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    #175 Life is Strange 2 

    Fun 10/10
    Diff 1/10 
    Another LiS milestone to add ;)❤️

    All I have to say about this part is that it's totally worth it , yes the original is still the best but LIS2 was really really good, the game has multiple endings this time based on your moral actions and choices you make that affect both your character, Sean and his little brother, Daniel.
    The game has some strong emotional moments that were really heavy, again employing elements of how important family and good friends are , and how far would you go to protect your little brother from Injustice, hate and bigotry, with exceptional music and soundtracks as always ❤️ 
    The game will make you take some hard decisions but this is the best thing about LIS games 😍 I got a good ending that I'm really happy with and I couldn't ask for more to end the amazing story and adventures of the Wolf Brothers ❤️ also there was a few hints to the first original game (based on which ending you got) aaaaand there's a surprise character that's gonna be introduced, a very familiar face 😍 I'll leave you to find out yourself without spoiling anything .  Awwwooooooooww ❤️❤️😞😞

  2. This is on the Saudi Arabian store, remember they sometimes get a different game if a game on the NA or EU lineup is banned there, fingers crossed lol
  3. 1. No, just finish the last requirement 2. Nope, the trophy pops before redeeming the rewards.
  4. It's already out, you need to play 80 matches to complete it
  5. I can confirm that completing 2 milestones in one session unlocks it. Finished my 70th match for Stadium Development II then listed my 1000th player for Transfer Market Mastery and it popped.
  6. Thoughts on Gris ? checked gameplay and I'm absolutely loving the looks of it, the art design and soundtrack in particular.
  7. I thought CMH777 is a cheater ?
  8. GTA IV Ghost Recon Future Soldier Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Medal of Honor Warfighter Dead Space 3 Cod World at War Battlefield 4 Max Payne 3 Far Cry 2
  9. I had the same freeze, ch13 right as the LMG steps in the office. I was frustrated but I calmed myself down, turned off the PS3..tried again the following morning and BOOM got the trophy and the platinum .
  10. Dead Space 2 : it didn't glitch, you just downloaded a save file from the internet right before the final boss on "hardcore" from the get-go. Also you have other cheated games
  11. #174 Vampyr 

    Fun 7/10
    Diff 5/10 


    This game had a very promising concept, premise and potential but in my opinion there were rather poorly executed aspects. The settings were excellent, a plagued post-war London rigged with disease, death and deadly creatures. I loved the story, the atmosphere, the characters and especially the music .. the protagonist is a badass doctor who returned from war to find himself in the street "bitten" by a mysterious entity and turned into a blood-lusting vampire, he then proceeds to perform a hideous action out of nature that he instantly regret and vows to find the person who did this to him and find the answers he's left with.

    The problem with this game was the technical point of view like the game play which felt broken at times, hit detection was awful and clunky, the loading screens were terrible whenever you die you get one.. whenever you get into a new area you get one and it also had frequent crashes as in the game gives you a blue screen with an error code and closes by itself. There were a variety of weapons and skills but tbh I didn't bother with most of them I focused my skill upgrades on body, blood, bites and stamina as they really help in the "no kill " pacifist run, which can be really frustrating as you can't bite citizens for their generous XP so you have to stay under-leveled for the whole game and that can be an issue because some bosses and normal thugs (priwen) can be a pain in the ass.

    Is this game worth it ? ABSOLUTELY, it was a nice new perspective to story-driven games and I enjoyed it for what it was.

  12. #173 FIFA 19  ⚽ ⚽

    Fun 10/10
    Diff 3/10 (personal)

    Another ultra rare plat, another FIFA plat... 6th FIFA plat in total and now I've played from FIFA 09 to 19 on PS3/PS4. No. 1 fan indeed! 😉


  13. Whenever I try to access the in-game map it gives me this error, closes the game and kicks me out to the XMB menu. It only happens when I open the game map to set/remove markers so what exactly is the problem and did anyone else have the same issue or is it just me ?
  14. 475 (17%) ...meh