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  1. Did you enjoy Life is Strange ?
  2. has some impressive plats to be proud of
  3. RE Revelations 2
  4. Check this post for good recommendations:
  5. So you post public updates and don't want people to interact with them ? Wat? Anyway you can already lock your updates via options.
  6. This topic came into my mind after watching all those TV commercials where they show people playing FIFA and mashing buttons randomly like a Tekken game, which is ridiculously not true. So which genre requires a lot of controller work in your opinion ? I think I agree on FPS, Racing and Fighting as they are usually fast-paced and needs a lot of concentration and quick reactions. What do you think ?
  7. You don't need a CFW PS3 to use savefiles though.. there are programs on PC that let's you use them on a OFW.
  8. Finally got to watch Chernobyl finale.. man those last few minutes were too heavy on me emotions. 

    Incredible work from everyone involved, especially the actors, definitely one of the best series I have ever watched and deserves all the praise indeed. 😞

  9. Queen
  10. "Won't think" is not a valid response for a flag to get lifted. If you don't have a solid evidence that they got the trophies in question legitimately then your supportive comments won't matter in her case. Also I noticed how the OP is still avoiding explaining how they got the trophies that pattern although we have a couple of people with the plat confirming it is not possible. Too much derailing off topic.
  11. Doesn't matter if it is 9 years or 9 hours old . if it is illegitimate, it can't stay on the leaderboards.You can hide the game so you can be reinstated.
  12. Mine were: Crysis 2 (# 100) Payday: The Heist Payday 2 Ghost Recon Future Soldier Put much time and effort into those Ultra Rare plats, feel so proud and and rewarded indeed.
  13. The Walking Dead A New Frontier
  14. :platinum:#116 Master Reboot:platinum:

    Difficulty: 1/10
    Time: 5 hours

    This was probably the strangest game I have ever played.. I was confused until the very end. It had a couple of jump scare and some emotional music and scenes and a great atmosphere overall .very unique game and a pretty easy plat with a guide, though the platform sections sucked.
    P.S  Welsh language is so weird :hmm: