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  1. Yeah, I've done it all, sadly. Thankfully I have a second save file where I've made a lot of progress on the same trophy, so maybe it'll pop when I do it on that one. Here's hoping.
  2. Hi guys, Finally got around to completing all the Adventure Guild Monster Slayer Goals. No trophy popped. I've collected my rewards from Gil and double checked the list to make sure I'm not missing anything, but I've definitely got them all. Has anyone heard of this trophy glitching before? Is it now lost to me forever?
  3. Hi! I wound up playing the game three times back when it first came out and the trophies were super buggy, so they never popped for me even though I met the requirements. Is there a way to get them now that I've done more than two playthroughs, or am I locked out of plat forever?
  4. Thank you so much. This is gonna cut down so much time for me!
  5. Hi guys, I was just checking how many artifacts I'm missing as they're the only collectibles I have left and it's essentially one or two per chapter. Would I be able to go in to each chapter and grab them and the game remember this, or do I have to do another playthrough to get them?
  6. Definitely Night In The Woods. A phenomenal game. The story still sticks with me almost a year after it was released and I can see myself replaying it countless times, once I finally get a break from work. (Horizon Zero Dawn is an honourable mention, though.)
  7. Stalker all the way!
  8. I've had problems with that too
  9. So far neither craftswoman or Looking for Trouble have popped for me, has anyone else experienced this with these trophies? Or any other base game trophies?