mystery!
  8. Wow

    Based? And at least TLOU2 gameplay was great.
  9. Wow

    Si, es es juan ocupado
  10. Wow

    Oh do not remind me, but Jin is a great main character and Aloy......ugh...Aloy is not. To be honest, all open world games are garbage imo so i guess i inflict pain on myself haha. 35 years old seems to be where i lose touch with what "gamers" like. Favorite games Ocarina of Time Last of Us Muv luv alternative Persona 4 Wave Race 64 Final Fantasy VII ( NOT the awful remake) Anyways, nothing i say is trolling, i just seems to not understand modern people 😅
  11. Wow

    Apparently i need to type slow. Every other open world game had CIRCLE as the drop off button when you are on a ledge Horizon 2 devs thought to make SQUARE the drop button and CIRCLE to make Aloy death leap. Pretty sure you could understand that from my wording in the original post but..mainstream people. No thanks, not conforming to this site's petty file size limit. I'll rock the featureless white avatar for life!
  12. Wow

    Can you tell me how to find a picture that will fit the 0.15mb limit? And no, not trolling. I hate this game beyond words. Just glad i got it from gamefly, already in its envelope, ready to go to another poor soul. Sorry my OPINIONS do not align with the majority.
  13. Was about to add this game to my gamefly Q, trophies buggy?
  14. Give a man a fish, and he'll have a fish. 10.1/11
  15. I tried to flag someone but the flag text is missing conveniently or is there actually a way to still get online trophies?
  16. Do trophy auto pop work in reverse? Play on ps5, auto pop ps4 version?
  17. I doubt 60 fps will fix this awful game.
  18. Really wish 2v2 was not just for private lol.
  19. Are the shop items random per player? I've been buying all 100/200 point items to increase the chance a legendary drop (either by level up or in the shop)
  20. Get ready to roll around maps for literally days before that 100 kilometer trophy pops. Only rolling in a match counts.
  21. Trying to do step 6 (cloning) to unlock my homescape thing. These creation controls are the most convoluted, awfully designed set of functions i have used in my 30 years playing games. It has taken me 2 hours to hit step 6 because the motion controls and even stick controls are an abortion. Let me use a mouse and keyboard like nature intended and i can do it in 5 mins. WHAT AM I MISSING? playing on ps5. Yes i know this is a ME problem and others use these controls fine, but i literally cannot fathom how to use any control scheme when creating things. Get as many trophies as i can and delete?
  22. I would, just seems like they are missing something.
  23. How about 300 of the store currency to roll for items, so i can actually try to get a legendary....