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  1. GW5 standings updated...ughhh why did i captain Kane over Lukaku ? 😭 i`m satisfied with my 62 points but all my rankings and leagues are still seeing red lmao 😂 Aguero was definitely this week`s hero ..
  2. nice gesture of you to make such a big giveaway.. i just signed up for the PSN card 😅
  3. GW4 results updated.. @Darth_Krid you got lucky there with Groß netting you 18 points haha nice man thats a risky punt but surely paid off
  4. Kasabian
  5. Grouplove
  6. Animal Kingdom
  7. Woodkid
  8. oh look i realized i`ve just reached 1000 reputation points after 5 years of being a member here 😅 thanks everyone 😚

  9. you mean a downloaded save file ?
  10. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  11. Resident Evil Revelations 2
  12. a huge fan of souls games
  13. Radiohead
  14. hahaha i thought i saw Thoros there as well but then i realized they burnt him so he wont be able to comeback as a wight .
  15. Zara Larsson