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  1. Some ridiculous false flags that was wrongfully approved in the past few hours, trigger-happy again ? what happened to have knowledge of the game exploits and checking the guides before approving the report ? deja-vu of my Sound Shapes flag that was reported for "plat in 14 seconds" lol.

    1. Spaz


      Everyone practically knows the autostack Sound Shapes platinums at this point. I got all the stacks before the online was shut off a year ago.

  2. #169 & trophy #8000: Life is Strange ❤️❤️

    Fun: wowsers, hella fun
    Diff: are you cereal ? 

    Had to do the PS4 stack of my favorite game, experience it again and set up a new ubercool milestone 😍 

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    2. ahmedelebiary
    3. Mayellie


      Congratulations! One of my fav PS4 games, for sure. :) 

    4. ahmedelebiary


      @Mayellie thank you 😊 same here ❤️

  3. #168 A Way Out 

    Fun 10/10
    Diff 2/10
    Time 4hrs 


    This was such a nice short coop game with a great story, acting and voice acting. You start with two men who meet at a prison and plan their escape then things get better from there, had a blast with my co-op partner.
    It had a few intense moments and other emotional ones and the ending is gonna drop your jaw, there are two endings I believe but yeah both have a plot twist and you're not gonna like it either way 🤭  

    The plat can be done in 4 hours and over an hour more to finish the story (I strongly advice doing so) 


  4. My PS4 has finally arrived! Now to find time to catch up on a seven-year-backlog 😅 man..so many games! 😍 I don't even know from where to start lol.

    1. MidnightDragon


      So I take it no PS5 for you for now? ;) 

    2. ahmedelebiary
    3. MaximumOverdrive
  5. Everyone is pre-ordering the PS5 while I ordered my first PS4 yesterday! -yes after seven..long..yeaaaaars- finally!! :) Do you think it is too late ? Or is it still worth it ? 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      You’re gonna have a lot of fun!

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      You'll have a crazy variety of games to choose from plus Miles MoralesHorizon 2 and more will be on PS4 as well! Enjoy!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Have fun! ☺ 

  6. This is not true, there a couple of changes that are only found on Akumu: 1-Abundance of traps and including bear traps in boss fights, The Sentinel and Laura. 2-Changed and early enemy placements, fake Ruvik spawns from chapter 3, Ruvik is much faster on chapter 9, two fake Ruviks spawn in chapter 11, there are two Traumas in chapter 14..etc
  7. Make sure to create a new user and sign in your details in it to avoid those trophies as they will register on your account with missing timestamps even though you didn't play them and you probably don't won't thst, I made that mistake and forgot to create a new user when I got my old PS3 now I have a game with no timestamps and luckily a couple of games that are already on my profile.
  8. The definition of insanity is that you unlocked Survival, Nightmare and Akumu at the same time lol.
  9. Unfortunately it is unobtainable
  10. Sent you the code.
  11. I don't see anything wrong with The Bureau Xcom Declassified. Can you post the reason for the flag ?
  12. Check you messages
  13. No platinum! game looked interesting from the trailers tho, will you be still getting it ?
  14. Dunno if it means anything but FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 (both PS3) got delisted from the UK store, surprisingly FIFA 15 is still there.
  15. Hello everyone, I will be running a Psnprofile FPL league for the 4th consecutive year, you can have a look here and here to get an idea if it is your first time, but if you are an older, you already know how things work this time I will set a small prize of a 10$ PSN card (US) for the first place (winner) by the end of the season. Note that the managers and familiar faces who participated in my last 3 seasons will be automatically added to the league once they create their teams, but if you are new to this and wanna be added to the league just write down your team's name and I will PM you the code to join the league, I will remove any managers that I don't recognize, only one team is allowed per manager have a good season everyone and good luck!