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  1. No Jaguar XJ13 for me. At time I didn’t get it as it was too expensive. Guess I gotta wait longer
  2. Been more 2 weeks and still IP banned.
  3. Just got this problem again. Wondering how long it’ll be
  4. Farewell to Need For Speed Carbon, Undercover, Shift, Shift 2 and The Run online. Good thing I got the last online trophy for Undercover (119 races) the day before servers went. 

  5. Hello everyone. I thought I would do a quick update of what I’ve been up to. 

    I’ve quit trophy hunting months ago, lack of motivation and enjoyment for it. Not only that I’ve sort or stopped playing on the PS3 and 4, and instead spent a lot of my time listening to music. 
    And myself, like a lot of other people, are still waiting for a PS5.

    I’ll be back, don’t know when, but it’ll be when I feel like playing again. 

    1. zizimonster


      I've also been burned out like this many times. I usually do other stuff, such as watching movies, reading online articles, just surfing the internet on my phone, etc.


      Enjoy your time. :)

  6. Aphex Twin is a genius.
  7. I don’t know what has happened but when I went to update myself just now it says that my profile is private. I haven’t changed the privacy settings on my PSN account. Have I done something wrong or is anyone else having this problem?
  8. One of my favourite albums.
  9. It appears that I have a serious

    case of trophy hunter’s block. It is unknown when this is over but this could mean that I quit trophy hunting full time, at least for now. 

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    2. daftpunk_02


      I don’t really have fun trophy hunting anymore than I used to. Life has taken a toll on it as well. 
      I still play a few games like GTA whenever I am bored but that is about it. 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      That's a shame. I hope you find your purpose soon, and brighten up your life.

      Let me know if you need a friend or someone to maybe talk to. You know about whatever, or the underworld...

    4. Slava


      Taking a good long break helps. Just do what's more fun for you at the moment. I had the same problem with TV shows last year. Hadn't watched anything for ~6 months until a new season of one of my favourite shows came out. So I'd say wait for a game that you will want to complete. You'll know when that happens. If it doesn't for a while, it's fine, too.

  10. 4766 Trying to get back to 40% again due to all the Christmas games
  11. Merry Christmas everyone :)

  12. Is it wrong to say that all my platinums (so far) are racing games? I just see them as being pretty easy to do.

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    2. Otonio_Bruno


      Not wrong at all, I love racing games but I wish I was better at them (I'm just average on those). Congrats on all those racing platinums 👏

    3. Tweeked_Demon


      Nope it's cool. It is obviously the genre you enjoy the most. 

    4. Slava


      I'd say Rocket League is a sports game with cars. But other that that, yeah 🙂.

      I really like your racing plat collection, very cool.

      I like this genre as well, but haven't got any racing games on PS3 yet. Somehow.

  13. Now that Black Ops 2 has reached the 1 million milestone on PSNProfiles, what’s your opinion on it? I enjoyed the campaign mode, had a great story, managed to connect the past with the future very well especially with the antagonist Raul Menendez Multiplayer was great too and I played it a lot throughout the end of 2012 and 13. I still go back and play it once in a while due to how fun it was. Zombies was good as well and I enjoyed playing with friends. Such a shame this game cannot be platinumed anymore due to the Big Leagues trophy being unobtainable, it’s arguably the best COD I’ve ever played.
  14. This game had (in my opinion) the greatest story in the series. The characters were great especially Roman and Jacob. The DLC was incredible too and I loved how a few missions from them were connected to the main game. The online was great too, I pretty much spent a lot of time in the airport doing stunts. I still come back and play now and then and it still amazes me that there are people that play online, but mostly on free roam. One of my favourite games ever.
  15. I had trouble with many of the challenges but after practicing, I got all golds Pro mode wasn’t too bad for me as I had it on lowest settings my recommendation is to keep practicing and never give up