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  1. GW11 results updated.... another awful GW fore me.. *sigh*
  2. Max Payne 3 should definitely be there
  3. Handball 16 Celebrity Be recruited by a 4-star team. 5.29% VERY RARE 124/2346 ACHIEVERS 3rd Nov 20172:23:38 PM
  4. Discovered this cool song thanks to the latest episode of How to get away with murder tv series
  5. 0.87% now 😉😛
  6. New Navy
  7. i can confirm what @skateak said that Master Locksmith DOES UNLOCK BEFORE Room Service.. thats because the game makes you automatically use the last breaching option in one of the campaign`s missions so it is unmissable. there is nothing wrong but a false flag here... this should definitely get lifted. makes me wonder, did the person who flagged this actually play the game ? *shrug* here is my list : https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1687-medal-of-honor-warfighter/ahmedelebiary?order=date
  8. GW10 results updated.. i had a terrible terrible GW of just 37 points (my worst points tally tied with GW3) 😅😛 .. Richalison captain punt screwed me over also Kane`s injury hit me hard but i didnt sell him, kept him benched now that he is back with captaincy against CP lets hope for a brace (or even better, a hattrick 😂)
  9. Kasabian
  10. i am afraid not. you are over the limit so even if you hid them you are permanently off the leaderboards. you can still use the forums though
  11. most of the trophies were popped seconds apart, illegitimate timestamps. u sure you didnt use a save file to unlock these trophies ?
  12. all three Japanese games 😅 sorry Rose 😛
  13. Foals
  14. Hell yeah 😂 one of my favorite persons on this site
  15. Quantum of Solace