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  1. Hard is fine without diamond Knack. I played through it on hard the 1st time. That said, with how long it takes to get diamond Knack you're probably better off doing new game + on normal. It's probably gonna take 2-3 full playthroughs so you might as well do it on an easier difficulty.
  2. Your logic is flawed. Games getting worse review scores doesn't mean games are getting worse. Review scores count for... well... nothing at all actually. Actually play the games yourself and value your own opinion over the opinion of some rando that you've never met on the internet.
  3. Infinity Ward aren't the ones asking people to feel sorry for them, Infinity Ward aren't sentient, they don't have feelings. The people working there are the ones asking people to feel sorry for them, and they very much did choose to work at Infinity Ward (and therefore Activision). If they don't like working for them then they're free to leave. Why on earth should I feel sorry for them though? They chose to work there in the first place, they're choosing to stay there and they're getting paid for their efforts too. If they don't like it then they've got nobody to blame but themselves, it isn't consumers' fault or problem.
  4. There's plenty of other companies you could work at in the game industry, or you could even be an indie dev if you wanted. If you're not willing to do either of those things and would rather work for Activision instead, then yeah people have every right to criticise you for doing so. Oh, and how is COD not a real FPS?
  5. If you don't want to be criticised for the shady shit that Activision does then maybe you shouldn't work for Activision in the first place...
  6. There's a 99% chance. Don't expect it until August at the earliest though.
  7. Because they're fools!
  8. Better than most. It's my 2nd favourite game of all time, behind only FF10. So yeah, much better than most other FF games, but not quite all of them.
  9. That makes me doubt your username. A PC gamer that had never heard of CA before Alien Isolation? Pfft, yeah right.
  10. Ah, brilliant! Thanks for letting me know. I might pick the game up soon then, really enjoyed the previous ones.
  11. Online Olympic Games: New Record! Achieve a new online record at the Olympic Games. That one has me worried... 0.0% Ultra Rare
  12. Might do. I love the Borderlands games, but this one... I just don't like any of the playable characters so I'm not convinced by it. Is it really too much to ask to actually like the character you're playing as?
  13. Crash Bandicoot for me. Not ridiculously difficult, but still pretty tough and much more common than it deserves to be!
  14. Sharp Aquos sense2.