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  1. Awesome, now I just hope I can afford enough flashback collectibles to trade for the master tonight
  2. Oh no, an extra two months. Gotta keep up the trophy hunting for that long
  3. Does anybody know if the Sunset set that requires a master collectible gives the Master! trophy when completed? Trying to get that trophy done before it possibly becomes unobtainable but don't want to throw all my coins into doing it unless it will actually work.
  4. Carrots are objectively inferior to all other vegetables!
  5. Thanks for the update. Looks like I've got the rarest plat so far. I like that this has given me some motivation to finish off some of my hard plats, so thanks for that. Looks like I need to pick up my game a bit more if I want that cute purple lizard though
  6. Get a new cat. Problem solved
  7. Dirty sak and the boys currently has Victorious active for those that want it. Just click onto online seasons and... pop
  8. No.
  9. It's not just embarassing names that people want to change. I created a new account to get rid of the hyphen that was in the middle of my previous user name.
  10. If you haven't got any other trophies you need things for (you can get HRF at the same time as any/all other available trophies so if you have other stuff to do still you don't need to put it off for Rise) then yeah you can just go to bed straight away and get to Rise ASAP. It's not really that bad though, I've got it twice so far. You just have to rotate your team every now and then to get lines for more of them, let status effects stay for an extra turn to make sure and make sure you can still get the lines for being underpowered. You might have to grind out a few extra status lines for certain characters towards the end of the game just to make sure, but it isn't too bad.
  11. Does this count all trophies earned ever, or just those from the start of the contest? Either way, I'd like to join
  12. The main thing that stands out to me is that the date is the wrong way round. So yeah, an option to have correct dates would be nice. It does definitely look worse overall as well.
  13. 1. Infamous Second Son 2. Dying Light Nothing else that I can think of that's really worth mentioning. I very much enjoyed the single player of FIFA 18 too, but that's due to the gameplay rather than the story.
  14. eh, they were easy anyway. A max level Soldier/Vanguard with the right skill selections is practically invincible. IIRC the only way to actually die with the right setup is by explosive canisters so if you just don't stand near them when they explode... you can't die.