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  1. Welcome everyone! I wanted to create a LGBT+ themed space for everyone from our little community and our allies on this trophy hunting site. Whether you want to discuss something LGBT+ themed, make new friends or if there's something you just want to ask someone from the community, this is the place to post it. Let's kick this off by telling you a bit about me. I'm Mike from Germany, 26 years old and have only fairly recently started trophy hunting, but making very good progress with it. I'm a queer trans guy and if you would like to add me on PSN or send me PMs here, you're very welcome to do so. 🌈 Share as much or as little about you as you feel comfortable with. Please be respectful and kind to everyone as rude and hateful comments will be reported.
  2. Have you put in a ticket with the game developer? If everything else didn’t help and the disc looks they should look into it. The console is obviously not at fault here when all other games work fine.
  3. There’s a topic about freezing of the game in the Gearbox forum (the guy there has the digital version). He complains about it freezing each time he gets to a save point. Is this your issue? Klick me! A couple of posts down in the forum it is mentioned that this kind of problem is usually when there’s something wrong with the disc or the save file is corrupted. My my advice would be the following: - check if the latest update is installed and restart the console - if it is and not working still, delete the save game and start new - if this isn’t working either, delete the game and save data entirely and install it from scratch - if neither of the above help put in a ticket at gearbox
  4. 1Lefa008.png #111 :platinum: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4)

  5. I have a friend in Japan and we gameshare. When you split the costs among a couple of people you can get them for basically nothing.
  6. I started in '96 when I got the original gameboy with Pokémon Red. Can't believe it's been 22 years since then...
  7. Schöne Grüße nach Bayern und frohes Trophäen jagen :)

    1. dermarx


      Danke, wünsche ich dir auch :) Grüße zurück an den Bodensee. 

    2. iAlphaSoldier


      Danke und auch Danke für die Glückwünsche bei meinem letzten Meilenstein. Wenn du mal jemandem zum boosten brauchst, dann meld dich.

    3. dermarx


      Ok, ich komme bei Gelegenheit darauf zurück.

  8. I'm glad it's finally called for what it is. Better late than never. Hope they ban the supply drops from Call of Duty as well. At least in the previous games it was gambling, the new one made it slightly better.
  9. I live in Germany and paid around $120 for 40 Japanese VNs making it about $3 per game/plat. As long as you don't get them new and know some people you can get the games cheap without having to spent the thousands of Dollars and I can only assume the top people in the leaderboard have similar arrangements for getting games.
  10. Just added 6 new shiny plats to my collection thanks to some quick and easy Japanese VNs. Got 36 more to get through. Let the spam huntin commence!

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    2. DamagingRob


      For pretty much the same reason as Satoshi's gif. Skipping visual novels should be a crime. :P

    3. iAlphaSoldier


      Yeah it sucks i agree. The people creating the game put a lot of effort into it just so someone like me comes along and skips through it just for trophies :D 

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Then don't doooooooooooooooooooooooo it'

  11. Calling games trash just because you don’t enjoy them says more about you than anything else. CJ said that before and it’s true. What I don’t understand is what you want to achieve with this thread? Do you honestly want someone to explain the concept of fun to you and that other people find different things enjoyable or are you just trying to find other people who are as miserable as you about their trophy list? Cause if you were happy and actually did have fun, you wouldn’t be trying to talk the achievements of others down by saying quick platinums aren’t enjoyable. I’ve had more fun playing the Nubla games than I had with Black Ops 3.
  12. Am I blind or does the EU release from My Name is Mayo really not have a separate trophy list?

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    2. iAlphaSoldier


      Yeah, NZ and Australia ain't getting it either as far as I read :D The game is way too violent for us^^

    3. madbuk


      Good. The fact that such shameful, exploitative trophy bait was allowed one platinum in the first place is abhorrent, giving it 4 would be pathetic.


      Leave stacks (and platinums) to the games that are actually games and not just dumb bait.

    4. iAlphaSoldier


      @madbuk chill dude :D Don't try and shame people just for having a different opinion.



  13. Quick question for Energy Cycle: There are 4 stacks, do I understand it correctly that there's a seperate list for the NA PS4 and Vita and the other 2 are EU for Vita and PS4? The fact that all versions have a PS4 and Vita label next to it confuses the fuck out of me

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    2. dernop


      iirc it's ps4 eu/na and vita eu/na... which means we can do three stacks :)

    3. Spaz


      There's a NA and EU version of Energy Cycle.

