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  1. Because they're fools!
  2. Better than most. It's my 2nd favourite game of all time, behind only FF10. So yeah, much better than most other FF games, but not quite all of them.
  3. That makes me doubt your username. A PC gamer that had never heard of CA before Alien Isolation? Pfft, yeah right.
  4. Ah, brilliant! Thanks for letting me know. I might pick the game up soon then, really enjoyed the previous ones.
  5. Online Olympic Games: New Record! Achieve a new online record at the Olympic Games. That one has me worried... 0.0% Ultra Rare
  6. Might do. I love the Borderlands games, but this one... I just don't like any of the playable characters so I'm not convinced by it. Is it really too much to ask to actually like the character you're playing as?
  7. Crash Bandicoot for me. Not ridiculously difficult, but still pretty tough and much more common than it deserves to be!
  8. Sharp Aquos sense2.
  9. Yes! If you enjoyed BL2 then you should definitely try out BL1 too. It's not as good as #2, but it's still great fun to play, the DLC was pretty cool too. I played BL2 first as well but it was still well worth going back and enjoying the first 1 too.
  10. F1 Race Stars. 4.63% and it took 3 days, 9 hours. Pretty fun little karting game. Not really difficult at all, doesn't really deserve to be ultra rare, but oh well, if anybody wants a quick, easy and fun ultra rare plat, that's one to go for!
  11. Borderlands 1?
  12. GTA4's Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic for me. So close to it but I just can't be bothered to go and finish it off. If it was still possible to get an MP game maybe I would but I'd almost certainly have to boost it and I just cannae be bothered.
  13. And Age of Empires 2. Originally released in 1999 but the most recent DLC came out in 2016. Technically that was for the HD edition, but no real difference.
  14. GK: David de Gea RB: Philipp Lahm CB: Diego Godin CB: Vincent Kompany LB: Roberto Carlos CDM: Roy Keane CM: Xavi CM: Andrea Pirlo RW: Lionel Messi ST: Cristiano Ronaldo LW: Ronaldinho