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  1. How dare Digital Extremes keep evolving Warframe and giving us great FREE content and trophies to earn! They should be ashamed of themselves and copy other great companies like Activision and EA instead of upsetting 100% completionist players!
  2. It counts for all players, doesn't matter who's host. It also stacks with Realistic where we were lucky enough to complete some missions on realistic without a checkpoint and it counted for immortal fame.
  3. I started collecting trophies when the PSN was hacked back in 2011 and was taken offline by Sony for nearly a month. With no online gameplay and getting bored I went back through my COD games and played the campaigns whilst collecting trophies. I realised it was fun and that trophies made you explore some cool things about games that you may never see otherwise. Gradually became a more serious trophy hunter ever since. So something good came out of the inconvenience those scumbag hackers caused!
  4. Ahh bless, I'll be your friend! I don't like to see 'Billy no mates' playing all by himself😂😢 Add me if you want and I can show you some of the strategies and places to camp we used. It is going to be really hard to get 3 stars on some of the boss levels now but at least you should get the one star trophy!
  5. There's an amazing feature on this site that enables you to set up gaming sessions to recruit other players -try it! I've used it many times for different games, always had replies and made some good gaming friends. If you need help with a trophy you can guarantee that other do too so if you don't ask you don't get! I got my crushing trophies last week with two players I got through this feature. Admittedly though it will now be tougher to complete the trophies after the patch so good luck!
  6. This person joined my infinite warfare soul key trophy gaming session last week. I had the session set for only me plus one player so he took the space. I sent him a friend request with a message saying I was from the session 2 days before. No reply. Looked at his profile and he had been on cos he had earned a trophy the same day. I then looked at some other sessions and noticed him down for a Destiny session and a blops 2 zombie session that overlapped with mine. I then deleted him and posted a message as to why. Because he had taken the space though it was to late to get another player for my session! Luckily someone else had a session which I joined ( and incidentally the person in question had also signed up for this session too!) and joined and played with 3 other players great players. The session host said E..... hadn't responded to his friend request either! Its very annoying for all concerned. I leave it to the moderators to take action they feel is appropriate.
  7. When you play the arcade games (not the video machines) that give you tickets you must play the whole game until either balls or time runs out and win some tickets. If a zombie stops you during a game it won't count. Incidentally you don't need to play all the video games you just need to play one of each type in the arcade ( although I did play all in the afterlife) and you can pull out of the video games straight away. I did it solo and is easy as long as you leave at least 2 zombies so they're moving slowly. You can always buy a cryo grenade and freeze them for a bit more time.
  8. The conversation that did not count for me was in the small group of houses before you assault the sniper where the house says ' trespassers will be shot'.( can't remember chapter name buy there are several conversations here about a barbecue and at the ice cream truck as well as the darts) I definitely got it in my playthrough and read somewhere that this one commonly glitches. I played it again in chapter select and the trophy popped. No idea about comics though as I had no problems with that.
  9. Mine unlocked yesterday OK when I opened a secret room after killing the guardian and continuing towards the Chamber of Lies.