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  1. This game had (in my opinion) the greatest story in the series. The characters were great especially Roman and Jacob. The DLC was incredible too and I loved how a few missions from them were connected to the main game. The online was great too, I pretty much spent a lot of time in the airport doing stunts. I still come back and play now and then and it still amazes me that there are people that play online, but mostly on free roam. One of my favourite games ever.
  2. I had trouble with many of the challenges but after practicing, I got all golds Pro mode wasn’t too bad for me as I had it on lowest settings my recommendation is to keep practicing and never give up
  3. Very strange. Think this is a first Luckily I got a few of the hard trophies
  4. So here we are, after the good folks at PSNProfiles spent a while trying to fix this, my new name is linked to my old forum profile 

    Gonna change PFP as well

  5. Not sure when, FIFA 15 and 16 still have their servers up So you have plenty of time to get any online trophies you haven’t got.
  6. Yet again, another easy platinum it’s all the same, isn’t it? Apart from 13 which required you to do split screen (on PS3) and VR The Game where you had to unlock all bonuses i’ll be platinuming this again, not much else to say
  7. I did sign up again with my current account name which is now kennym0105 not too long ago and for some reason the forum account was deleted. either I did something wrong or hopefully this’ll be sorted when the update comes.
  8. Farewell to the codadam02 name, as due to the PSN name changes I have renamed myself into kennym0105

    2,822 trophies and 16 platinums behind it all, and I shall be web archiving my stats as codadam02 so I can look back over it all. 

    1. starcrunch061


      It's like a Pokemon evolution! What's next? johnnyr08?

  9. You could be right. Just says I have 28% completion towards getting it. Thanks
  10. I’ve robbed more than $250 and just robbed the stagecoach with Micah but this trophy isn’t showing up for me. Is it just me or have I got to do something else to get this? And also I have looted a lot and did another robbery prior to this.
  11. Alright. Thanks for telling me
  12. Not sure what I did wrong but I can’t update any new profiles on here. It says PSNID can’t be found. However I can still update my own one and any others So I’m wondering if my internet provider or something is restricting me from doing this. if anyone can help then please let me know. Thanks
  13. looks like a lot of easy trophies. Easy platinum too?
  14. In my opinion some of these are from the last 2 games Looks like a few hard-ish ones so maybe another very rare/ultra rare platinum trophy. What do you guys think?
  15. I'm using the 2016 one. Thanks for telling me, hopefully it'll work