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  1. I've just started playing and because I hate looting and shooting idea of the game I decided to pick Immersive Mode from the start. Now I'm reading that there are some trophies based on leveling and weapon rarity system and I was wondering if choosing the immersive mode will somehow block me from getting those throphies? Do you guys have any idea?
  2. I tried this method and got it in the first attempt.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try it. 😄
  4. What did you do to unlock them? Did you use any exploits or did you just keep trying until they popped up?
  5. So far everything seems fine with my game too. I take it very slowly: - completed Michigan with only time trials left untouched. - started the first map in Alaska and half-finished it so far then I moved to the first map in Taymyr where right now I'm aiming for Western Wind trophy and I think I'll manage. I know I messed up the Broken Horse trophy in Michigan, because I repaired the truck that was stationed near the first garage. Is there any other truck in the game which is broken so I can get that trophy? The game crushed on me only twice around May or June. I try to play it once, twice a week for 2-3 hours and it works fine.
  6. Can you do all the collectibles after finishing the story or are there any of them unobtainable at some point?
  7. Did the latest patch fix the crashing problems on PS4 Pro?
  8. Hi guys, If you want to get all three trophies for completing a map in coop in singleplayer mode, does every player has to reach the watchpoint to uncover the map and get the trophy or is it ok if only one of them does it and the other player gets it automatically?
  9. Hi guys, I have problem with getting 500 damage point in a single hit. I climc the cliff in Downhill, drive off of it and only got around 300. Does the vehicle I use matter?
  10. Let me get this straight. After finishing the game you can buy those houses again, renovate and sell to buyers one more time, right? In that case I will enjoy decorating them my way and during the second run I will focus on getting any missed trophies then.
  11. I checked the tab on the tablet with potential buyers but there only seems to be very basic information about them. Either it doesn't say anywhere what they want in particular or I'm blind. If selling the house to a specific buyer is based on errors that's lame imho.
  12. Are you sure you did all the jobs for 100%? In my case there was a problem with painting the walls using three different colours in Kindergarten job. Everything was done but it still showed my 99% completed. It turned out that one of the stripes on the wall was not painted 100% so I had to find it manually and finish properly.
  13. If you aim for trophies it's best to sell specific houses to specific people because that's the easiest way to get the trophy. I'm still playing myself and I'm about to start selling houses but I've read that people have specific demands and if you meet them they're willing to buy the house.
  14. I love it. Really nice job NL_Sion. Yoh gave me some inspirations there.