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  1. #245 Call of Duty: MW2 Campaign Remastered 


    Fun: 10/10 

    Diff: 3/10

    Nostalgia: 10/10 

    Annoyance: Shepherd/10 🤬 


    Second time getting the plat for this masterpiece ❤️ my 2nd favorite CoD game (after BO1 👑💖 ) and it was a pleasure replaying it after all these years... brought back some golden memories. 


    Plat is a bit different than the OG since they removed the Spec Ops Mode, thus an easier plat. However, they added new trophies to replace them, including finishing all chapters with no deaths or reloading checkpoints, various new misc trophies, aaaaand the infamous S.S.S.D (The Pit) record time trophy, which took me like an hour of trial and error and remembering enemies locations and double-kill opportunities. An easy and fun plat overall.


  2. Twinkle twinkle little star ⭐...
  3. Beat Hrolf on 1st try and Gna on 2nd (give me balance, no boss checkpoints). Had a crazy build with +500 offense and defence stats and max weapons with all skills unlocked so focus on leveling those up.
  4. I finished The Artful Escape and what a unique experience that was! The story, visual art, levels, soundtracks, and voice acting were all superb 👌

    Annapurna is shaping up to be one of my favorite video games studios ❤️ more games like this, please 🙏 

  5. "Today, was a productive damn day -in Negan's voice 😁 finally!!! Time to get the game. ❤️
  6. Wait what .. WTF
  7. I haven't earned a new trophy in 4 days, I just wanna update my trophies for no reason 🤣
  8. It's coming home!!!!! Call me crazy but I can actually see England beating France.
  9. These never worked out for me. Most of the times it's either ppl don't show up or just get their trophies and leave for good. I'd rather have a solid group of friends who play different games to boost with. Luckily, I have that.
  10. Let's go England!!! ❤️🦁🦁🦁❤️
  11. I was gonna get the game but now I have to wait until they sort this shit out... damn.
  12. Wait, you can actually get arrested for hacking trophies? That's wild. The real trophy police exists after all 😱
  13. :platinum:#237 The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (PS4)

    Fun 7/10
    Diff 3/10


    That's all games in the first season done and platinumed! Can't wait for the second one 😍 the new game already looks interesting 🥹
    TDIM was another good Supermassive game, the traps reminded me of the Saw films and this part was the scariest of them all, made me jump scare +10 times. More of a psychological horror than the supernatural we saw in the previous games. They did really good with the atmosphere and setting this time. 


    However, the game had flaws, starting with minor visual and audio glitches and it also lacked interesting characters, didn't really care for any of them ( Kate and Charlie were probably the best ones) .Story was a bit meh, most of the 36 chapters were just walk around fillers, and the ending.. oh god so disappointing as it left many questions unanswered.  

    My favorite in the series is still House of Ashes, and by far Salim is still the best character. 


  14. It's coming home ❤️⚽ Let's go England 🦁🦁🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  15. Just got the plat 😁 Apparently I was missing the torch in the shed , thanks @FanficWriter73 for pointing it out... Pun intended indeed 😹 And for the photo ops, weirdly my last one was Erin in the Opportunity chapter, even though she didn't have a green reticle on her. Just make sure to get a pic of everyone there anyway cuz you need it for the trophy (say cheese) playing as Mark in curator cut. Thanks @Ben-Gunfor the beneficial video, and thanks everyone who shared their tips and findings in these forums, much appreciated. Good luck to those going after the plat