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  1. Works for me in U.S. -- bought the ps4 version used and got to download the PS5 version free.
  2. Not a boomer. Oldest millennial 'cause I guess Gen Y isnt a thing anymore? But lm guessing youre memeing with the boomer thing. I figure since l still dominate in games and if lm beating younger people, l still got it lollllll
  3. Hey everyone! I just turned 37 and started feeling weird about my age. No midlife crisis or anything, but l do notice stuff l still enjoy like gaming is dominated by a younger audience. I do notice people writing in the forums are usually teens or in their 20s -- l was just wondering if there was an older crowd using this site too, and if you could introduce yourself. Ive been gaming since l was 2 -- so l put on my psn profIle "Gaming since 1985." I've had only Nintendo consoles my whole life until the PS4 and Vita, and recently got Xbox Game Pass on my PC. Favorite game of all time is Super Mario 64.
  4. In the jungle one the ledge breaks when you reach up for it. What do you do?
  5. The OP is definitely a troll pretending to be a legitimate post. Lock this thread somebody lol
  6. How do you mess up Need for Speed? Its fast cars and street racing -- and it begins with a story with 3 uninteresting characters you will not be emotionally invested in. These games don't need stories. But wait theres more. Missions are laid out like chores. "Drive home." " Drive to destination." Lol what is this? They need to remaster Most Wanted because Need for Speed is lost.
  7. The trials will take time... most of them have a "hit every peg" objective. It's more of a chore than fun.
  8. Yeah 2nd character is what worked for me. It sucks but luckily the story isn't difficult to get through.
  9. I would argue boosting is bad for trophy hunting because you didn't get the trophy legitimately yourself, but hey -- in reality nobody really cares what trophies you have and how you got them. If they did, Hakoom would be the most famous gamer on the planet, but he's not. Trophies are just an extra challenge for me. If people cheat to get trophies, that only shows what kind of people they are.
  10. I had a 1 vs 1 last week and it was the dumb Tail one. I lost. Not sure how the 1v1 happened, but I was surprised it happened.
  11. 2 wins. Almost a third but the guy stole my tail in the last 5 seconds (and it was 1v1 -- not sure how that happened but we were the only 2 in the final).
  12. If you grew up with shooters like Contra and Mega Man, Cuphead isn't that hard. It's all pattern recognition just like the old NES games. The difficulty was definitely overhyped because kids today didnt grow up with those old school trial and error games.
  13. They knocked the Wall Market part in the remake out of the park. The whole sequence was perfect. Someone already mentioned that the original was comedic in parts, and this is when l feel they started putting that in the game. Also my favorite lines of funny dialogue during this part: Shopkeeper to Johnny: "Your friends fought... a house." Cloud (about his dress): "Yeah l know. Killed it. Let's move on."
  14. A lot of different replies to my OP. I suppose overall it seems that based on what everyone has said, the OP should be different: THERE SHOULDN'T BE A WIN 5 EPISODES IN A ROW TROPHY That's more like it. I'm level 16 with many more hours put into the game and have found the team games more fun than I initially did. The game is way more fun when you don't care about winning as much.