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  1. Of course , EA killing another series off and ignoring the single player/campaign again. Casual gamers enjoy MP games I don't have anything against it, but many FPS fans enjoy the campaign in those games, old CoDs (untill BO3 and BO4) happened and BF (BC,BC2,BF3,BF4, BF1) had great single player campaigns. Money grabbing as always from casuals who spend money on in-game content.. typical EA.
  2. #192 Heavy Rain (PS4) 🌧️☔


    Fun 10/10

    Diff 3/10


    One of the best games I've ever played, even after all those years. I've already platted the PS3 version back in 2014 so this was me revisiting this beautiful game to stack the plat.


    Still blown away by how brilliantly this game was made back in 2010, it was my first interactive drama game and I was instantly hooked. The facial gestures and acting, the story and how they linked all 4 characters in one plot.. the buildup to the Origami Killer reveal was fantastic.. the soundtracks.. the endings ( especially Ethan's) were all great...and rather depressing 😭


    Of course, Kamikaze trophy can be annoying, but I used this guide and I got it first try 



  3. Nice work on those The Evil Within stacks 😍 I platted the PS3 version last year but I'll definitely go for the PS4 version at some point cuz I absolutely loved the game and the Akumu experience 😊 well done 👌

    1. NurseTatiana


      Thank you so much dear! 😊 The Evil Within is the first game that I got in my PS4 back in 2015 it will always remain special to me and one of my favourites! So I enjoyed getting the platinum in almost all the regions of it I still have 1 PS3 version left 🙂 As far for Akumu agreed it was challenging and fun! I will say go for it again don't hesitate! And Nurse Tatiana is my favourite character 😍

  4. I am really enjoying this FMV (Full Motion Video game) genre, love those little films with good acting and atmosphere (mainly by Wales Interactive) 


    So far I've done: 

    Late Shift

    The Complex

    The Bunker 


    On my list to play: 


    Maid of Sker

    The infectious Madness of Dr. Dekker

    The Shapeshifting Detective

    I Saw Black Clouds

    Telling Lies


    Five Dates 


    Any other titles I might have missed ? Suggestions will be appreciated, cheers 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      I'm not sure if you've heard of 428 Shibuya scramble but I'd say it qualifies? Sorta??


      Well you have to read text like it's a VN but the visuals are actual photos of people/actors with some very very few instances of those photos being animated (i.e becomes a video lol). 


      Might be something to check out but I suppose if you're not into VNs then it may not interest you because ultimately you're reading and not listening to dialogue

    3. ahmedelebiary


      @eigen-space yeah the replays is an issue especially if the game doesn't have the skip feature after you beat it once :/ 


      @PooPooBlast actually this is a very good suggestion, I YouTubed the game months ago and I was really interested in it so I might give it a try at some point :)

      I don't mind VNs actually, as long as they're decent; like Steins Gate 

    4. eigen-space
  5. Go to characters and you'll see the loadout option, press square to access it.
  6. 1) you don't have to buy the General, they patches it so you only need to unlock Lara at rank 60 2) you unlock more weapons and attachments as you lvl up and collect salvage (yellow boxes) in online matches, then you can access the class edit form mp menu to choose whatever you want
  7. Yummy 😋❤️ cannot wait 😍
  8. I'll take Battlefield V 😁 still got Battlefield 1 to do as well 😊
  9. #186 Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice


    Fun 10/10
    Diff 2/10


    Absolutely Stunning ❤️. Hellblade is a very unique experience that you will thoroughly enjoy your journey finishing it.


    The game was made by Ninja Theory, a small indie studio that managed to deliver one hell of a beautiful game, fun fact: Melina Jurgens (Senua's voice and motion captor) is neither a voice actress nor an actress in real life, yet she's done a fantastic job playing the character.


    You're following the story or Senua, a Celtic warrior that sets on a revengeful quest to conquer her fears and try to save her lover, while passing through stages of anger, mutiny, defying your gods, denial, guilt, and finally letting go of all your beliefs and moving on.


    It is safe to say that the game is simply perfect, the gameplay, the environment and color variation, the story, the writing, the narration, the voice acting, the soundtracks.. there were all just perfect ❤️ you'll encounter puzzles that will require you to use your illusion and mix it you surrounding environment to unlock new paths. There was also a few boss battles that were so intense with great combat mechanics as well as a fun and special focus ability.


    The game tackles serious mental illnesses like psychosis and voice-hearing, as well as hallucinations, that were brilliantly put together in a video game with the help of psychology professors and ex- patients that described their harrowing experiences and helped form the game's theme.


    Senua is one of the best female video game lead characters that you will ever see, totally recommend this gem 💎❤️



  10. It's funny how some of the people complaining how easy the plat is also have loads of Ratalaikas on their profiles 🤣🤣
  11. #185 Zombie Army 4 Dead War


    Fun 9/10

    Diff 3/10


    Super fun game if you like zombies and coop games, playing with friends add to the enjoyment. Not a bad platinum just grindy especially rank 100 trophy.


    You'll need to finish the game on hard with 4 players while getting all collectibles, plus some misc trophies here and there, getting mastery level for 3 weapons and finishing hordes waves, all easily doable while going for rank 100. 


    Next up: Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice 


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    2. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Congrats!  You're in for a real treat with Hellblade.  Heard many good things about it <3

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. ahmedelebiary
  12. #184 Minecraft Story Mode Season 2

    Fun 10/10
    Diff 2/10


    This was a nice great sequel to the first season, honestly one of the underrated Telltale games that not many people noticed or played, due to the game being delisted and rare to find physically I suppose.


    Season 2 follows the story of Jesse and his/her friends from S1, with new adventures and a great villain all brilliantly linked to a fantastic story full of emotions, crucial decisions, character development, puzzles and packed action with the same top notch voice acting done by known celebrities, mainly Patton Oswalt and the beloved Ashley Johnson ❤️ 

    Another TT bites the dust 💞😍 


  13. I bought Zombie Army Trilogy in a sale last week so I'm pretty happy with Zombie Army 4 Dead War got Days Gone physical though but good month
  14. #182 Sniper Elite 4


    Fun  7/10
    Difficulty  4/10
    Time  25hrs


    That's all 3 SE games platinumed now! 😁 (V2, 3 and 4), shout out to my friends -Natalie, Harrison and Hossam- for the coop stuff..cheers guys! ❤️💕❤️


    After I accidentally wiped out my collectibles progress (game had a stupid option to "clear collectibles" without indicating that it would do so 🙄) I almost gave up on this one and gave it a break before returning to it.

    Done 3 campaign playthroughs in total, normal, authentic and collectibles clean up (there's ALOT) plus the survival mission and 2 coop overwatch missions (with their respective collectibles 🤦)

  15. Life is Strange is definitely one of my favorite franchise, the first one is the best by far - there's no doubt in that - but unlike many people, I enjoyed the second one as well! Before the storm was also decent and I liked Chloe more there. Can't wait to see what the new game brings 😊❤️ so excited!! 🥳