    4. iAlphaSoldier


      Perfect, thanks guys. That means two more easy plats for me this weekend :)

  14. Just realized that Black Ops 3 is my 69th plat 

  15. I'm glad a little more people get the courage to write some more LGBT+ characters and more importantly write them well. Usually when you have a gay character they suck or get killed off in a lot of series. And I'm especially glad that finally asexual people get a little more attention in the entertainment industry. If I have enough time I'll definitely check Bojack out as well.
  16. Who said you should go off topic? If you wanted to discuss a stereotypical hetero topic like sports you'd obviously go there and if you wanted to discuss something else in particular you'd go to the appropriate Thread. You want LGBT+ people to celebrate that you think we deserve to be happy?
  17. If you want a safe thread for heterosexuals and talk about straight things, you can litereally click on every other thread in this forum There are currently 48,271 threads you can choose from.
  18. I like that idea of having that bell and envelope on the main page as well. On the top of my head, I can't think of any downsides for adding that feature.
  19. I think you and I gave quite similar advice in that regard. Technically, saying to do what he thinks is the right thing to do is advice too and it's also neutral.
  20. Yes, I never said that you specifically gave any advice. Being friends with your partner is defininetly helpful in my opinion as well. I never even said giving advice is a bad thing. I simply tried to "remind" the OP that at the end of the day, they shouldn't really listen to a stranger and make their decisions based on that but rather do what they feel is the right thing.
  21. Science hasn't really found out all that much for certain about the brain yet so I don't see how you can say these things with that much certainty. Comparing what we (as humans) do know about the brain with what the brain is actually capable of we don't know even a quarter of it. Brains are different, that isn't really a new fact and that much the scientists have figured out. However, the exact things that are involved of shaping us who we are aren't all clear yet. Yes, own expierences have something to do with it and yes hormones and pheramones have effects on the brain as well. But like I said, not all factors are clear yet so you can't really make a statement saying that the things you have mentioned are facts. And no, I'm not saying that because of modern feminism or transgender movement, but because the conclusions you've come to in your first post have no basis in the actual science/neurology that is known to humans yet. Your description in your first post sounds more like what neanderthals behaved like and since then humans have evolved a lot. While some people can easily be compared to neanderthals even today with their actions, I don't think the majority of people fits in that category anymore. But to get back to the topic at hand in the OP: You shouldn't really listen to what other people would do in your situation. There is a lot more to the situation than you could possibly write here so no one really knows everything that's going on with the two of you. Because of that, my advice would be to do what you think is the right thing to do. At least then you have the comfort in knowing that you did what you thought was right at the time. Remember, we all make mistakes so don't be too hard on yourself. Good luck!
  22. Congrats on the new plats If I could take my console to work, I'd have some more plats as well. Unfortonately, I can't do that but I can manage to sneak on this site every now and then to waste my time here 😀
  23. That doesn't surprise me in the slightest that you feel that way. What you're saying however, doesn't make any sense. A roast is not a review, it's just insulting people for different things in this case their trophies. Just look at the roasts on Comedy Central or whereever it was/is on. The people there weren't reviewed they are made fun of and insulted for who they are or what they did in the past. The difference there being that it has to be done while they were present and I doubt any of those roasters you've mentioned or you would do that to my face. If you've stooped so low that you think a worthless digital image is reason enough to attack someone for it than you definitely don't have the balls to confront someone IRL.
  24. That Carlo dude can rip all he wants. I once searched his channel on YouTube when I heard he did trophy related content. Once I saw he only had roasts and stuff like that on there I went and watched someone else. Wether his roasts are serious or not, I don't give content like that my views so I won't know if he ever picks my trophy list apart or not. Stay Pationt's content is superb. He puts so much time and effort into his videos and you can tell that he genuinely wants to help fellow trophy hunters and doesn't put them down or spreads negativity like others. He also gets that there's nothing wrong with playing easy games and describes them as sort of a cleanser. When you've been grinding for days/weeks/months for a game and can put some easy stuff in between there, it's really a "holiday" from trophies. I agree with that completly. It cost me a lot of nerves to get my first plat (Resident Evil 5) because of the shitty AI Sheva. The plat isn't rare by any means, but I was proud like crazy nonetheless. A also have other games that took quite some grinding and effort, but as soon as you have a couple of easy plats on the account, the other games seem to vanish to the eyes of some of these negative guys.
  25. Says the guy who has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to roasting other people's trophy lists