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  1. Really hope so. I'd like to be able to get trophies for the whole AC franchise rather than having a missing entry. Plus, AC1 is the only once I've actually played before. So it was be nice to replay it before getting into the rest of the franchise.
  2. Aren't delistings often due to music licenses expiring as well though?
  3. I'll never understand people who want to delete their accounts. If you don't want to use it anymore then just don't. It really doesn't matter whether it's "deleted" or not.
  4. Gameplay. Gameplay is all. If people are intentionally being a dick through their gameplay on a regular basis (things like team killing or even just abusing glitches to get easy wins or whatever) then I'd call that a toxic community. I couldn't really care less what people say on mic or whatever. There's options to mute people for a reason, use them. I could understand saying a community is toxic if you have people spamming you with messages or something outside of the game, but if it's just chat in game then just mute them.
  5. I enjoyed the game. It's funny to see people complain about it being hard though. Git gud maybe?
  6. meh. FFX is my favourite game of all time. But it seems these days all SE can do are crappy action hack and slash RPGs. So even if they were to make it I'm sure it would just be garbage anyway.
  7. Yeah, it's worth going for the 100%! The DLC is fun, and if you already own it anyway, why not?
  8. That sounds REALLY dodgy! Can't think of any legit reason a PSN code would exist but not actually do anything for another month.
  9. Would be awesome if true. RE3 is my 2nd favourite RE game, just behind RE2!
  10. Can't wait for this one!
  11. He can be a bit whiny at times, but yeah I like him. I mean, he likes Dynasty Warriors so what's not to like?
  12. Terrible idea. You can't just remove people because they haven't earned any trophies recently, they've still earned every single one they do have and they've earned their place on the leaderboard. If you want to be above them on the leaderboard then you should stop complaining and actually earn it!
  13. 39 thousand GB? Biggest game ever!
  14. The trophies are the same either way. The trilogy pack is just a discounted way to buy all 3.