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  1. hello dear LIS fan, how are you doing ?

  2. 1. Max Payne 4 2. Dead Space 4
  3. Not only someone flagged THIS out of the user`s 1426 plats, but also a mod had to accept the flag because it is (TOO FAST) LMAO I am taking a break from the dispute forum again smh..
  4. VAST
  5. that scene between Maggie and Negan made me cry a little bit..GET HIM OUT OF THAT GODDAMN CELL .. such great acting from JDM
  6. You will not understand until you spend THREE HOURS stuck on "Heart of the reich"
  7. #110 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Done this on a friend of mine`s PS4 over 6 weeks because of being hella busy, the Daughter soundtracks are exceptional ..LiS music is always great. i actually liked this teenage Chloe version over the LiS older one. overall good game minor few cringy moments, of course the original Life is Strange is still far better by miles. last scene was sad though, knowing what happened there after playing LiS first .. P.S: fuck you Elliot .
  8. :platinum: #110 Life is Strange: Before the Storm <3 

    thanks to a friend of mine who let me play the game on his PS4 over six weeks time :giggle: "hella" busy

  9. great to hear .. thank you Robert Kirkman
  10. Paramore
  11. Hello @ahmedelebiary do you like my new PSN avatar ? :)

    1. ahmedelebiary


      Oh hell yeah Victoria FTW ! 😍

    2. Kale


      for someone who always choose Bay over Bae it was an obvious choice. Next i'll buy Kate Marsh avatar :) <3

  12. a quite gw compared to the previous two, but @XShadowYakuzaX was the highest scorer with 63 points .. anyone used their Wildcard yet ?
  13. Damn, those PS3 titles though .. i can`t even ..