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  1. #ahmedelebiary lvl 28 sign me up please, thanks
  2. 90 mins before the deadline 😱
  3. Great to see some familiar names from last season codes have been sent lads
  4. We are almost there guys... make sure you join if you still haven`t
  5. Check your messages, sent you both the code
  6. Codes have been sent
  7. Alien: Isolation
  8. Yeah .. 😭
  9. i really liked the old design, the new one looks just .. bad
  10. Nostalgia
  11. Super meat boy or Farcry 2 i guess ..
  12. not even Spec Ops The Line can be considered easy, FUBAR difficulty was no joke
  13. Your profile says that you haven`t even played those two games ..
  14. #109 Tom Clancy`s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Fun 8/10 Diff 7/10 Time 55 hours Rarity 0.59% UR Got the game with PS+ recently, always wanted to try a Ghost Recon game.. the platinum overall is not bad at all,, the worst thing is the game`s servers and needing 8 players to launch a game. connecting issues is what makes the plat tedious, plus the Anything you can do trophy, which you better do it in the beginning or you will make your life harder (like i did to myself) later on. alternatively, you can wait until the challenges reset every two weeks as you will get fresh new challenges that you can boost easily. Guerilla mode was so easy, done it with one coop partner. i have written some tips on Here that you can use. takes less than 5 hours complete all 50 waves then little grinding for the 1000 kills. Campaign was fun on coop, elite run was mostly a walk in the park par a couple of cheap spots.. we did most of the challenges in our first playthrough and all ghost scores except for two, which i did a quick clean up after, nothing too bad. feel free to ask any questions you have in mind, i also have a Discord server that we used to boost and communicate, dedicated entirely for the game.. made it a lot easier, let me know if you want an invite.