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  1. Square Enix. They're the only ones to have ruined one of my favourite franchises so it's an easy choice.
  2. Days Gone is the only one that I'm interested in. So an easy decision what to buy that day for me
  3. So we could have had a fire bear starter but instead we got that piece of trash cyndaquil? Oh and that beta Pichu looks so ugly! Raitora would have been nice though. Electric tigers FTW!
  4. I just wish people were complaining about the fact it's set during WW2. That era is just really boring to me. Would have much rather have had a modern or even futuristic setting.
  5. My main thought on them is that somebody at Quantic Dream needs to get their caps lock button fixed ASAP!
  6. Just move on to Persona 6 already and stop the endless milking
  7. Would love to see this. Would be interesting to see and much easier to check than going through each individual game.
  8. 3/10 from almost entirely guesses. Hadn't even heard of most of those games before
  9. Not until I run out of PS3 games I want to play, which won't be anytime soon.
  10. Looking at this thread I don`t think I can be bothered with it. Too bad, I would have liked the plat on my new profile, at least I never earned any trophies despite playing KZ2 a bit last summer, so at least my potential 100% completion won`t be ruined. And hey, I`ve still got the KZ2 plat on my old profile to be proud of. Good luck to those that are willing to put the time in during these last couple of weeks though!
  11. They do not need a warrant or police dog, no. But they do have better uses of their time than opening up video games, at least in countries that do not censor everything like China anyway...
  12. Customs shouldn't even be looking at it. Why would they check a package where the customs form just says it's a video game unless the drugs dog thinks there is drugs in it?
  13. Which would be like $140 in Canada. So yeah... what's he complaining about? It's Europeans that are getting shafted again
  14. eww an all caps name? And it took 8 years to ban that monstrosity?
  15. Don't wait, just get Dynasty Warriors 8XL Complete Edition instead. IMO that is the absolute best game in franchise, by far! A ridiculous amount of content in it and it's just a lot of fun. As for the topic itself, it certainly looks like the worst one so far. Glad I never bought it. Oh well, when they screwed up 6 they made up for it with 7, so hopefully they'll do the same again and 10 will be awesome.