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  1. #195 Life is Strange: True Colors
    Fun 7/10
    Difficulty 2/10
    Time 10hrs 
    I was really excited to play this game, as a huuuuge Life is Strange franchise fan. With this plat, I have 5 Life is Strange plats in total (LiS PS3+PS4 / LiS2/ LiS BTS/ LiS TC).


    I really like how Deck Nine have this charming and beautiful atmosphere around their LiS games .. I really enjoyed my time exploring Haven Springs, talking to everyone, knowing more about them and try to help them


    They did a great job with polishing this game .. the graphics and fixing the lip sync issues were really cool. Alex was a great protagonist I really liked her , same as most secondary characters (mainly Gabe, Ryan, Steph, Mac and Riley). Some other characters were really annoying and rather useless. The soundtracks were on point as always with LiS games , great work by Angus and Julia Stone and Mxmtoon


    My issue with this game was the story, it was idk boring and not that interesting/ emotional to me (the previous three games had crucial emotional moments , and they attached the soundtracks exceptionally well at those times)

    Other than chapter 5 and the end of chapter 4 , they story felt bland with a couple of plot holes . I also didn't like the endings, or should I say ending cuz it was basically the same thing (unlike LIS2 that had 7 endings and LIS that had TWO major crucial choices that left us all pondering what to choose)


    Overall many people might and we'll find it really enjoyable, I'm not saying it's a meh game, but definitely not worth the 60$, maybe 30 at most .

    ❤️Favorite Life is Strange games in order ❤️
    #1 Life is Strange
    #2 Life is Strange 2
    #3 Life is Strange Before the Storm
    #4 Life is Strange True Colors