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  1. I had a win take me to 1599 points, that sucked. In my next match I had to win so after scoring a goal I held the ball in the corner for about 20 minutes to grind out a 1-0. Felt bad about doing it, but I couldn't risk a loss when I was so close to div 4.
  2. ha, so it needs a 30% discount just to get to retail price? Digital prices really are ridiculous!
  3. I don't expect the 3rd party sites one to be too much of an issue. Most big 3rd parties require you to have an account with them as well and I know from experience (with EA accounts at least) that you can change the PSN account associated with them or even have more than 1 account associated with them. So name changes shouldn't really be an issue, maybe you'd have to re-login to the EA account but that should be all. I'd assume the same is true with Ubisoft accounts and whatever other ones there are.
  4. I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Started in div 6 with like 1100 skill points and now I'm at 1465. Got a 52-22-39 record so far, although that includes weekend league.
  5. Couldn't finish it off. Ah well, there's always next weekend. Hopefully it will be the same with weaker competition due to people playing WL instead.
  6. I can only assume it wanted a payment method since PS+ memberships are recurring subscriptions by default. The non-UK card probably is the issue in that case. You should be able to use a 3 month membership voucher code though. I do it myself, I currently live in the UK with a JP account that I use PS+ voucher codes for.
  7. Not everybody uses social media
  8. Yeah, I have. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a single person that's platted GTA Vice City without using cheats
  9. So yeah, turns out it's easy at the weekend. I assume that's because all the good players are playing weekend league instead of rivals. Not quite there yet, but just won 5 on the bounce thanks to easier opposition to get me a fair bit closer. If it's as easy tomorrow as it was today (which it should be since people will still be doing WL) then I should be able to finish it off
  10. This trophy's gonna be a real bitch. I'm working my way towards it slowly but surely. Just need to win more than you lose and you'll eventually get it.
  11. I'm not sure, but I don't think those would work. The hero master sets probably would (still can't say for sure since I was able to get it done with the sunset one) but you'd need to complete 15? hero sets to get enough hero collectibles to do one.
  12. All of them. Trying to get a 100% completion profile so I'm going to hunt any trophy that's on games I want to play
  13. Rank 3 is easy. You don't even need to finish at rank 3, just get there at some point during the week. And as far as I can tell you don't actually lose ranking points when you lose/draw so just keep playing and you'll get that easy. The div 4 one however is going to be hard. I've got a pretty even win/loss record but that's only enough to keep my skill ranking where it is. Looks like you're going to have to get a bit of a win streak going to move up a division.
  14. Monolith Soft are a Nintendo owned 1st party dev. So they've got as much chance to come to PS4 as Mario has, ie. it's never going to happen.
  15. We didn't have that last year either.