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  1. I'm unfamiliar with what you're talking about. Sorry lm old.
  2. I'm playing on PS5 and the graphics are incredibly low quality. Strangely l kept playing the game and l enjoy the gameplay so l guess it's fine, but do you agree the graphics aren't up to par with even a PS4 game?
  3. It's terribly boring. I understand it's trying to be more strategic, but real life and games are two different things. "If it's not fun, why bother?" - Reggie Fils Aime To make it more fun, l killed everyone on my team before l uninstalled the game. Just wanted to see what the game's action was like.
  4. There are 3 trophies that revolve around performing an unblockable move a number of times. Ive played through the game a good amount of times and have not achieved any of these trophies, trying to figure out which button combination is an unblockable move. Does anyone know how to perform this move with your controller on playstation?
  5. Mortal Kombat X
  6. I don't understand this quote. Let's really think about this: "If you want a sequel, buy the game at launch!" So l the consumer, see Days Gone is coming out. Its not on sale yet and maybe l havent watched any trailers for it. Even if l did keep up with the game, reviews, and its delays, my thinking is expected to be: "l want Days Gone 2 -- l better get this game!" Doesn't make sense.
  7. Youre welcome. You laughed so l guess l did what l set out to do. Honestly lm mostly playing Yakuza 0 right now so l guess I'll find out how difficult it is when l get to it.
  8. I mean if you want to challenge me to expose how bad you are at kiddy games, I'll gladly do it. But I'll give you the chance to just admit youre not good at the game. But, wait -- play this music while you read this next part... I know sometimes it'd hard to admit youre bad at something. We all go through it sometime or another... but there's something inside us that cries out for a change. That wants us to do better. Whether it be improving in sports or kiddy games, it's okay to admit when you just can't cut it. It takes a man to admit theyre not good, and a bigger man to improve. What kind of man do you wish to be? I hope for your own sake, you do the right thing. For the sake of not only the video game community so they don't have another example of a crying quitter, but for finally step out of your comfort zone and finally face a challenge head on. And complete it. You can do it...
  9. If you're not good at platformers that's okay. But if you can dominate 3D Mario games, this game is a cakewalk. Looks like a 3/10 plat at best. I respect your opinion, but coming to terms with being bad at kids games would be hard, so l have empathy for you there.
  10. So you can't stop playing it... that's called addiction. Maybe unplug your console for a month and put it in the closet. The Skinner Box of PlayStation Trophies has an unhealthy hold on you.
  11. Thread should be locked it turned into a totally different argument about PS Plus lolllll As for the game, it sounds like OP is bad at the game and is angry about that. PS Plus doesn't come with skill as part of the membership so you'll have to work on that l suppose. Game is fun. Do a tutorial or two and you can, you know, learn how to play. Also l spend 100+ dollars a year for Amazon Prime shipping, but l get Free Amazon Prime shipping with my orders. Derp.
  12. My personal favorite thing out of everything is that it's giving the PS4 new life. PS4 has probably been my favorite console since the Super Nintendo, and lve grown up with all of them. Such a great selection of games and a lot of them get a performance boost on PS5. I know many people wanted full backwards compatibility, but l think that was always an unrealistic expectation. PS4 lives on in PS5!
  13. Works for me in U.S. -- bought the ps4 version used and got to download the PS5 version free.
  14. Not a boomer. Oldest millennial 'cause I guess Gen Y isnt a thing anymore? But lm guessing youre memeing with the boomer thing. I figure since l still dominate in games and if lm beating younger people, l still got it lollllll