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  1. I imagined to finally get the platinum last night, but holy christ it took me all weekend for just those two games. After getting my ass handed to me all day in eight-ball (including choking away a guaranteed win by hitting the eight-ball too lightly leaving it right in front of the pocket), the CPU finally decided to show mercy on me when the AI uncharacteristically decided to hit the cue ball super hard and ended up illegally pocketing the eight-ball, giving me the win. Right after that, I managed to do rotation within three tries by some miracle. I was down 8 to 58, the AI failed to pocket the 12 ball and left it right in front of the pocket for me to sink. At this point, I thought I was screwed because the 13 ball was right next to the 14 ball and positioned in such a way that I thought it'd be impossible to pocket, so I just did a yolo power shot that ended up paying off as it ricocheted off the 14 ball, bounced off a wall, and got pocketed. The 14 and 15 balls were easy pockets and I got the win and the platinum. Holy hell what a journey
  2. so... any pool geniuses want to share play expert rotation and expert 8-ball before I shoot myself?
  3. Assuming you mean the Timber Maniacs magazines? Only one of them is completely missable, it's the one in the White SeeD ship. The others you can grab at your own leisure provided it's done before the point of no return.
  4. You can complete the CC group sidequest towards the end of the game before the point of no return, but I would recommend that you keep playing and winning as many rare cards as possible. The CC group all use high level boss cards in their decks and their AI is much better than any of the random people you may face throughout the world. Losing Ifrit sucks because he's one of your better cards, but it isn't the end of the world. The Minotaur card is very similar to Ifrit statistically and makes for a good substitute. That aside, you can always rematch the person you lost to to try and win back Ifrit. If you don't have many strong cards, note that you can build a very strong deck if you put the time into it. When using the card ability on regular monsters, there's a rare chance of getting a boss card instead. For instance, Bite Bugs have a chance of giving you the Elvoret boss card. And if you haven't already gotten them, there are a good number of rare cards in Balamb alone that'll give you a good hand once you get them. The boy that likes running around in the lobby of Balamb Garden has the MiniMog card. In the cafeteria, the guy sitting in the back at the table to the right has the Quistis card. Headmaster Cid has Seifer, and Zell's mom in Balamb town has the Zell card.
  5. There are certain event quests that gives a higher chance of earning crowns, but otherwise, it's all RNG. Investigations with at least one Gold and Silver reward just seem to give a better chance of spawning monsters at the sizes that give you crowns. Just to give you an idea of how random it is, yesterday I was crown hunting for the Tobo Kadachi. In over 50 investigations, I got the small crown three times, but I've yet to get the giant crown. Yet this morning, I tried an investigation for the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and got both crowns within three attempts.
  6. How long does the story even go on for? It's gotten to the point that it feels like it never ends. I'm up to the Goku/Hit fight, but I think I'm reaching my limits here because my figures aren't fast or sturdy enough to last long.
  7. I don't have the exact time because the most recent patch messed up my play time for some reason, but it took me approximately 230-240 hours total for the platinum. I want to say it took about 110 hours of playing the game normally (beating the three story modes twice, beating arcade mode, training mode, combo trials, casual and arena matches, 258 ranked matches for the 530k BP), and the rest was dedicated to grinding for zeni, which was spread out over the course of 3 weeks.
  8. I got the 20 million and the platinum yesterday Most miserable grind in my life and I don't wish it upon my worst enemy
  9. The key to it is multitasking and doing something else while you're grinding. The AI is easy enough to exploit and has low enough health to kill that I can half pay attention while watching youtube videos at the same time. I don't have enough time to do more than one million a day during the week because of work, so I try to shoot for that. My weekends are more flexible, so I'll try to shoot for at least two million in a day each on Saturday and Sunday, but I actually fell asleep playing when I tried that this past weekend, so I dunno how long that will last. Four to five million in one day is actual insanity and I'd rather have someone shoot me instead. I hit 6 million tonight, so I hope to be done within the next three weeks.
  10. I only have about 2.7 million zeni so far and I already hate myself
  11. Just got it too. This session took forever because matchmaking was taking so long to find people to play against. I can finally play online in peace. That 20 million zeni though... Probably not the worse grind I've put myself through, but when I'm nearly 100 hours in and only at 770k, ugh. Good luck everyone. Edit: Got in at 184 wins out of 258 matches
  12. It sucks that you and other people have been having such a terrible online experience with an otherwise great game. It's so strange because I have 242 matches playing this so far, and I've barely had any problems. I had one person rage quit on me tonight, but before that, I can't remember the last time I had someone quit out on me. Most of my matches are pretty lag free, worst I've ever dealt with was around 10 frame delay. Server drops have happened for me, but they're very rare. In other news though, I've just ranked up to the Demon rank, having gone from 480k to 512k. Calling it quits for the night, but the light is at the end of the tunnel for me. The plan is to keep beating up on green squares and get gains little by little. Hopefully by tomorrow, I can finally be done with ranked. Best of luck to you and everyone else.
  13. I had a much better session this afternoon compared to last night. I'm up from 450k to 482k, so I'm within striking distance of the Demon rank. Almost all of my matches were against green square players, so I'm considering cheesing the grind the rest of the way by only fighting those types of players going forward. You're more likely to be matched up against people with a lower rank than you this way so you have to win more games overall, but considering you lose more or less the same amount of points regardless of rank, that's a risk I'm willing to take. Something to consider since we're both in the same rank at the moment. Cheers to you for dealing with 19 frame delay. I'd have given up a long time ago.
  14. The Supreme Kai rank is pretty brutal. I'm at 450k right now, and while I've made positive gains over the past two days (from 420k to 440k, 440 to 450k tonight), this is most losses I've taken in my grind and the most tilted I've ever been playing the game. You just get too little playing against lower ranked players, and if you lose against anyone, higher or lower rank, you lose everything.
  15. I didn't play yesterday, but I had a pretty good session today. I'm up from 340k to 380k, where I'm at 98 wins out of around 146 or so games. Every session I've had so far ended with positive growth, so at the rate I'm going, I'm hoping I can hit 530k by the end of the week. Matchmaking has been getting a little slower for me because I'm avoiding anyone with a square color higher than yellow, but it works. Just hope I can still get away with that by the time I hit the Supreme Kai and Demon ranks. Definitely recommend taking breaks. Even when winning, I get paranoid and feel like I can go on a bad losing streak and throw all of the points I got a way, so I tend to tap out after a certain amount of time. Fighting games in general also happen to be some of the most mentally draining games to play just because of all of the things you have to keep in mind and the decisions you have to make, so it's just a good idea to step away and take a breather, period.