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  1. I thought when i read ur comment because after every update i win one game but after last update and the win solo and the trophy not pop i paly due the win and the trophy pop
  2. sorry i did not see numper 1 try to contact with studio or just wait for update
  3. as i can see you have some champions are not level 8
  4. My frind told me after last update the game give him 20 cards for 20 characters he almost reach to 12 meaning no more cards for level 12 I want you now to fouce on to level up every hero to level 8
  5. The game have 40 Characters only 11 available i recommended you level up them by playing normal and use your gold to level up the lock Characters don't bay them you can level up them without buying them I thenk every week two or three Characters unlock for limtied time good chance to play them and save your gold To level up one Character from 0 to 2 cost 3000 gold and from level 2 to 8 cost 33000 gold if the news right the trophy pop in 80 cards from 100 that helpful I now have 41 cards i'll updata when i get 80 cards see if the trophy pop
  6. Hello everyone. First my language not so perfect so i hope you understand me. I have play the game for first time before 5 days maybe, and i boost almost 8 player for last one standing and bounty hunter trophy Last one standing trophy it can be done so easy you just need more 4 player meaning a full party then play mood siege in training against AI. If you get lucky in the right map that have many edges because not all maps have any edge, there is a map have no edges but we did it near objective point with Cutting machine. You just need to kill all the enemy at the same time, don't let the enemy take the point because there respawn will be 7 second make Higher difficulty to do it, before any team take the point the enemy respawn take 11 second if your team take the point the enemy respawn take 13 second, sometime one player from the enemy still in there spawn stuck maybe. for bounty hunter trophy play onslaught in training after game start just go to the point in let the enemy kill until you hear annihilating that mean one enemt player reach 15 kills. You can foucs on two enemy or three if you can we get the trophy twice in one game. for master collector someone tell me now you get trophy only for 80 cards not 100, i have reach one Character to level 12 and i don't get a card that make since, because the game now have 40 Characters you need to level up them to 8, to get more xp and gold play with one frinde give you 10% gold and 10% xp and active xp boost from free battle pass. Update 1: Tip: do not use yuor gold to unlock champions u can level up them with gold without buying them, and the game gives you maybe every one week or two 4 champion to play them it's good chance. I recmmnded you to save your gold and play the avilabe champions until they change the champions then level up what its remaing xp to level 8 from chamipons they was avaialbe. Continoe on this until u've less champions locked and much gold to level up them and get the trophy.