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  1. #181 The Last of Us Part II ❤️


    Fun 10/10

    Difficulty 3/10

    Time 40 hours


    I enjoyed everything in the game, that's why I gave it a 10/10 , yes it's a masterpiece in every possible aspect (including the story) in my opinion, a perfect conclusion to TLoU1's story and I cannot wait for part 3 ❤️


  2. Fake shot + la croqueta Ball roll Step overs Bridge
  3. Scorch is definitely glitched so her wins don't count, I unlocked Talon and Lancer and I had no issues.
  4. #179 The Order 1886 

    Fun 9/10
    Difficulty 3/10 


    Really enjoyed this game I know it is old but I've just got to play it and glad I did, the game is gorgeous cinematically wise I think it aged pretty damn well, the graphics and cutscenes were so good, the voice acting was absolutely fantastic, the gameplay was also great.


    This game is all about the story as the gameplay is limited and with a lot of walk-and-talk moments , I know it is meant to be that way but the black bars on top and bottom can be a little annoying especially when you can't remove them like TEW but hey I am a big sucker for decent stories in video games.


    Overall the game is short but sweet and judging by the rather "poor" ending I am expecting a sequel as I wanna see and know more about how the story folds for Sir Galahad and the other Order council members.. would definitely recommend it if you haven't already played it.


  5. Sounds fun, you've just earned another subscriber add me to the list, please
  6. #176 Rogue Company 

    Fun 8/10
    Diff 4/10
    Time 50hrs 


    This went free to play last month or so, but it's a really enjoyable game, especially with friends.
    The plat is pretty straight forward, just a bit time consuming as you need to play 25 hrs in a party, get 100 wins and unlock 2 extra characters and get a win with each.
    All easily doable if you have a solid group .

    Thanks everyone who played this with me ❤️


    #175 Life is Strange 2 

    Fun 10/10
    Diff 1/10 
    Another LiS milestone to add ;)❤️

    All I have to say about this part is that it's totally worth it , yes the original is still the best but LIS2 was really really good, the game has multiple endings this time based on your moral actions and choices you make that affect both your character, Sean and his little brother, Daniel.
    The game has some strong emotional moments that were really heavy, again employing elements of how important family and good friends are , and how far would you go to protect your little brother from Injustice, hate and bigotry, with exceptional music and soundtracks as always ❤️ 
    The game will make you take some hard decisions but this is the best thing about LIS games 😍 I got a good ending that I'm really happy with and I couldn't ask for more to end the amazing story and adventures of the Wolf Brothers ❤️ also there was a few hints to the first original game (based on which ending you got) aaaaand there's a surprise character that's gonna be introduced, a very familiar face 😍 I'll leave you to find out yourself without spoiling anything .  Awwwooooooooww ❤️❤️😞😞

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      Congrats on the milestone LiS man! Always a nice feeling to pop a plat for a game you enjoy as a milestone

  8. This is on the Saudi Arabian store, remember they sometimes get a different game if a game on the NA or EU lineup is banned there, fingers crossed lol
  9. 1. No, just finish the last requirement 2. Nope, the trophy pops before redeeming the rewards.
  10. It's already out, you need to play 80 matches to complete it
  11. I can confirm that completing 2 milestones in one session unlocks it. Finished my 70th match for Stadium Development II then listed my 1000th player for Transfer Market Mastery and it popped.
  12. Thoughts on Gris ? checked gameplay and I'm absolutely loving the looks of it, the art design and soundtrack in particular.
  13. I thought CMH777 is a cheater ?
  14. GTA IV Ghost Recon Future Soldier Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Medal of Honor Warfighter Dead Space 3 Cod World at War Battlefield 4 Max Payne 3 Far Cry 2