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  1. Spain (B8): Spain 3-0 Iran
  2. it doesn`t matter anymore, 3 flagged games means you are permanently off the leaderboards, even if you hid them.
  3. Egypt is playing a great game so far, just missing a goal. Salah, Mohsen and Trezeguet need to concentrate on their finishing
  4. i am not sure which is better for us to face either, Colombia or Poland.. Lewandowski can single handedly tear our defence apart
  5. such a ridiculous mistake from C.Sanchez. he could have tried to use his head to block it or just leave it to Ospina, thanks for ruining my prediction and fantasy
  6. Yep this is definitely glitched for me, i am sure i had 8 hacker intervention kills if not more still no trophy.
  7. when were Egypt and Korea allied as one team ? 😂
  8. Congrats to the winner .. had fun reading most of these quotes and thanks to all the amazing souls who offered the prizes, hopefully we get another big giveaway but with a different idea. also that was a sick video @Zolkovo nice work mate
  9. 18 June Sweden 2 - 1 South Korea Belgium 4 - 0 Panama Tunisia 0 - 2 England 19 June Colombia 2 - 0 Japan Poland 2 - 1 Senegal Russia 1 - 1 Egypt 20 June Portugal 2 - 1 Morocco Uruguay 3 - 0 Saudi Arabia Iran 0 - 3 Spain 21 June Denmark 2 - 1 Australia France 2 - 1 Peru Argentina 1 - 0 Croatia
  10. now that was a surprise ! looks like we are going to witness Germany vs Brazil again in R16.. 7-1 again but for Brazil this time 😂😂
  11. it is always one goal preventing me from the exact prediction Denmark and Nigeria needed one more goal meh
  12. that shows the difference between Ronaldo and Messi with their national teams lol
  13. Lmao Argentina can`t even beat Iceland i would be surprised if anyone expected a draw , well done Iceland. a hardly fought point
  14. Lmao at Umtiti though
  15. thank you for the update @Smzthy, top work lad