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  1. :platinum:#124 Telltale Batman 

    Fun 10/10

    Diff 1/10 


    I finally got to play this game after trying to get my hands on it for ages, was the only TT I still needed on PS3.. I am a big Telltale fan and I really enjoyed this one just as I expected. Amazing story as always with the usual Batman action combat. I am gonna miss Telltale so much. F 1f625.png

  2. Crash Bandicoot
  3. #123 Xblaze Lost: Memories

    Fun 8/10 

    Difficulty 1/10 

    Time 7 hours


    This is only my second VN (after Steins;Gate) and I really enjoyed this one.. I like how both games were similar in the Sci-fi theme and also emotional atmosphere that makes you feel different emotions deep inside at the same time. 

    Main characters were well made in a (kawaii?) way, with emphasizing the concepts of friendship and family. Really recommend this one and maybe I will go for the prequel, Code Embryo soon :)

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

      Es girl, best girl :awesome:

    3. NTGSruler
    4. ahmedelebiary


      @NTGSruler thanks mate 

      @ShonenCat yep I loved her.. just wanted to jump in the screen and give her a big hug lol

  4. But I thought Batman was one of the titles that didn't get delisted. 😥
  5. Okay I have a problem with Telltale Barman PS3 as it won't let me purchase the season pass off the EU PSN store. Keeps saying I am not able to do so as I already one Episode 1: Realm of Shadows. Any help please ?
  6. Your endings trophies are out of order.
  7. Wolfenstein The New Order ... hmmm
  8. Got a few to choose from but I will just go with Resident Evil: ORC
  9. Thousand Foot Krutch
  10. Eid Adha Mubarak everyone ^_^;)

    Have a nice day! 🐮🐏🐑🐄

  11. Well this is not a 9 at all of you use the node farming exploit from early on. But even without I would say 6/7 is about right.
  12. Most suggested features also take a few mouse clicks .. not just this one.
  13. Alright lads, who's ready and excited for Premier League tomorrow ?

    Let's gooo 😍👏

  14. I am all for this.. nice work Mango . Looking forward to see it implemented.
  15. You can't. But It is usually either because of CFW hacks.. breaking too many rules or simply the user decided to delete their profile for some reason and cannot be tracked anymore.